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Before the Legacy, there was an Uprising...

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Them: What's the #1 thing you would love to see invented in the 2020s?

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Waiting for the holidays like...

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Tron posted on Nov 13, 2019

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The wait is over! Start streaming Disney+ today in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. Sign up NOW at DisneyPlus.com.

Disney+ | Start Streaming NOW

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[[Nostalgia Loading]] Step inside the original trailer for #TRON and start streaming the film November 12 on #DisneyPlus.

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New worlds await. In one week, discover them only on Disney+. #DisneyPlus

Coming in 1 Week | Disney+ | Start Streaming November 12

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Them: The perfect group Halloween costume doesn't exist.

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All of these and more, coming soon to Disney+. Pre-order now (US only) and start streaming November 12: [ Di.sn Link ]

Coming Soon | Disney+

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Homework mode: activated

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All these favorites, and more, are coming to Disney+. Start streaming on November 12 in the US.

Disney+ | Start Streaming November 12

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