Ultimate Flexibility Challenge with HUGE Consequence *SURPRISE GUEST*

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Ultimate Flexibility Challenge with HUGE Consequence *SURPRISE GUEST*
Ultimate Flexibility Challenge with HUGE Consequence *SURPRISE GUEST* thumb Ultimate Flexibility Challenge with HUGE Consequence *SURPRISE GUEST* thumb Ultimate Flexibility Challenge with HUGE Consequence *SURPRISE GUEST* thumb


  • hello everyone I don't have time for an intro today because I'm shooting the
  • Crazy 8's this is a Crazy 8's versus Crazy 8's competition there are
  • two teams and the losing team is going to have a big consequence at the end of
  • the video
  • are you ready for this challenge you each pick one person and see who can
  • balance in a needle longer on a trash can
  • okay I'm ready
  • can you face me more
  • who can hold it longer that was awesome Green Team
  • for your next challenge each team has got to come up with a pose with Enzo
  • a dude I just met Enzo's sister Athena and their parents
  • are gonna judge who wins are we ready I'm gonna give them each
  • one minute their coach is gonna help yellow team ready set go
  • you put your hand up like this and try to like get your leg up really
  • high yeah but face this way let's see what you got here we go
  • yeah you guys are gonna have a hard time there blue team got it boom time okay we
  • got the blue team starting now go
  • just hold it
  • kick when you're ready go oh that's really cool
  • do we have a decision this is very exciting is like world of dance we're
  • gonna have to go yellow okay good work everybody it's my understanding that
  • Enzo wants to be a youtuber what do you think he's got the look I think all
  • right come on everyone hurry up all right everybody for the next challenge
  • your prop is a huge ice cream cone you each pick one person and do a pose on
  • this bench eating the ice cream and whoever is selected by Madison as the
  • winner we just met hi Madison that person that team gets to eat the entire
  • ice cream cone okay okay who is the
  • first contestant okay here you go grab your ice cream do not lick it hold
  • it right there
  • got it got that photo Madison you hand it to her
  • alright wait oh okay bring it up that's great wait a minute hold on
  • things are falling apart quickly hold on okay ready
  • there oh yeah yes right there
  • okay
  • okay who wants to win okay Madison hopefully you can make a very quick
  • winner because this is melting all over my fingers who do you want
  • yellow team or blue team you don't want to eat the rest of it guys can have that
  • I'm just gonna eat this
  • ew
  • this is delicious
  • oh my gosh
  • for this challenge the first person to get through the top and hit a dance pose
  • wins one two three go Oh yellow team wins
  • good good good okay way to go the next challenge each team has one minute to
  • figure out a pose on this wait I need to find a judge
  • thank you
  • all right guys the judge is very intimidating are you ready yes saya saya
  • he's gonna pick the winner okay you ready saya be honest okay
  • yellow team's going first this is team number one yellow team go oh wow
  • come down that was really good wasn't it saya blue team go here we
  • go yes Wow guys okay that was awesome saya have you made your decision okay
  • tell us who wins thank you very much that was awesome guys this competition
  • is getting intense right and you know the consequence is insane the next
  • challenge is hanging middle split whoever taps out first loses yeah hold
  • it a little bit longer be safe first person who can't do it look that that team
  • loses the first longer team wins if you hold it you will all be yellow team is
  • down
  • way to go you guys hungit for a long time all of you way to go
  • believe you I believe you each of you is gonna get a chance to fly in
  • the sky on the swing and Casey is gonna pick the winner come on Casey to the
  • position oh that was gorgeous you keep doing it do it a couple times be
  • safe oh wow oh that was the one I think that
  • cool way to go yes all right now that one
  • she's standing up I think are you safe make sure you're safe before you try
  • anything I don't know what you're gonna try okay the next time you're gonna do
  • whatever you're gonna do
  • whoa that was cool that was really cool that losing team has a very significant
  • consequence what is that oh we haven't told them yet
  • but believe me it's significant everybody drumroll I do I watched you
  • guys on the world of dance and you were amazing
  • right now it is four yellow three blue this next challenge is using this
  • phone booth for a photo I got to find a judge you guys each have one minute to
  • construct something oh that was farther than it felt okay let's go
  • a leg out this way Jordan Sydney Sydney awesome okay I was
  • like I gotta find a judge and then she's like oh filming I'm like okay I guess
  • you want to do it right I'm not gonna tell you who's winning but if you pick
  • the right team they win this thing all right okay you're all posing you know
  • we'll be kind of cool give the three blues a cell phone do everything want you
  • to thank you random stranger do everything what
  • you're doing but have a cellphone that's so cool ready you're on cellphones yes
  • got it okay that was really cool same phones for the yellow team okay
  • okay here we go oh wait wait we need one more person on
  • her phone in his gold great so there's gonna be a hard trust Sydney got it okay
  • there's a major consequence awaiting the losing team do you have a favorite
  • drumroll please girls we have one finale this is gonna be huge
  • Wow okay is this bigger than world of dance yeah you're right it's not at all
  • okay let's keep going this is the last shot whoever wins this wins the whole thing
  • but I'm gonna go get a crowd and whoever gets the louder cheer that team wins I
  • have a special guest for this last photo everybody
  • Nia Sioux Nia and I are about to shoot another video you'll get to see that soon you're
  • gonna pose with each of them right all four so there's a group of four and you
  • in the middle they each get one minute to construct something with you and then
  • we shoot it they're now tied four to four in the competitions the last one
  • and the losing team gets a pretty significant consequence okay let's do it
  • everything for this okay everybody go for it oh look at that guys Wow gorgeous
  • okay we got it Nia you got your game still
  • okay I'll cue up here we'll jump back yeah okay good right there
  • go
  • okay now we think wow now it's time a drumroll okay everybody go and hit
  • notifications and bang the Bell okay thanks
  • okay we're good now we're gonna take two accessories
  • Hudson you gotta get in his shirt let's do this take a shot

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World of Dance superstars "The Crazy 8's" take each other on in the ultimate flexibility challenge! Wait until the end to see the consequence... and the surprise guest!

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