Trying Clickbait Beauty "Hacks" From Facebook

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Trying Clickbait Beauty "Hacks" From Facebook
Trying Clickbait Beauty "Hacks" From Facebook thumb Trying Clickbait Beauty "Hacks" From Facebook thumb Trying Clickbait Beauty "Hacks" From Facebook thumb


  • Nope I'm not sure
  • Hello friends and welcome to another video
  • Today I'm gonna be testing out
  • Questionable beauty hacks from Facebook videos. So recently I was scrolling on my Facebook feed and I came across
  • This video, it was a DIY makeup hack video in which the hacker cut up fake
  • Eyelashes and dumped them into clear eyebrow gel
  • And that was it. That was the hack. Much to the ire of the commenters below.
  • This led me down a rabbit hole of more of these Facebook Beauty hack videos, of which
  • Many seem to share the theme of why, and is that even a hack? It seems like they often just do random things
  • Just to have a sensational thumbnail or title. So it's not really the kind of clickbait where they lie to you because they usually
  • Show you what's in the thumbnail within the video, with some exceptions
  • But often times they seem to just invent something
  • Ridiculous just to get a reaction. And they almost never talk in the videos
  • So they don't really have to explain themselves. To be fair it can be kind of entertaining, like hey
  • You've got a fork on your face. How about that? But I wouldn't really call them hacks.
  • That said maybe I've got it all wrong
  • Maybe these hacks aren't ridiculous, and they're actually very helpful, so we're gonna put them to the test today and find out.
  • Okay! So first up is this pretty mysterious hack. So this particular video was posted by a Facebook page called
  • Brush, and the caption says "I need to try these" A little bit below that they do credit this girl Luisa
  • Simona's Instagram
  • But it doesn't seem like they tried these before they shared them with the world. So basically they put some toothpaste and then some baking
  • Soda in a cup and they mix it together
  • oh
  • And then straight away there was no before picture of the chin, Luisa is just brushing the toothpaste on her chin.
  • I don't know what her motivation is, I mean we can watch it with the sound on just to be sure that
  • Louisa's not speaking to us
  • No, it's just just sort of jazzy, love making music. But she does make sure to put up some fish emojis
  • just you know she's making a fish face. Then she wipes it off and
  • We see her chin, and then after that it just goes straight into a different hack, so that's about all the context
  • We have. So I say let's test this thing. Okay,
  • So she starts off by just pouring the toothpaste in there's no quantities that she gives. She just sort of puts it in
  • It's a pretty artful swirl if I do say so myself, and then after that she puts in what looks like one
  • Teaspoon of baking soda. Oh I spilled it I spilt it this smells really good though
  • Maybe it's for bad breath. On your face. So how she applies it is
  • She just sort of takes some on her toothbrush and then puts it straight on the chin. Oh, it's cold
  • It just missed completely, oh wow that is
  • Pungent and powerful on the chin, she does sort of brush, it around. Oh that hurts. I feel hacked
  • Lemme see if Louisa herself has anything to say about this. Ah this must be it. It is supposed to remove blackheads
  • It's supposed to remove blackheads! It's supposed to remove blackheads! Don't leave it on!
  • Well, I've left it on. It's too late now
  • We can't go back. Alright
  • So I think I should probably take it off now because I've left it on for at least five minutes. Oh boy. Oh oh, ow ow!
  • As it's coming off it hurts more. I don't know that my chin looks like there's less blackheads on it
  • But it does look a little bit red and raw. So Louisa did have a little bit more instructions
  • But Brush just chose to like completely not include those, though
  • The comments do say a couple of helpful things, do not do the first one with whitening toothpaste. It will burn. Are these whitening?
  • Yes, damn it Louisa! Alright. Well. That's our first hack. Based on the pain and the lack of instructions
  • I wouldn't recommend this one. Shall we continue?
