Trying PERSIAN Foods for the First Time! (Cheat Day)

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Dec 21, 2018


Trying PERSIAN Foods for the First Time! (Cheat Day)
Trying PERSIAN Foods for the First Time! (Cheat Day) thumb Trying PERSIAN Foods for the First Time! (Cheat Day) thumb Trying PERSIAN Foods for the First Time! (Cheat Day) thumb


  • Welcome to the best episode of cheat day ever I'm Miriam Issa and I'm Renee ariel and this is my first ever team
  • I'm so excited and not just because we're gonna eat so much good Persian food, but because
  • This is your rite of passage into the Persian community. You guys I have always wanted to be Persian
  • She's one of the reasons why I hang out with you. Oh, yeah Wow, it's good to know now
  • You're always there. But today it's happening
  • Okay, so one like crucial thing about being a Persian is you have to have tea at all times when you show up at a
  • Persian household the first thing you'll be offered is tea
  • So let's have some tea. Let's get started blends our palates
  • !
  • Did you like green or red so I'll do green okay? Yeah, these are so cute Cheers
  • Okay, so there's sugar in the bottom it just hasn't been mixed
  • I'm okay with that and I'm fine adjust the sugar until my uncle
  • Does he always take a sugar cube, which I used to eat like straight-up candy. Yeah. Oh no, I need something
  • And you don't have a spoon user hoop earring it's a tie your JLo Persian hybrid so sorry mom
  • It's gonna taste so much better now Watts. Try it, okay
  • But what you're supposed to do with Persian tea is you get a sugar cube
  • You put it your mouth and then you sip the tea
  • So like the sugars in your mouth instead of in the tea instead of it look like when you stick?!
  • Chocolate syrup in your mouth and then you drink milk and then go I mean, I don't know
  • Who does that you guys? We live in LA. There are so many crucians in LA and the food is bomb
  • So what's the first thing we're gonna have? Okay. So another staple
  • In a Persian household is Moscow PR, which is cucumber yogurt just like that
  • Oh my god this looks so you eat it with your meal you eat it with everything and obviously
  • to start off
  • This episode we need it with some pita bread. This is some thick pita bread!. Yeah
  • Like CC. This is the pita bread. The yogurt is nice. Okay
  • Oh
  • This is just like my childhood!
  • What what's that baby? Don't you like it? Okay good. This was gonna be a problem. I begged I sue this episode alone
  • No, it doesn't have a strong flavor though. It's more like I'm gonna calm your mouth down
  • Mm-hmm. It's a little accessory to your meal. I think it's like the mimosa of Persian food. It's just like
  • DUPLO says calm things down
  • for you
  • the best of metaphors
  • So we gonna keep this around because we have a lot more to eat. And this is what we're gonna eat it
  • All right, but now this we have an eggplant dip which is called bademjan
  • So this is one of my mom's favorite dishes oh by the way my mom's super white American like from Connecticut
  • I'm not a full persian
  • Excuse me, did the castle so it's an eggplant dip. It's called bottoms on
  • The flavor do you mean it just dip it into your mouth?
  • You know people say they forget to eat
  • Wow does now does this I don't know that I've already eaten and then I eat it they can eat again. Yeah
  • Okay. Ready? 1 2 3 omg it is so good are you okay
  • It's like garlic mmm, it's not spicy. Mm-hmm
  • here's the thing. I like anything with I plan but this dish is one of my favorites because it's subtle flavor for Humber food
  • It's like a mac and cheese for a Persians I should stop
  • Okay, I know about this Miriam this is I don't think you understand this is a delicacy
  • It's called um physique Teddy toddy
  • So this if you go to a Persian party you are
  • waiting for this
  • it is on the top of rice and you need to be polite because I've Persians you gotta like not act like you want to
  • Eat all of it. You're like, oh no you have some but then you get the rest
  • You just eat it by its own for the first bite
  • Let's get it by itself and then we can dip it because you can dip that. I'm a purist ooh
  • I
  • Love this it's bringing back memories right of your childhood. It's bringing back my memories in here Charlotte so pretty
  • Okay, so with honey you can make it with just rice on the bottom of your pan or with potato
  • which is my favorite Oh or
  • Pita bread good, but I need meat. Oh, I didn't mean
  • Okay, I know this what is what I call
  • Penis meat because it looks like a phallus symbol, but it's actually called beef coupie day. Yes. Yes
  • Kebab, koobideh this is another just very very very popular item. I want you to try your onion
