Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food #2 | People Vs. Food

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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food #2 | People Vs. Food
Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food #2 | People Vs. Food thumb Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food #2 | People Vs. Food thumb Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food #2 | People Vs. Food thumb


  • - I have two weaknesses, pain and powdered sugar.
  • ♪ (French accordion music) ♪
  • - (FBE) Something magical is about to happen.
  • We are gonna show you scenes from Disney movies
  • and we'll present you with some delicious food
  • from the movies recreated by a professional chef.
  • - Oh, okay. Well that seems pretty fun.
  • - See, my experience with delicious foods that you guys
  • bring us usually aren't so delicious.
  • - Best day ever. When you said magical,
  • I was like, are we going to Disneyland?
  • - We don't have to pay for Disney food.
  • - Oh my God. That's so much better
  • than a $40 churro at Disneyland.
  • - Awesome. Did this before,
  • but I think there's punishments now.
  • - (FBE) So of course, we can't be that nice.
  • As you guys know, this is a Try Not to Eat
  • Challenge, so whoever can get through these four dishes
  • and not eat anything wins, but if you do try something,
  • there will be a punishment per food you eat at the end.
  • - Per food? - Okay, that is so mean.
  • One, because I'm so hungry and I was like,
  • "Oh, this is the best day ever"
  • and two, because whenever I watch a movie,
  • I low key always wanna try the food.
  • - I mean, how bad could the punishment be?
  • - (Kuzco) Is something burning? - Oh, my spinach puffs.
  • Yes.
  • - Is that Patrick Warburton? - Yeah, it is.
  • - Emperor's New Groove. - Is it his
  • spinach puffs? - It's spinach puffs.
  • I love Kronk. - I'm eating it.
  • - Emperor's New Groove and Kronk.
  • - This was my movie. - This was such a good movie.
  • - (Kuzco) He's what? In his late 20s?
  • - (Yzma) I'm not sure. - (Kronk) Saved them!
  • - (Kuzco) That's great. - Ooh, what's that, what's that?
  • - Oh, those look really good.
  • - I'm salivating. - Kronk.
  • I just wanna try them 'cause they're his
  • and I love him.
  • - Oh, it's a big boy. - Oh.
  • - (FBE) These spinach puffs are not burned,
  • but are flaky, warm, and delicious.
  • Will you be trying it? - That looks so good.
  • It sounds so good. - It's so flaky.
  • - Is it good? - It's so good.
  • - Is it worth it? - Okay, I'm gonna do it.
  • Do it for Kronk. - I made a mess,
  • but that was so good. I also really like flaky stuff.
  • - I'm an honorary Squirrel Scout
  • and I'd feel bad for Kronk if I lost the challenge.
  • - No, I'm gonna wait. - If she's gonna wait,
  • I'm gonna wait. - Is that how it's gonna be
  • the whole way through?
  • - I think I'm not gonna eat it only because I eat spinach
  • all the time. - So, we're okay on this one.
  • - I think I'm gonna pass. - I'm gonna pass on this one, too.
  • - I feel like this isn't gonna be worth whatever
  • the punishment is at the end. - I'll pass.
  • - Smells good. I've had similar stuff to this.
  • - ♪ Come on down ♪ - No, I was thinking
  • of Princess and the Frog! The beignets, the beignets!
  • - I went to New Orleans just to try one of these
  • and the line was two hours long.
  • - No. - Oh my gosh.
  • - Is it the beignets? No.
  • - I love the sass. That's fun.
  • - Oh, Cajun food is my favorite.
  • I mean, that's my people. That's where my family's from.
  • - Look at how happy he got. That's Disney happy.
  • That's magic.
  • - Okay, I'm eating it. I don't even care.
  • It has honey on it. Is that just a normal beignet?
  • - (FBE) These beignets are to die for.
  • My New Orleans heart has dreamed of these beignets
  • and here they are, perfect, authentic, and dare I say, magical.
  • - Oh my gosh. Yeah, I'm doing it.
  • Look at the honey. They look so good.
  • Are you gonna do it? - Yeah, definitely.
  • - Cheers. Worth it.
  • Oh my gosh. - Boy.
  • - It's so good.
  • - I have two weaknesses, pain and powdered sugar.
  • - I don't wanna let down Princess Tiana
  • and she made these. This is her recipe
  • and I feel like it would be rude.
  • - Ooh, the inside looks good. All right, no.
  • I'm going for it, too. - It's deep fried.
  • It has powdered sugar. - It spills powdered sugar.
  • That's how you know it's good.
  • - I'm sorry, but I have to. I have no choice.
  • - Ah, those look really good. - Oh my God, the syrup.
