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Love Mangos???

90% of what we grow is mangos! Right now we have about 80 varieties of mango growing on our farm. Their flavors range from traditional mango flavors to coconut and lemon and orange and peach. Yum!
But we don't just grow mangos. We also grow sugar apple, atemoya, custard apple, avocado, carambola, coconut, jaboticaba, jak fruit, lychee, longan, papaya, sapodilla, black sapote, and star apple. We've made lots of videos about fruit that we grow. There's even more information that we want to share! We hope to keep making videos until we have covered everything!

Truly Tropical is a small family farm in Delray Beach, Florida. The property has been a farm for about a hundred years, but has been devoted primarily to producing superior mangos since 1999. Each year we try to add the best new varieties of mangos available. We grow our fruit using environmentally-responsible, organic growing methods.

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