TSM Fortnite House Tour!

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TSM Fortnite House Tour!
TSM Fortnite House Tour! thumb TSM Fortnite House Tour! thumb TSM Fortnite House Tour! thumb


  • Hello everybody
  • Welcome to the TSM house. We never got a thorough investigation of the house
  • So that's what we're gonna do today a little cribs tour baby. Facts, bring y'all ass on in here baby.
  • First of all open up that G my man. There you go
  • That's your ride a
  • Fax does not hide drove from Florida to California. Yeah, that's what we did it in baby get those rims this
  • Uh, this is a model 937 Lamborghini
  • Thanks, bro. You can see the Lambo logo right there doll
  • You got the green tip right here, you know just to make sure that the hair don't fall out or anything
  • You know saying and I keep it all the way
  • Inflated you feel basically what they come on did is he didn't want to flex on these haters?
  • So he fits a different party on the Lamborghinis
  • Great guy like that without backing that come over here real quick
  • Yeah, we got
  • Electric bikes they go 95 miles per hour doll you turn this lever right here when it's on
  • Gone Baby Gone. I've been passing by cars just like
  • Wait, this is going you know, I'm saying, okay. Now you see how big his bike is not come here. Follow me
  • Oh wait. This is a no demands, you know saying this is little man's a bike. You got the low wheels
  • Won't be good baby. You don't saying gotta check out the plastic on that twink. I gotta do it
  • So I pull it off like a year later. Boom Franklin bags
  • No fingerprints, and don't you forget Matt. You know, I'm saying you got a rep the Smurf Village on the back. Okay?
  • All right, okay buddy represent Joe cleanse, all right you're getting bad for my chest
  • I was like Opie in here. Actually, that's there is he day he smells just like him
  • In the worst part come here come
  • Juice Fanta orange. Oh
  • It's a whole mess
  • Yeah, I want to see my opium personation, yeah, let's see it does see it nobody tablet chat
  • Ok now this being toxic yeah be out looking baby that Mantha stutter master brother that man talk too fast
  • Ok that vacuum cleaner you another
  • Welcome to my part of the tour the ping-pong table where I am crowned king of the house
  • I want both of the asses on a regular basis a bag. I donate this field missed territory. This is my zone
  • It's got a bunch of shit on it right now. But I love that you can say is zero look at the scuff marks
  • This is a war zone right here, but we didn't fuck this
  • Is they give you paddle above the table
  • Who's got the shortest like closest to the table
  • Little things just like what oh,
  • He's playing on both sides. Yeah both sides. I like to mix it up man
  • A little legs almost took a black crayon and this is what the work on this thing. That mousepad is fired. Oh, brother
  • Oh
  • All right
  • over here in kitchen
  • Yeah, we are about to shoot another video after this so we got the setup. This is a video session
  • This is like a back face tour right now. I know this is great. We should do behind the scenes of our video we should
  • Be at some I made those lights our fire and here's the here's the kitchen
  • Where we keep all of our four night action figures and literally that's all we do here. That's this the serves no other purpose I
  • Don't
  • Know what is milk is for
  • He makes mashed potatoes bread, I don't know
  • We got a loaf of bread, you know, Sam had to get them carbs up baby. Thank you. See this knew
  • He needed them cars buddy. Look at this guy. Okay moving at level 22 skeleton, but yeah
  • This is where the magic happens facts, oh
  • Yeah shoes
  • All you would've dumped that true if he has shoes on that would have been a bell cable buddy that man has no house
  • Okay. Now, let's see if you got a jumper buddy my god jump, correct. I have a shot
  • He's balling a long time and I'm still going wedding damn quick
  • Okay, everybody get one shot whoever make it an old champ you got this mine
  • Was dusty y'all see if you wipe it off my hands bro, hey watch me make this that's all I gotta say
  • That's just way too strong I didn't calculate that shit at the start wait, okay
  • See then that was
  • Winning latitude and put it on in violation. Let's see it who said I ain't grew up with a basketball family. Let's see it
  • Before I came here my elbows got hurt hi
  • My elbow we've been here for like eight months. No, like I hit my elbow
  • It happens, but how does it invest of us? I happened to me in a game one time, you know saying I understand
  • All right. Wait, I just saw the backyard. We got some cute plants to shit
  • back and
  • We grew all these ourselves true story
  • Hamlin's did it the most cuz he's used to being you know in the garden like a little gnome
  • I can't come out here and just miss you know, I'm saying like are you kidding me on this buddy that thing going in?
  • Okay
  • All right now we get to the good parts
  • Upstairs stairs the room tours. This is where they having a little music for the transitioning. Whoa
  • I
  • Don't like okay, welcome to the upstairs. These are gonna be our rooms where we do our stuff every day. Go ahead
  • Take it on Daquan. All right, baby. You know, I'm Sam we're gonna go on over to my screen room, you know
