Contested every four years, the UEFA European Championship has been showcasing the continent's top talent since its inception as the UEFA European Nations Cup in 1960.

UEFA EURO 2020's public posts

Which two centre-backs would you pick❓

1⃣ Sergio Ramos
2⃣ Paolo Maldini
3⃣ Robert Kovač
4⃣ Martin Laursen
5⃣ Virgil van Dijk
6⃣ Rio Ferdinand
7⃣ Pepe
8⃣ Mats Hummels
9⃣ Vincent Kompany
1⃣0⃣ Tomas Ujfalusi
1⃣1⃣ Olof Mellberg
1⃣2⃣ Raphaël Varane

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Stephen Cadman
Nigel Ing
Alexandros Nalbanis
Thulisani Mpofu
Pius Inzaghi
EURO 2016 top scorers but who is missing❓

⚽6⃣ - Antoine Griezmann
⚽3⃣ - ❓
⚽3⃣ - Olivier Giroud La Page Officielle
⚽3⃣ - ❓
⚽3⃣ - Gareth Bale
⚽3⃣ - Cristiano Ronaldo
⚽3⃣ - ❓

#EURO2020 | #TBT

Photos from UEFA EURO 2020's post

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Ivi Kl
Nabil Morcos
Sacar Dharnal
Simon Nygaard Madsen
EURO moments, reimagined... Kasper Schmeichel, UEFA EURO '92

Which #EURO2020 players would you love to see in old teams/kits? ‍♂

#ThrowbackToTheFuture #tbt #Denmark
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Fabio Armbruster
Dalibor Dragnic
Dian Erpandu
John Ward
Garry Kerr
Griezmann OR Sterling

Assists in qualifying:
7⃣ Antoine Griezmann
6⃣ Raheem Sterling


Griezmann OR Sterling Assists in qualifying: 7⃣ @[158892907456977:Antoine Griezmann] 6⃣ @[309512255869436:Raheem Sterling] #EURO2020

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Julio Perez
Shaun Underhay
Jack Francisco
Ali Husain
Sime Arula
Who's the most likely to score from this distance❓

: Hakan Calhanoglu

#EURO2020 | #ThrowbackThursday

Çalhanoğlu from distance❗️

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Nabil Morcos
Paweł Wierzbicki
Bruno Santos
Entien Sentham
Philippe Heels
UEFA EURO 2020 posted on Jan 24, 2020

UEFA EURO 2020's cover photo

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Blake De Hombre
Which midfielder made you love the game?

⏪ Throwback to Italy legend Andrea Pirlo at EURO 2012

Nazionale Italiana di Calcio #EURO2020

Andrea Pirlo at EURO 2012

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Nabil Morcos
Đặng Hiếu
Hamza Mahmood
Kenney Jensen
Hoàng Anh Sơn
Name a player who has a trademark skill❓

Happy birthday Arjen Robben

#EURO2020 | OnsOranje

Robben from an impossible angle

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Patryk Bączkiewicz
Pilu Visconti
Çağrı Yel
Nabil Morcos
Usayd Manning
Milan Baroš at EURO _______❗

Zlatan Ibrahimović at EURO _______❗

Still going strong at 3⃣8⃣

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Christian Mikl
Kamil Morhun
Goran Musinovic
Tomasz Rasztar
Besnik Pao Gojani
Kevin De Bruyne = assist king❓

#EURO2020 | Royal Belgian FA

De Bruyne, assist king

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Dawid Rutkowski
Addin Beckham
Antek Jurek
Nabil Morcos
Alexander D'artois