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Vulture Festival LA is hosting an event celebrating the ten year anniversary of True Blood with creator Alan Ball, this November.

True Blood – 10th Anniversary and Live Commentary With Alan Ball - Vulture Festival

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Not sure if we're over these True Blood moments yet.

The 10 Most Heartbreaking Moments From ’True Blood,’ Ranked

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From Bill’s first utterance of “Sookie” to Eric’s unforgettable memory loss and Russell’s revenge — these episodes are not-to-be-missed. #TrueBlood10thAnniversary

True Blood - 12 Essential True Blood Episodes

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Happy #TrueBlood10thAnniversary!

True Blood - True Blood's Scene-Stealing Supporting Characters

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True Blood posted on Sep 06, 2018

Ranking Eric Northman’s 9 Most Over The Top Moments On ’True Blood’

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As True Blood's 10th anniversary approaches, see what the cast looks like 10 years after the series premiere.

See the Cast of 'True Blood' 10 Years After the Series Premiere!

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Calling all Truebies: Alan Ball's new series Here and Now premieres tonight at 9PM on HBO.

Here and Now | HBO

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From the creator of True Blood and Six Feet Under, Alan Ball’s new show Here And Now comes to HBO February 2018.

Here and Now

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True Blood posted on Sep 26, 2017

Eric Northman Quotes For When You Need To Be A Little Bad

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True Blood posted on Aug 10, 2017

Power Ranking The 'True Blood' Relationships

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