TRICKS of the OLD MASTERS that are often forgotten! Useful tips to work!

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08:27   |   Jun 25, 2019


TRICKS of the OLD MASTERS that are often forgotten! Useful tips to work!
TRICKS of the OLD MASTERS that are often forgotten! Useful tips to work! thumb TRICKS of the OLD MASTERS that are often forgotten! Useful tips to work! thumb TRICKS of the OLD MASTERS that are often forgotten! Useful tips to work! thumb


These tips or tricks of the old masters I purchased when I built the house. The tips are really working, and some of them are really useful. In this video you will see how useful devices and my experience. All tips work and verified by the master, i.e. me, to make everyone can with their hands. This video has as handmade at home , and repair scissors for PP pipes. Some tips cunning of the masters was taken from the book Soviet times.
These big ideas were on the channel earlier and watch all the videos you can click on the links below

Repair scissors for PP pipes /watch?v=7bApFsS6Uh0
FIREPLACE /watch?v=Aw7rQBMpR5Q
Program for washed down the pipes at different angles https://vk.cc/9x1JmV
STAND for OVEN /watch?v=ngVfsaZas4s
Device FOR SHEET MATERIAL /watch?v=o8zLRqFcZLs
Completion of key /watch?v=HZbgELb4gr8

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pump for pumping oil through the dipstick http://ali.pub/36xnj1
step drills http://ali.pub/33p0an
Watch smart http://ali.pub/2eht3y
The bits of metal http://ali.pub/33p0hu
cartridge http://ali.pub/2ehtka
mount for gopro hero hero,xiaomi yi,SJCAM http://ali.pub/2ehu8s
Sony HDR blt-uhm1 as30v/as100v/AS15 http://ali.pub/2em9m2
SJCAM SJ6 Legend 4 To 24fps Ultra HD notavek 96660 http://ali.pub/2em9yp
Xiaomi XIAOFANG 1080P http://ali.pub/2ema9z
Digital LCD display non-contact IR infrared thermometer http://ali.pub/2emaor
Selfie stick Gopro Aluminum http://ali.pub/2emawq
Xonix sports watch http://ali.pub/2emb6u
Lenovo P8 (TAB3 8 Plus) http://ali.pub/2eo0hl
2nd HD HDD SSD to 2.5 enclosure, 12.7 mm SATA USB 3.0 adapter http://ali.pub/2kbdws
Benji K10 Mini Clip MP3 player http://ali.pub/2km6pa
mill wood http://ali.pub/2lox6r
a mainland Chinese national milling cutters on wood http://ali.pub/2lox9v
GOXAWEE engraver flexible shaft http://ali.pub/2loxdy
Desktop laser engraver machine WOLIKE 2000 MW http://ali.pub/2loxqe
glue gun http://ali.pub/2loxhg
Mini engraving machine CNC CNC3018 http://ali.pub/2loxlq
The file grinders http://ali.pub/2midpj

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