Tungsten Thor's Hammer (World's HEAVIEST)

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May 23, 2019


Tungsten Thor's Hammer (World's HEAVIEST)
Tungsten Thor's Hammer (World's HEAVIEST) thumb Tungsten Thor's Hammer (World's HEAVIEST) thumb Tungsten Thor's Hammer (World's HEAVIEST) thumb


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  • oh yeah
  • That's stupid
  • Hey guys I'm the Hacksmith and this is Make it Real
  • about a year ago my team and I set out to make the world's heaviest Thor's hammer
  • we took a replica Mjolnir that we bought from the Armour Factory and we filled it
  • with molten lead. It weighed in at 73 pounds which we thought was the heaviest
  • replica Thor's hammer in the world but another youtuber called brain Fuu
  • managed to make a slightly larger one filled with lead that weighed in at 91
  • pounds regardless ours was pretty awesome and made destroying things super fun
  • but it's not the heaviest, at least not technically. The only option to make
  • a replica hammer heavier is to use a material that has a higher density than
  • lead which has a density of 11.34 centimeters cubed. That material is
  • tungsten which has a density of 19.3 grams per centimeter cube
  • that's almost 1.5 times as dense but it's super expensive pure tungsten could
  • run over $10,000 in the quantity we need. Luckily the video went super viral and
  • it's actually one of our most viewed videos on the channel so we can justify
  • spending thousands of dollars on some scrap tungsten to try making the world's
  • heaviest Thor's hammer plus we're actually making this as a gift for
  • someone very special, the world's strongest man you might know him as the
  • mountain from Game of Thrones. Icelandic born half for Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
  • Is that right?
  • Has taken the World's Strongest Man title years in a row he
  • can deadlift over a thousand pounds, benchpress over 500 and even throw a
  • washing machine 4 meters
  • We believe or rather hope he'll be able to wield
  • Mjolnir one-handed just like Thor, after all his nickname is literally Thor
  • it's no easy task though because it's terribly unbalanced, it requires
  • tremendous wrist strength that perhaps only Thor would possess. Our goal is to
  • make the hammer approximately 50 kilograms or around 110 pounds lifting
  • it would be the equivalent of taking a hundred kilo dumbbell raising it over
  • your head and chopping one side off. In fact there's a great video on
  • BrainFoo's channel showing bodybuilders attempting to lift his 91 pound hammer
  • and no one could hold it with one hand properly.
  • Well enough talking about it let's get started but first
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  • James: All right is the modified hammer ready?
  • Ian: Oh Yeah
  • Sweet
  • so let's just open it up again and then we can make it the world's
  • Heaviest Thor hammer
  • and the general plan is we're going to put as much tungsten
  • as we can fit inside the hammer and then we're gonna melt down lead to fill in
  • all the extra space and the goal is to make this thing weigh over a 100 pounds
  • ideally heavier than Stormbreaker
  • Ian: yes, so right now where's 10 pounds so we
  • need to add 90 pounds of tungsten and lead. Tungsten lead soup
  • So one of our subscribers actually sold us the scrap tungsten and that is his packaging job
  • I got a better idea, we got the stunt wire system let's lift
  • it up to the ceiling and then drop it
  • Should we up the ante and lay it on fire while we're doing this
  • So we have to do this quickly before the fire catches on to the Kevlar holding it up
  • Drop!
  • Yeah!
  • and that's how you open a box
  • Alright so we've got our chunks of tungsten now
  • Just this small piece weighs almost 20 pounds
  • 42.7
  • Ian: Error
  • Just over 85 pounds, if we can get these two big pieces and one lead
  • we should be able to break 100 pounds
  • we're gonna want to fill this piece to the brim with lead
  • Ian: To the bandsaw
  • Alright so while the bandsaw works away on that piece of tungsten I think we should
  • probably do it the old-fashioned way by hand
  • Just a sliver
  • alright 1mm
  • Is that doing anything
  • That took about a week of cutting to get all this tungsten chopped up we went
  • through I think seven or eight bandsaw blades
  • The tungsten is extremely hard to
  • cut machine basically you're not supposed to, tungsten is usually
  • what's used to do the cutting like tungsten carbide bits and all kinds of stuff like that
  • Ian: Puzzle time
  • Feeling how heavy those are
  • I don't know how lead's gonna get into all those little gaps
  • Feel like it's not gonna work nearly as well as we hope it will
  • we can cut back to the scene when it doesn't work
  • Ian: Perfect
  • We did it!
  • Ian: Oh heavy
  • 74.5 pounds, so already just the base of the
  • hammer weighs as much as our lead filled mjolnir
  • 74.5 plus 15.5 so we're up to 90 pounds
  • The handle and this piece
  • 92.5 pounds
  • Ian: So if we can get one of these we can get 102.5
  • Alright so you might be wondering how we're gonna melt down this lead
  • We're gonna use a lightsaber
  • Alright that was freaking awesome but I think we should probably just us a stove
  • Ian: And a flamethrower
  • and what better way to melt lead than with not a flamethrower
  • Ian: To the back
  • So to ensure consistent heat throughout the Thor hammer we're actually heating up the
  • Pub-g bulletproof frying pan hypothetically the lead should just melt
  • real nice into all the cracks
  • James: Starting to melt yet?
  • This is our boring flamethrower, so as you can see it's a bit more violent
  • Dave Dave
  • 22.7 pounds
  • even with just the top filled with lead we're up to 22.7 pounds plus about 75 pounds
  • which means we're almost at 100 pounds
  • James: No no no no no
  • the bottom cap of the Thor hammer separated and now it's leaking molten lead through the metal dust
  • Good thing we have an extra hammer