  • So this next hack was the sort of og hack that started off this whole process
  • This is the clear eye brow gel. This video was posted by a page called "eyeliner addict"
  • And yeah people in the comments are just really not having it.
  • like
  • Trishia for example says "so if I shave my legs
  • Or vag I can just glue it on my face?" to which I say Trishia
  • Do you. The thing is as the girl applies the gel to her eyebrows, her eyebrows
  • Don't look bad at the end, but I'm just really
  • Unconvinced that it has anything to do with the little hairs that are in the gel
  • But who knows. So let me wipe my eyebrows off and put some
  • Eyelashes on them. All right, so it looks like her first step is just
  • Chopping off bits of these fake eyelashes. Does she chop them all up? She must right? This is just not enough hair
  • There's just this is too slow. Okay. This is making your life easier
  • I kind of feel like I don't have as many as they did. They only really showed like one tray of these little eyelashes
  • But I feel like theirs was much hairier. It looks like a really bad
  • Sneeze. Is that how many nose hairs come out when you sneeze?
  • So we have the exact same eyebrow gel that they showed in their video
  • They have some type of extra dropper though to get it out of there
  • so I'm gonna pop open the top and I'm gonna stick this syringe in. None of these steps were included in the hack by the way.
  • All right, and then I'm gonna syringe the clear gel into our little pot. Oh, yeah, that looks good. All right
  • well I think it's time to mix our gel up and
  • Put it on my eyebrows. The thing is like maybe if you have sparse eyebrows you want to fill them in with things that look
  • Legitimately like hair, but I just don't think that these really look like eyebrow hairs
  • They're curly and wiry and... pubie
  • I know that there's hairs on my brush, but I don't think that they're coming off onto my eyebrow
  • I will admit that my eyebrows are not like the most sparse
  • but at least they match the color of the
  • Eyelashes. Because I feel like if you had lighter eyebrows this might look ridiculous. All right, so I think I've done both brows
  • I don't think that they look like particularly bad
  • You can't even really see the little hairs at all, and if you can they're just kind of like sticking out awkwardly
  • It's possible that they may have thought this was a good hack
  • But I also
  • Think that they may have just thought it looked kind of gross and thought that they could get a bunch of Facebook comments about it
  • And they were right. Okay, so this next hack is for eyeshadow, and I'm gonna be honest
  • I feel like it might work
  • But when I saw this I was just like
  • Why?So this is a video
  • Posted by this page called five minute crafts, its caption is “Top secret beauty hacks for the perfect image
  • winky face”
  • You know what I'm talking about the perfect image. Alright so right in the beginning this person has
  • Covered her face in pads. That is uh not part of any of the hacks
  • I don't think, that she's just sort of done that too artistically show you that pads are gonna
  • Be involved in this video. so basically this woman is putting on eye shadow. She's getting fallout. It's terrible
  • It's almost like a setup like an old-school infomercial
  • It's like do you have a really hard time opening milk?
  • And then now they're gonna show you the solution
  • Which is to just put a straw in the side like joey tribianni my favorite is that she looks to the side
  • sneakily before she pulls the pad out and then she cuts it up into pieces and sticks the pieces under her eyes. I
  • Understand the idea of like putting something underneath your eyes to catch fallout,
  • But does it have to be a pad? The people in the comments
  • Don't seem to be loving
  • It. is no one gonna mention that pads are way too expensive to be using on your face everyday? the sticky adhesive
  • That's supposed to adhere to panties should never go on your face. listen Angie
  • You seem like a sensible person that has no place in Facebook hack videos. so um let's try this shall we? alright
  • so I'm gonna cut my pad as she does. I think my pads a little bit thicker than hers. then I'm gonna take the
  • Adhesive off and then stick this on the face. It's a good look
  • I'm not sure about her pads, but my pads on my face right now only has adhesive like right in the middle of it,
  • So I actually feel like fallout could still get underneath there. all right. I'm going into some more vibrant colors
  • Just to make sure we could really test the fallout caching capabilities. I don't really know what type of eye shadow look
  • I'm going for right here. I'm just - putting colors on my face. all right ready. I'm gonna take them off
  • Oh, I do think that they caught some of the fallout. Cuz you can see that
  • There's a little eye shadow specks sort of right there, so it did catch some of it - this little spot right here
  • But as people in the comments said the expense of using pads under your eyes and also the fact that you have a pad
  • Adhesive on your under eye skin every day makes us a pretty like not feasible hack all right
  • So this next hack is a foundation application
  • Hack, of which I feel like there were a lot in the last year and a half or so alright
  • So this video is from a page called beauty hacks, and their caption is items at home that will save your makeup routine.