  • - You know what? - I'm eating a cloud.
  • - Now you're-- you're doing that for fun now.
  • Okay, I'ma pass.
  • - So funny. - That is so good.
  • Are you sure you wanna bite?
  • - No. They smell great.
  • I'm okay, I'm okay. I'm good.
  • - I'm going back to New Orleans in two weeks.
  • I can get my beignets from Cafe Du Monde,
  • so it's very hard, but I think I'm gonna hold off.
  • - All right, I'ma pass. - Nice willpower.
  • Nice willpower.
  • - ♪ Someday when spring is here ♪ - What's in there?
  • - It depends on what kind of pie.
  • - This pie is made by animals, woodland cute animal creatures.
  • How can we not eat it? Oh my God.
  • - Wow, the animals helped to make it.
  • - Well, that's just not sanitary.
  • - Shut up, I liked Snow White as a kid.
  • - Aw, it's for Grumpy, too. - Grumpy's pie.
  • - Look how perfect. - Aw.
  • - Oh my God. You guys are picking
  • some really difficult foods to say no to.
  • - Oh, is that cherry? Is it raspberry?
  • - That's the filling. - Boysenberry?
  • What kind of berry?
  • - (FBE) So, you don't need no prince when you have
  • this delicious gooseberry pie. It's so good, it'll keep you
  • warm at night and you would never wanna share it anyway.
  • - This smells so good. It's warm.
  • Yeah, I'm doing this. There's no doubt in my mind.
  • - I think any punishment would be worth this.
  • I'm going for it. - This is my favorite so far.
  • - Oh wow. This tastes like the fake smell
  • that they put in Disneyland candy stores to make you
  • wanna buy things. It's real.
  • - Oh my God, it's so warm still. This is really, really good.
  • I'm not kidding. This is one of the best pies
  • I've had. - Okay, you guys convinced me.
  • - Are you gonna? - You guys broke me.
  • - Yes. - You guys are so mean.
  • - I'm doing this for you. You don't wanna miss out
  • on this pie.
  • - Is it soft? - Look at the bottom,
  • look at the bottom. It's super warm.
  • That looks so good. - Why am I doing this
  • to myself? I'm just not gonna look at it.
  • How is it? - That was worth it.
  • It's just so nice, so warm. It's just--
  • - I don't wanna hear that. - It's nice.
  • It's just good, okay.
  • - Gooseberry and goose pie are very different.
  • - That's so good. Please taste it.
  • - I want to. I am okay.
  • - You're gonna regret it. I always--
  • I'm always gonna regret it.
  • - I might pass this. I'm not a fan of pie.
  • - Okay, I'm gonna be strong, too and pass this.
  • - We're good. - Wow, good job.
  • - Our first one. - Oh, that's hard.
  • - ♪ Gooey and very sweet ♪ - Oh my God.
  • - Winnie the Pooh.
  • - Honey. - Honey?
  • Just straight up honey? - No, he's gonna make
  • something with the honey. You know Pooh's always
  • got something on his mind.
  • - ♪ Everywhere is honey There's a honey Pooh ♪
  • - The honey in Winnie the Pooh looks more appetizing
  • than normal honey.
  • - ♪ Everything is honey and I am what I eat ♪
  • ♪ I must be made of honey ♪
  • - I wanna be in a honey bowl. - Is it literally gonna be
  • just honey comb? If it's honey comb,
  • I'm gonna die.
  • - That looks like so much fun. - That was a lot of honey.
  • - Aw. - My God.
  • - It's so cute. How could you not?
  • - (FBE) So, here is this delicious honey treat
  • from Winnie the Pooh. Our chef was inspired
  • by the movie and made this delectable
  • honey flan. - A flan you say?
  • - Oh, this is flan? Also, this is adorable.
  • This is just what Winnie the Pooh uses.
  • - Can we say, you could have just gone with,
  • "Oh, it's a flan." You made the aesthetic.
  • - Yep, that's a flan right there. - I'm gonna do it.
  • - Yep, yep.
  • - I just love the little pot it's in.
  • It's so cute. Is it good?
  • - It's so good. The texture is like, wow.
  • I think you should try it. I think you might not try
  • something like this. - I convinced you to try the pie,
  • so I feel like it's only right. - It's fire.
  • - Wow, that's really good.
  • - Wait, does it do the thing if I lift it?
  • Oh, it does.
  • Sorry. When she looks at me
  • after she takes a bite, she just looks at me like...
  • - This is actually really good. You don't know what flan is.
  • Maybe this will change your life. - It could, it could,
  • but I like to wave at those moments as they pass my by.
  • - Flan. Oh, I love flan.