  • we have our kebab and then we have some a bun of an onion and then you can't make out afterwards and then you can
  • Hopefully you're not on a date Oh
  • Stick it, this is all right thing. I'm not a true version because my family loves grilled tomatoes and they wig Nia
  • I've never really taken a bite into one. I've done it. I'm just gonna explode
  • Mm-hmm
  • Scary's I thought oh, babe. Wait, am I converting you you're gonna have it with some rice and the pork?
  • Mm-hmm. Okay, you ready? Oh, oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait wait
  • You need some yogurt. Okay, I do need some add some yogurt. Okay ready? Yeah and yours Jim?
  • Okay, take two
  • Okay, what is this thing I think this is just a pepper what
  • Okay
  • Do we wash it down like water? Yeah, do we water or oh, oh
  • No
  • Okay, I'm desperate so this scares me this is doof but it's also
  • Sparkling Duke, which I'm not a fan. It's a yogurt drink and like sweet. It's not like add animal. Oh my god
  • It's not sweet at all. Oh my god, oh my god milk soda without any sweetness
  • I've had non-carbonated Duke and I didn't really like that one but like this
  • That was very sweet, why would you carp it over who thought of that?
  • Someone is not good. And you continue to drink do you want the meat? Oh good. Oh, yeah same with anything
  • Okay, now we're talking so this is my favorite dish
  • So, this is Ghormeh sabzi
  • Tarragon Ghormeh sabzi now do it with a lower register Ghormeh. Sabzi a little slow. Is that scary? No, I think it's hot
  • So, yeah, there's beef and a slip and it's a stew it's very green those beans it looks terrible
  • like I would be terrified if I didn't stop version using I'm so happy you think this looks
  • Way better than yours
  • Mmm the premium hold of this
  • Is the best right now she gets it I
  • Can almost call you a Persian should I wear my headscarf? No, what else do I know? No, no learn to master the headscarf
  • Okay. Okay. I think we need dessert
  • I think we need to finish it up with something sweet and if you can get through that I think you're in. Yeah
  • I'll call my dad and everything
  • I need to be honest with you
  • This is terrifying to me. Wow
  • I've never this is follow day and I hope I'm saying this right but I rarely those were that word
  • It's never coming up my mouth. Okay, so it's kind of like ice cream. It's like a spaghetti means ice cream with I believe
  • Cuz usually thinks saffron in this but it doesn't look like there is but like I'm just trying to break it apart awesome
  • It looks like spaghetti. It looks like ramen. That's why you're not exactly why it scares me. It smells like every Persian dessert ever
  • It smells like the winter in Iceland
  • It is literally frozen noodles and perfume water
  • But it's amazing, oh I don't like really
  • Oh my god, okay. I'm so sorry mom and dad
  • You guys should look at it it's literally
  • were you have to read the
  • It doesn't look like it would be an overwhelming taste because it's pretty much clear
  • But this is a very persian taste like the rose water. I love you like it. You can take a home
  • Thank you so much for making me persian. Okay?
  • I'm, so happy you've joined us so long for tody Kuby. You notice. Do you know how to speak any party? Um,
  • Salam alaikum. Yes
  • That's pretty impressive and then to say, goodbye
  • You say Hoda Hafez. Hor-aha Fez
  • but before you Hoda Hafez
  • Comment down below and let us know if you've tried any of these foods or which one weird you out the mouse
  • Maybe the holiday probably and let me know if you think I'm finally Persian. I think she gave
  • These at me reminders for ISA and at Rene area guys, you've made it through yet another clever style video
  • Congratulations to you and also thank you
  • But if you want even more click somewhere over here cuz there's another video waiting for you, but it's probably really good
  • It is really good
  • I'm not saying probably anyway
  • Then subscribe because that would be nice and we would really appreciate it and also subscribe but then also hit the bell
  • I know it's a lot but like you love us, right

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With the holidays fast approaching, it seems only right that one Clevver host shares the foods her family loves most with a friend who is seeing, smelling & tasting these things for the very first time!

Renee is new to Cheat Day, so let her know you love her! And who is excited to see Miriam again?!?!

What international cuisines should we try next? What delicious foods does your family eat during the holidays?? Let us know in the comments below!

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