  • and the item they propose will save your
  • Foundation is a balloon. my biggest gripe with this hack is how they've cut it together,
  • It seems like it doesn't work very well to begin with and then it cuts to her foundation being completely blended,
  • So it makes me feel like she blended out her makeup with something else in between. okay. I mean let's try it
  • I'm gonna inflate this now
  • Yes
  • This is a tough balloon! let me stretch this out a little bit
  • Alright there we go hahah! a Beauty Blender! alright ready?
  • It makes a fun sound when it hits my face:)
  • Alright clear first problem, besides the fact that the foundation isn't really soaking in, which is pretty much exactly
  • What happened in the video, is that this balloon tip is round,
  • And I can't really get in any crevice of my face, but this is fun. I could just do this for a while
  • Oh, that's a good idea. the balloon is more malleable than I had expected
  • Alright, there seems to be a couple crevices that we just can't reach,
  • So I don't think that her foundation was completely blended out by a balloon,
  • But I would recommend putting a balloon on her face, because it's fun.
  • I wouldn't call it a beauty hack,
  • But it would be what I would call a fun evening.
  • So this next hack is an example of what I'd call the hack gone too far. this video is called
  • 9 hacks for perfect cat eyes, and this girl basically just takes any
  • Item she can find with a straight edge, and puts it next to her
  • eye. which seems to be okay when it's like tape are like a playing card.
  • She then goes on to paint scissors with eyeliner and put them next to her
  • EYE. the interesting things about these comments are that a lot of people are criticizing her eyeliner
  • Which I actually don't find to be the problem,
  • There are not enough people in these comments being like please don't put next to your eye.
  • Anyway with that, Let's try it. which end does it look like she's using I think it's this end
  • Yeah, it's a long pointy one so I think in spirit this hack is pretty- that just freaked me out
  • Yeah, it just freaked me out. to me this hack is similar to like an eyeliner stamp where she actually
  • Paints the eyeliner on the little edge, and then stamps it
  • Stamps it on her eye to which I would say use anything else, but this. this is probably one of the Dumber things
  • We've done on this channel. alright
  • Ready, I'm not ready. I'm nervous mom . whoa
  • That wasn't even good. It didn't come out very well. Which is a shame because I put my eyeball on the line
  • I think I'm gonna have to try it again
  • And maybe try and paint more of the scissor blade, thing is my scissor has a flat end right here, and so does hers
  • It's not even like a point. Yeah. I don't think that looks very good
  • I'm just gonna do the other side just for good measure. well. I mean that's better, but it's still terrible!
  • Yeah, I wouldn't recommend this hack
  • I don't think either eye is ideal and also putting a scissor next to your eye is not ideal
  • So I would say in general don't do this one
  • Okay, so this next hack is also from the Facebook page Brush
  • And it is called four emergency makeup hacks
  • Everyone needs to know. so this one is like a few hacks in in this video
  • And it's basically supposed to be
  • Emergency lipstick. they put Elmer's glue and food coloring into a bowl, mix it together
  • Then apply it to their lips, and let it sit for 10 minutes, and then peel it off.