  • As soon as you can walk in you can tell that there's a Nerf ball in here because you can't go really anywhere in this
  • House without seeing the remnants of a nerf war it can be common that you feel me. I keep them. Dang on me
  • Saying don't play
  • We got the vibe controllers because we'd be in vor you know, I'm saying to keep water cases in his room. Oh
  • So cool, the three monitor, uh, you know setup boom got my webcam
  • That's always complaining about you know saying yeah, that's a little SD. This is the first
  • You know, this is the first game you mouse I ever purchase. Oh
  • Yeah, wait, whoa do that again it lights up, you know the computer was off
  • You saw that that's all the first game. I ever purchased. I love how we get to
  • Marvin this is where the magic happens
  • Come on
  • Nothing as you can see here, I want you to hit it quick 180 look at that right there
  • Boom Christmas tree up in May you want to know why because I'm that dude. You know I'm saying, is it me?
  • I like it. It's about to be me now. Listen here. I look like simple this here
  • I got the care package in there buddy helping that goddamn home. Oh we get so we get somewhere boy. Look at this
  • Boom hat on day. Yeah. Mmm total mustache on boom. Yeah
  • Wait, where's the clothes at? Right? I don't own clothes. Wait, where are my
  • Clothes no, where are your clothes? I got Forge actors. That's all right. Here's clothes though. No
  • No, I mean we're your kids so, you know, there are boxers. You got the zipper just sitting on it right now, buddy
  • No, like mice my skin is closed
  • my spider-man
  • Spices yours come easy run, huh? You were the outfit
  • No, that's not the outfit cuz when they go on I made a mess with his skin
  • That's the same thing that's going on with me. My man. Look don't worry. Your boy don't need clothes, you know where their clothes?
  • No, no, my clothes are in a washing machine bullshit they're in your package
  • Right here baby hold up. Oh
  • Here let's go in the laundry room boys. These are all my clothes right here. Boom. You see that? Oh, I see you
  • well now you see yeah, you put them I
  • Hang them up buddy all of them. Nobody got
  • Him in a thing whatever link it was, but I thought hey why you hang him up though?
  • No, I hang up like only my shirts
  • Okay hands, fake murder. Let's go bed and something I hang up my shirts. I fold everything else buddy
  • Wait, wait, we didn't finish my room. Oh
  • Wait, oh
  • wait
  • What you're good, bro?
  • We'll go into my room. Okay. This is my room
  • This is where I sleep my men and I conveniently have a Logitech mouse place in the house under my bed. Is that yours, honey?
  • Yes, I'm Cheryl. Oh, I'm so cute. I gotta sleep with Cheryl every night then uh coming to my bathroom
  • Mmm, and it's a nice little bathroom. No
  • Don't worry about those camera man. Okay. Well, those are dirty clothes that I haven't cleaned yet in a rush
  • And here we have I got a few friends crawling around too. That's Jack
  • No, Steve gonna learn to swim the name of
  • Swimming
  • What are you - yeah
  • I didn't expect that some ants to be in a bathroom like you would think. Yeah, I don't expect on the beer either by issue
  • Look I got three onion
  • Behind quarters, oh my
  • It's where I use the bathroom this is actually a really nice place
  • Door open the window and it just becomes a really Sun Dial place for me to drop a log
  • My man's got three rooms in one room see here's a here's a closet that I used to throw things in
  • Things that don't see the light of day after they are in here
  • So some hats some computers that don't work anymore as you can see, he's a console player
  • He tried to hide it from everybody but I keep it in my closet at all times because it cannot be shown on camera
  • Or else the console game, you know
  • I'm PC gang so if console gaming realizes that
  • I'm not with them. Then the console gang members will start to love me and then the big war will start
  • It's it's in the prophecy. It's really really nice
  • Now we got to keep it on the low don't put that in the video
  • For it. Have you use it man? I used it once yeah
  • Yeah, I used it once and I use one of these for night bombers love those things and they didn't do shit
  • Matches nowadays
  • It's like we switched places I used to be the one complaining now, so you're circling at your right bro. Oh
  • Man, whoa, what is this buddy? What is what?
  • Chibi role-playing in here Oh buddy, this is no no. No, you don't know about this. This is my steve-o
  • Put it on the Hat Rock Ranger Rick, okay put on the song that boy down right and then right
  • I'm good at writing
  • You're baked
  • Please keep so I hope you guys enjoyed the house tour, you know saying hope you enjoyed Opie's dirty-ass
  • Ramon said, you know Hamlin's in his you know his fiance
  • I mean what we all say that yo my bad, bro. I'm sorry about that, but we all want that, baby
  • No, and we hope you enjoy miss mansion that we call his room. I'll leave

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The complete tour of the TSM Fortnite house is finally here! Check out all the rooms and weird surprises the guys have hiding in their rooms!

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