Until Dawn but I pick every bad option

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Until Dawn but I pick every bad option
Until Dawn but I pick every bad option thumb Until Dawn but I pick every bad option thumb Until Dawn but I pick every bad option thumb


  • Hey there friends, how's it going? My name is Kevin. And today we're playing until dawn. I did skip the tutorial here
  • I didn't feel like it would add much. Oh and here's a youtube commenter to complain about it with his machete
  • So if you don't know the jist of this game
  • Basically last year two sisters died up on this hill but when they were having a party and everyone that was there is here again
  • this year it's a bit of a horror game and we're gonna try and pick every bad option we can
  • Yeah scare that fecker away it said don't move I immediately started spasming let's try this again oh
  • Look at that. I'm not very good at it
  • god, she really wants to feed this squirrel doesn't she but I really don't want her to
  • oh my god
  • She's not giving up. Okay feed the damn squirrel. Oh his backpack. I
  • Hope he's not the guy who's creeping out in the bushes there. Yeah, we're gonna snoop of course, we're gonna snoop
  • Who do you think I am a good person?
  • Jesus Christ, what are you doing making that noise?
  • What?
  • Why is this rad?
  • Please don't point that gun at me. Okay. Now we're playing as Chris and we get to do the shooty shoots
  • Look at that. I'm a great shot.
  • I already don't like me
  • Let me be Sam again. Oh look the squirrel she was trying to feed. Gonna teach you a lesson.
  • Oh my god
  • She's gonna fecking hate me
  • That is pretty effed up
  • Nature fights back. Oh, yeah, that was actually because I shot the squirrel. She got attacked by a bird
  • Like I don't know if karma works if it's one person doing the bad things and the other gets punished
  • Ah, here's the cable car which looks completely safe
  • And I'm sure is checked regularly to make sure it is up to standards
  • You see this is why I would never be caught in a horror situation because I wouldn't even stand on this thing
  • This thing is my horror situation. Heights, a rickety cable car. Not for me
  • I'll just sit here shooting squirrels in video games and making people angry at me.
  • Okay, now we're playing as Jessica moving around a lot here. I wonder who I can make to be the most horrible so far
  • It's Chris for killing that squirrel, but I'm sure he can do a lot worse. Jesus Christ. What are you doing?
  • Oh now we're Emily? or are we matt? I don't know we're moving around a lot
  • Jesus Christ, what is this problem?
  • That's not funny Mike. Well, actually it would be if I was on his side of things I guess
  • Threaten him.
  • Yeah that'll show him
  • Now he's scared.
  • Okay now we're Ashley
  • We're getting a little bit of an intro to everyone here. Oh what have we got here?
  • Jesus Christ what is wrong with these people?
  • I like how he gets all fecking angry when Mike scared him and then he's like I know what's funny
  • Scaring people and he scares someone else
  • Oh, yeah take a look
  • Yes
  • I got my revenge. Oh back down with Jessica. Just waiting for Mike who's up there hugging other women.
  • Oh here he is RPing as a cowboy I don't know
  • You're ruining my immersion by the way
  • i'm not gonna do anyting
  • I'm just gonna see what happens when I do nothing. Look, he's just standing there.
  • Ah!
  • how romantic
  • Fecking destroy him. Yes. I want to be hit too. It's only fair. Oh Jesus Christ, she almost got knocked out by that
  • Oh look a bird
  • Fecking hell
  • Hey you aimed for that! you know, you did
  • Yes, you did! Is he running away from the scene should we plant a knife on the bird?
  • Oh now he's assaulting me. Okay. Oh, you could kiss that's so romantic - throw snowball in face. Oh sweet Jesus
  • What's this gonna do? don't move
  • I Was hoping that would hit them, but I guess it's better
  • it didn't I don't want to be down a character like immediately
  • And now we have Josh, our host of the party
  • Who is creeping around in these trees Jesus
  • Just keep walking I don't want to talk to him. I'm just completely ignoring him. will this work?
  • He must feel so snobbed right now.