  • So I think basically the idea is that I would be staining my lips, which may work
  • But I think my biggest issue with it is just like why would I have these things with me in a makeup
  • Emergency? I feel like if you're you're in a pinch and you've got 10 minutes to spare try and see where the nearest
  • CBS is I think that's number one on the list. alright, and now let's put it on my lips all right
  • Let me try and get a good coat of this on there. I'm trying to get some butthole coverage as well
  • I know I feel like a Barbie doll. so yeah, I'm gonna hang around for 10 minutes
  • And then we're gonna peel it off .alright, so it's been 10 minutes
  • I can't really talk, but it's really solidified, and I think I hopefully I'm ready to peel it off
  • Oh, yeah, that's a pretty good
  • peel very snake skinny
  • And I do think my lips look pretty pink actually. I do have a little bit of like extra
  • Glue kind of like in the inner rim, butthole area but besides that I think that the stain did work,
  • I just don't think that this is what one would or should do when presented with a makeup emergency.
  • It doesn't seem like a good use of time or glue. all right, so we've made it this far
  • This is our very last hack
  • This is a video from eyeliner addict
  • And the caption is take your makeup off with shaving cream. basically this girl rubs shaving cream all over her face
  • And you know it sort of tries to show us that it's taking her makeup off
  • Then she says but be careful around your eyes
  • And then it cuts ahead to the eye makeup already being removed. so I suspect that this hack doesn't really work
  • And they're just living off the cachet that like shaving creams a weird quirky thing to put on your face. so with that
  • Let's try and take our makeup off.
  • Nope. I'm not sure. I put too much on I need help. all right. Just give me one second
  • I'm just gonna run to the bathroom and get rid of this extra stuff.
  • So she basically just takes the cotton round and just swipes it down like this.
  • I mean it looks like there's some makeup that came of.mostly, I feel like I just took off the shaving cream
  • You know? I'm gonna need a lot of cotton rounds for this.
  • see I just don't see how this is helping anyone
  • I think that the shaving cream is a little bit, itchy and it's also like weirdly drying? all right
  • So it seems like we've reached the eyes
  • She completely skipped this portion so um I guess just straight to the eye.
  • Is that working at all? I actually do think it's taking some of my eyeshadow off, but I'm not convinced
  • It's doing anything for the eyeliner
  • I think it's just sort of smudging it around. I would be at this for like a good 30 minutes before I was actually
  • Makeup free. so I don't think I would call this a hack, and the fact that this is the only hack in this video is
  • Worse, I think, it's not like a filler hack
  • It's not like oh, we need fives like throwing in there there like this deserves a video
  • Do you think we could cut ahead and then it would work? ya just turn all the cameras off,
  • I'll take my makeup off with the makeup wipe and then we'll re-roll. okay
  • So those were my facebook beauty hacks. out of all of these hacks
  • There were definitely a couple that worked to a certain extent,
  • But I would also say that none of them
  • prioritized ease, convenience or common-sense
  • over getting views shares and comments on their videos
  • To be fair there are weird beauty hacks all over the internet
  • But on other platforms like blog posts and YouTube videos the Creator has to at least try to explain
  • Why they think the hack is helpful, but in these videos they're more like this is a ridiculous seeming method
  • We're not going to explain to you
  • Why this is happening and we're gonna bet on the fact that you're probably not gonna
  • try it and call us out on it. now I
  • understand the plight of posting videos to Facebook
  • They're basically trying to get people to stop scrolling on their feed and watch a video
  • They didn't ask, for so these videos
  • basically need to be as crazy as
  • Possible to stand out. which explains why these videos are pretty fun to watch and sort of out of the box
  • But good beauty hacks
  • they are not thank you guys so much for watching if you liked that video make sure to
  • Shmash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to shmash that subscribe button a big shout out
  • To Melinda mayhem for watching, thanks for watching, Melinda, and I will see you guys a next time

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So I've been seeing these beauty hack videos all over facebook, and they always seem so incredibly strange that I decided to test a bunch of them out and see how they were! We tried a few out from different facebook pages and ended up with basically a full face of makeup hacks!

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