  • James: we're gonna have like 125 - 130 pounds
  • damnit
  • we can cut back to the scene when it doesn't work
  • the first melting of lead
  • into the Thor's hammer didn't go so well and it kind of dumped lead everywhere
  • and destroyed this hammer so to make this not happen with the next hammer
  • which is the last one that we have, we are going to intentionally melt this one
  • to figure out what the melting point is to prevent this from happening again
  • because we were heating up to the Thor hammer on a propane burner we weren't
  • actually able to control the temperature so we actually got it probably hotter
  • than the melting point of lead and the actual hammer itself so what we're gonna
  • do this time is we've actually gone and we've bought a stove for 20 bucks off
  • Craigslist and that means we're gonna be able to preheat the entire thing to
  • around 500 Fahrenheit which is still well below the melting point of lead
  • which is around 625 Fahrenheit so hopefully we get this hot enough that
  • when we poured the liquid lead in if flows fills all the gaps and doesn't
  • melt the outside but who knows what will actually happen
  • By the way let's get started
  • Okay so the general idea here is we've got a nice big cast-iron frying pan
  • now what we're going to do is we're going to surround it with iron filings
  • this way we can get a consistent heat mass around it
  • that's heavy
  • I don't think any of us possess the strength just go and slide it in we've
  • actually set up a chain hoist from the ceiling and we'll actually be lifting it up
  • let's get this frying pan in there
  • Time to start cooking
  • You need to melt down some lead
  • Now that the hammer is hopefully up to about 500 Fahrenheit
  • We've actually got a thermal camera
  • which you can come see right here
  • Alright let's turn the burner on
  • That heats up real fast
  • Alright let's throw the lead on
  • You can literally see the heat starting to seep through the fan
  • it looks like the lead is around 70 degrees Celsius at the moment
  • This is a lot easier than what we were doing before
  • Woah
  • Dave: Fire
  • Ian: It's pretty molten now
  • James: So what we have to do here is quickly remove the hammer
  • place it onto this concrete over here and then hopefully we're gonna be able to
  • pour all that lead in and let it cool down
  • oh yeah look at that
  • Ian: so we probably put 15 pounds in
  • okay we gotta cool this down. Did someone say they were the Hacksmith's biggest fan?
  • 91.2 pounds
  • 114 pounds exactly
  • 51.7 kilos
  • As far as I know that is the heaviest Thor's hammer
  • There were two little bubbles formed on the outside
  • here and here we're hopefully gonna be able to sand them down
  • Like a charm Ian
  • Tighten her up
  • oh yeah look at that
  • Is that good?
  • Oh my god
  • Now all we have to do is polish up the hammer
  • Put the leather back on the handle and I think we'll call it a day
  • and then we're gonna use threadlock to make sure that it does not come apart
  • There's gonna be some very strong people trying to swing this around
  • James: all right now to make this hammer truly unique for Thor we're also gonna engrave an inscription on it
  • Which is no easy task, we're gonna have to somehow load this
  • into the CNC machine
  • That was difficult
  • I think it's heavy enough but I'm going to clamp it down just in case
  • James: Is this gonna be able to move it
  • Ian: I think so
  • James: try jogging
  • Ian: We're going to be using this new engraver that we got from Tormach
  • it's a spring-loaded tungsten tip and we drag it along and scratches in the engraving
  • Whosoever holds this hammer if he be worthy shall possess the power of Hafthor
  • all right we're done, we've created the world's heaviest one-to-one scale
  • replica Mjolnir, filled with tungsten. We've got our regular replica which
  • weighs about 10 pounds, we've got our lead filled one which weighs 73 pounds
  • let's see how much the tungsten one weighs. 114. 4 pounds
  • that's over 50 kilograms, now that might actually be a bit hard for
  • you guys to imagine so we're gonna bring out some actual Olympic weights to show
  • you what that actually weighs.
  • This is the same as this
  • You'd actually have to
  • add an entire other 45 pound plate to get to the same weight is this
  • Riley?
  • Riley: Oh my god
  • Riley: Ouch
  • James: Perfect
  • Tungsten has a density almost four times as much as steel, which is insane
  • Let's see who's heavier Jordie or Thor's hammer
  • 3, 2, 1
  • We're gonna have each team member here at Hacksmith try and pick up each of these hammers to
  • see if they're worthy and if so at which level of Thor are they
  • one two three
  • Evan: Level 1
  • James: Easy
  • Level 2
  • James: Easy
  • James: Doesn't that one feel light now?
  • Ian: I know
  • James: Nice
  • James: If you drop it you're fired
  • Ya
  • Riley: Oh my god, that is so unreasonable
  • I can't get it above like here
  • James: ammonium nitride
  • Thanks Jujimufu
  • I almost fell over
  • Oh boy that was close
  • I made that way further than I thought I would
  • I need more
  • Oh yeah
  • Ok if I got that far the Mountain can definitely do it
  • Where do I go from here
  • Alright that's the video make sure you're subscribe because you are not gonna want
  • to miss it when we take this to Iceland to give to Thor himself so make sure you're
  • subscribed, hit that notification bell and don't forget to check out the links in
  • the description below. Thanks for watching
  • Dave Dave!

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There are many other "heavy" mjolnirs out there, but not many are 1:1 scale replicas! The "heaviest" is probably How Ridiculous' BUT their hammer is also a good 2X bigger than a real mjolnir!

The only way to make this heavier would be to make it ENTIRELY out of Tungsten, or spend millions on Osmium -- the densest metal available!

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