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With more than 70 self check-in kiosks and mobile check-in options at İstanbul Airport, you can proceed to self bag drops and get ready for your flight without waiting in line.

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Check in Options

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A few travel tips to take with you on your next journey!

Check out this list to experience the best holiday you’ve been waiting for.

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Discover the beauty and history of Elazığ!

Elaziğ has something for every tourist in every season, including the historic Sara Hatun Mosque, Harput Castle, and Lake Hazar.

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Discover Elazığ

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How old were you when you first flew with us?

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Discover Sharjah on the Persian Gulf coast with us!

The time truly flies in this incredible city, with tons of shopping to do set against a backdrop of immense beauty and pristine beaches.

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Discover Sharjah

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We're proud as AnadoluJet now flies internationally!

As of the Summer of 2020, AnadoluJet will start its international operations from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport!

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We've got a long year ahead of us to explore all new destinations.

Which cities will you explore with us?

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Breathe in the history and art of the streets of Copenhagen, Scandinavia's tranquil capital city.

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One of Anatolia's most historic and cultural cities: Erzincan.

Kemah Castle looks over this magnificent city, with enchanting views over Karanlık Canyon and Terzibaba Mosque's blend of classic and modern architecture. All of this and more is waiting to be discovered!

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Discover Erzincan

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When was the first time you flew with us?

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