  • - It's pretty golden, all right. Good luck.
  • - It's a try not to eat. It's a try not to eat.
  • You're gonna make me try something really bad.
  • I'm gonna pass. I'm gonna pass on that one.
  • - I'd like to stay tied for now.
  • - Oh my God. I don't wanna ruin it.
  • That's why I don't wanna eat it. - Are you gonna do it?
  • You're not gonna do it? - It's too cute.
  • - I feel like if she's staying strong,
  • I need to stay strong. Okay, I'm gonna pass.
  • If I could pass on the pie, I'll pass on this.
  • - (FBE) So Carson, you won. - Oh, that was it?
  • - (FBE) You made it through this without eating,
  • so you get this next dish all to yourself.
  • - And no punishment.
  • - (FBE) Technically, you both still lost,
  • so you do not get to try this winning dish.
  • - Oh, but you're-- - (FBE) But we're gonna show it
  • to you anyway. - Why do you do that?
  • - But it's fun. It's fun anyway.
  • - Please be something that doesn't look very good.
  • Is it the gray stuff?
  • - ♪ soup du jour hot hors d'oeuvres ♪
  • - Yes. - Gray stuff?
  • - It's delicious.
  • - ♪ Don't believe me? ♪ - Ask the dishes.
  • I'm gonna cry.
  • - ♪ This is France ♪ - What is the gray stuff?
  • - It's delicious. They have it at Disneyland.
  • - ♪ Second best Go on and fold your menu ♪
  • ♪ Take a glance and then ♪
  • - Oh my gosh.
  • - ♪ Be our guest ♪ - Why do you guys
  • do this to me? - This is a classic.
  • - (FBE) I always wanted to try this as a kid
  • and here it is, the gray stuff
  • from Beauty and the Beast. This is made in
  • parts of Disney World and we copied the recipe
  • as best as we could to give you the most
  • authentic experience. - I get to try the gray stuff.
  • Oh, it's like red velvet inside. Mm, mm.
  • - Oh and you can kinda see in a little bit.
  • There's a little red velvet. You see that?
  • - Oh, I wish I didn't know that.
  • - (FBE) Inspired by the Lion King, here is--
  • - No, no, no! Oh my God.
  • - (FBE) Inspired by the Lion King, You have to eat one bug
  • per food you ate. - No way.
  • - God, no. - Bugs are said as delicacies.
  • - What have I done? What have I done?
  • This is the worst. This is the worst.
  • - This is literally my biggest fear
  • is eating bugs. You go first.
  • I can't do it first. It's the texture
  • that creeps me out. - I can feel the little legs.
  • You know that feeling? - Oh my God, stop.
  • You're gonna make me throw up.
  • Ugh, that sound. Oh my God.
  • Is that that bad? - It's airy, you know.
  • It tastes really bad, actually.
  • I need to put more chocolate on this one.
  • - See? You just told me
  • it didn't taste that bad. - It's pretty bad.
  • I'm sorry. - Oh my God.
  • Okay, I did it. Yay me.
  • Ew, I'm tasting it!
  • - Ready? - Don't think of it as a bug.
  • - Okay, ready, go.
  • - I just swallowed it whole. I just taste chocolate.
  • - You just swallowed it? - I was so scared
  • to bite into it. - This is so gross.
  • It gets worse with time. - Ugh, oh God.
  • Now I just remembered that I ate a bug.
  • - It tastes so gross. At first, I was really like,
  • oh, this isn't bad, but now it's literally
  • lingering in my throat. I can taste it as I breathe.
  • - Ew. I swear I saw it move.
  • You know, I've grown a lot on this channel.
  • I remember when we first did our People Vs Food,
  • I did a cricket episode and I didn't even want
  • to touch it. I'm touching it
  • and I'm gonna put it in my mouth.
  • - Exoskeleton. - It's super okay.
  • It's a wafer. Don't talk to me.
  • It's a wafer. It's a wafer.
  • - Pst, vertebrae. - Shut up.
  • - Okay, okay. It's a wafer!
  • - You're gonna eat this? - That tastes like things
  • you put in the bottom of a birdcage.
  • - Or like a bug.
  • - Oh, why-- you had--
  • I saw you make that sound on purpose.
  • Oh my God, that wasn't bad.
  • - See? Yeah, see?
  • - Swallowed it.
  • - Hakuna Matata. You know what to say.
  • - Oh my God, it tastes like Fruity Pebbles.
  • Ew, ew. I take it back.
  • This [bleep]'s [bleep] disgusting.
  • - Aw. - Bleh.
  • - You have to try three more, brother.
  • - I'm gonna throw up all over your [bleep] gray stuff.
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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food