  • Come on what are the odds of that. Between that and the Icicle
  • I think the great Lord Himself is against us. Damn you Satan
  • All right alone in a spooky mansion all by myself
  • This is fine
  • Oh a door closing. That's great. This is how you die first in a horror game
  • This is creepy as feck, Jesus Christ
  • Maybe this is my karma for killing that squirrel, ah the deodorant, but Jesus Christ, what even was that?
  • Da he's just like Oh, perfect. Just disregard what happened. I should not have messed with nature
  • All right. I got this deodorant to make a flamethrower Lock is no longer frozen. Come on in
  • Oh he's pissed
  • He remembers. warn him get immediately hostile
  • Attack him
  • Yes, attack
  • To be fair it's not wrong with both of us, it's just wrong with me
  • Mike didn't even fight back. oh my god
  • They're squabbling the others are just sitting there. It's very awkward for them. Okay, the two couples are heading off into the wilderness.
  • And Sam is going taking a bath they really like isolating themselves perfect for a horror game
  • All right, let's get to that cabin. Just gonna point this flashlight up as I'm mainly interested in the timber. I gotta expect this for woodworm
  • Gotta take a selfie to remember this moment
  • What the hell why is it all you?
  • No, I'll make it all me just in case we break up. I want a good photo of just me
  • She was barely in frame. What do you want? Get out of the way? I'm not talking to you.
  • Oh is this the guest cabin?
  • I hope so looks great
  • Jesus Christ, who is that? You know what let's just ignore it. It was probably just a postman
  • Just ignore it keep walking
  • I just want to be a stereotypical horror character who just doesn't seem fazed by anything just keeps walking towards danger
  • It's probably just Matt freaking out about Emily again. Reee down back at the house
  • My god, what are you doing? Why would you lean on that?
  • I don't think she's very bright
  • Hmm let me think
  • What a surprise
  • All right, best of luck h-honey, see you later
  • At least it's not me down there
  • Oh my god, the guys behind me, okay. Thank God the game forced me down
  • Coward me would have just stayed there and died
  • What the feck. Don't get out the way just stand there
  • When it actually gets the point that the characters can die
  • I don't think I'm gonna do very well
  • Like are they not concerned that that cart just rolled down at them for seemingly no reason? I would be extremely worried. Oh good
  • We're out of here. Jesus this place should be closed off. It's fecking dangerous
  • Oh no don't look through those damn things. Matt will probably jump up at us again
  • Jesus Christ, what was that? Was that Matt? Wait feck
  • I think I went the wrong way, the sign for the cabin is there Jesus Christ
  • I walked all the way down the hill. Could you not to say anything Jess? Oh a mouse. Oh my god
  • Why did I pick a fight with nature they keep coming to get me! what is with this path?
  • It's like a proper mountain climb if they own the whole bloody mountain. Why didn't they just build it closer Oh, where's she gone?
  • Oh, Jesus. Okay. Maybe she's actually in trouble.
  • And now we're back with Sam, whose just trying to run a bath
  • She's definitely got the easier job. That's for sure.
  • Wait, no hot water. Okay. This is gonna be more of a chore than I thought
  • Why do we still have all the lights off? Can we not at least light a few candles?
  • Oh really? Maybe she doesn't have an easy task
  • Why do I have to go in the damn creepy basement and it's not like Josh is much of a help
  • He's creepier than the basement
  • Don't give that guy a weapon he's creepy
  • As if you didn't hear that
  • Nice one for holding the bloody flashlight still for about 10 seconds. Good job. Not many people can do that on their first try
  • Wait what the feck was that? I saw something in the background just there. I'm just gonna leave them hanging because I'm freaked
  • With the magic of editing I can go back and see what that was, but I won't cuz that would spoil it.
  • Oh Jesus Chris and Matt do not like me. well I snooped through Chris's bag, but Matt?
  • I don't know and I'm not very honest. Apparently, I'm very curious though. I like looking at their stats. It's interesting
  • Go on, go ahead. You're the owner of this place. Go on. Keep going. Oh you coward
  • Alright, I'll do it
  • Oh my Jesus Christ. Run away!
  • Josh help me
  • What
  • Oh for feck sake
  • What the hell are these people's problems? They must all have high blood pressure. They're freaking each other out
  • He's got an Ouya board, I love squeegee boards, this thing's actually working.
