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T slice is 49 physically
but 16 mentally.
youth is a state of mind.
I just try to do my best with what I have in this life...
my health
my family and
my friends and now
my subscribers.
I love music, comedy, Pizza, puppies, and my hobbies...
A bad tailbone disc in my spine makes life a daily struggle to function sometimes.
Karma comes around 4 all of us because we are all on the same list and that's the way it is
as per Run DMC.
I dance in a giant pizza suit while performing in a punk rock two man band called Zenitram!🎸 @zenitramsucks.com
1 of my greatest influences is my mother Ramona👵
who has always had the confidence in me to be something that I never believed I could be.
She is frail as a bird nowdays & I miss the days of my youth when she was excited to see what I had created.
My brother Joeseph also believed I was special.
My brother in law Rogelio has the best advice for life experience.
Bruce Lee IS a mentor too.
I'm HEAR 4 a good time
Not a long time... #tslice