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Trident’s long-lasting chew is here to motivate you through the day.

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All decisions here lead to good vibes
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Melissa Rader
Every day is a journey. What’re you up to today? #chewthrough
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Tina Thomas
Christian Emory
Work mood might be low, but it helps to #chewthrough it all
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Even though you might be studying at home, we’re here
to help you #chewthrough
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Inhale. Exhale. Chew Trident. Feel the good vibes ✨
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When midterms have you feeling all the feels, make a study plan and #chewthrough it

Ảnh từ bài viết của Trident

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Dating expectations might be low, but your confidence can still be high when you #chewthrough
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Tyler Jones
Taylor Stephens Wall
Elora Hale
Joshua Adams
@TPain: lyrical genius. Never phased. The #ChewThrough king we need.
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It’s the effort that counts. #ChewThrough the little things, Friday’s around the corner!
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Tara Morgan
Laurent Sergile
Jasper Sage
School, work, family, friends… balancing it all can be tough. Find time to squeeze in what you love, you won’t regret it!
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Tasha Murphy
Tio alex bombonier