  • The sister's from beyond the grave
  • There's something behind us guys. Oh just keep playing with the squeja board
  • Theres a lot of dust in this house
  • We should really sort that out. I have allergies. Ah now, we're back to Mike
  • I bet she just fecking stood in a puddle or something. It's not gonna be anything really dangerous
  • Is it? she's playing a prank on me for sure. There's a pattern emerging where everyone is just a dick
  • Jesus Christ, yeah, you see I feckin knew
  • He did exactly that earlier, but now he's complaining about it
  • I'm gonna get her back something serious
  • Like are we even in the same state anymore?
  • We've been walking for like an hour. How far is this cabin?
  • A squirrel? that's what you think a squirrel sounds like? unless chris has gone on a rampage and killed a whole flock of them
  • I think it's something more sinister
  • Oh Christ almighty, what's this?
  • Jesus Christ! the damn mouse back to get me
  • The amount of jump scares from nothing in this game has been insane
  • Is this the cabin?
  • Scare. Yeah scare her, get her back
  • That was the most scary sound he could make? Oh and she's all wet now she's gonna get pneumonia
  • Oh my god, I hate nature so much.
  • Oh my god probably just a squirrel, right Mike? Oh God the thing is dead
  • Yeah, definitely squirrel marks. Somethings got the squirrels all riled up
  • Someone must have killed one of them
  • You've gotta kill him
  • You can't leave him there to be savaged on by the squirrels. Nipped apart piece by piece.
  • Oh my god, I pulled his head off! how strong am I?
  • Jesus Christ, that must be one big squirrel, run!
  • I don't think I'm gonna make many of these QuickTime events. Okay, we're here.
  • Oh, she's fallen. I'll grab the key
  • She'll be fine
  • That's revenge for scaring me earlier, you're lucky I'm even letting you in
  • oh what a surprise no power again
  • Well, I guess we are 500 miles from the main cabin. That's probably why
  • Oh Matt hates me now, or do I hate Matt?
  • Who knows. She is unaffected, even though I have been a complete dick throughout this entire thing
  • Scare her.
  • It's not a prank to point a gun at someone
  • Is he looking down the barrel?
  • Oh Jesus, I'm not gonna last
  • I dunked her in the water it's probably broken
  • I'm watching you if that makes you feel uncomfortable. I'm sorry
  • There's still something at the window and I don't think it's a squirrel for some reason
  • What the hell was that
  • Oh, it's her phone it found its way back!
  • find my iphone is getting better and better
  • it's still playing the same song from earlier
  • Another prank, huh? Okay. You know what? I don't think this is like well, maybe it's Josh
  • It could be Josh. I wouldn't be surprised if he sees like this. He seems a bit psychopathic
  • Alright, she showed them screaming out at them like that. That'll teach him a lesson
  • I don't know why she keeps giving me the lantern I shouldn't be in charge of this - Jesus Christ!
  • God damn it Josh, or is it a squirrel?
  • I don't know could have been either really.
  • Ah now we're back with the squanja board. All right, you know what?
  • I think one murderer is enough for this episode. So I'm gonna end it there. I hope you enjoyed
  • Let me know if you want to see more
  • I think it's a pretty short game so we could probably - well we could at least complete most of it, but for now
  • I'm gonna thank you for watching. Appreciate is always folks and I'll see you next time. Bye for now
  • shout out to patreons Jessica peoples, Jody Phillips
  • Jordan sevens, Joseph Saldivar, Joshua Blankhado, Jeff gooding, Julie Powell, Caffrey Giten, Kim Carruth, Maray judge, market Ransdell green
  • Matt berry mayor, Deborah Kahn, Michael David Rose, Michael Sunderland, midnight coat, Nadine Kamel, Natan Orlan
  • Nicholas McMichael, Nick of the
  • Block, Nicholas coat, Niall star, Randy Drake, Riley Simpson
  • Santiago Piedmonté, Sean Locks, slam of angels Toby waterwar, Tom Lennon, Trey Fischer, Valerie airtel ,Vicki Gunter, Alena Nikitina and Zachary parts

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