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Trevor’s Accents - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show
Trevor’s Accents - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show thumb Trevor’s Accents - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show thumb Trevor’s Accents - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show thumb


  • - How do I do the accents?
  • I'll be honest with you,
  • I never thought I was good at it or anything,
  • but I think it's 'cause I grew up like that.
  • I have a mixed family,
  • everyone in my family has a different accent, you know,
  • so my dad, my dad's family, my mom, my mom's family,
  • everyone has like a hybrid
  • 'cause everyone moved around a lot,
  • so whenever you go to a different house
  • it's just easier to speak to them
  • in their accent than to try,
  • no 'cause it was weird as well,
  • 'cause I went to a "private" school,
  • like myself and my cousins,
  • we were all lucky to go to, at the time they called
  • them "Model C" schools in South Africa.
  • So, it was like the first generation of
  • black and white kids at the same schools,
  • so we had different accents to our parents.
  • And then, your parents were happy to send you there.
  • That was the funny thing,
  • is like your parents would be like
  • "You must go to that school,
  • and you must learn to speak good English."
  • And then you go to the school and you'd learn the English
  • and then you'd come home and then like your parents,
  • you'd be sitting with them watching TV or something
  • and then your dad would be like "Put volume, put volume."
  • And you'd be like "Do you mean increase the volume?"
  • He'd be like "Hey! I'll increase or decrease your life
  • "don't act smart here, put volume!
  • "Don't come here with that English."
  • And it's like "yeah but that's what you told,"
  • so then it became easier to just speak the,
  • you know what I mean?
  • Speak in the accent of the people it changes,
  • like you might find you do the same thing.
  • Do you live in New York or do you live in Haiti?
  • - I live in Haiti.
  • - Oh, you live in Haiti, okay.
  • If you lived in New York, I've got friends from Haiti
  • who do this, like in New York
  • they sound like half-Haiti half-New York
  • and then when they go to Haiti,
  • I can't understand a word that they're saying.
  • If I FaceTime a friend of mine who's in Haiti,
  • when he's in New York he'll be like,
  • "Yeah man you know" and I hear a little bit of Haiti
  • and then when he's in Haiti and I'll FaceTime with him
  • I'll be like, "Yo, what's up Vince, how you doing?"
  • He'll be like,
  • (speaks gibberish)
  • And I'm like "What, what?"
  • Everyone, so I think that's where I got it from,
  • I just you know, yeah just having mixed people,
  • you just speak to them and the accent becomes easier,
  • otherwise, you know?
  • Like my grandmother, I'm not gonna repeat
  • the same thing six times,
  • I'm just gonna speak to my Gran in her accent,
  • and then she's just like "yeah."
  • And then my gran, I think that's why I'm actually
  • my grandmother's favorite grandchild,
  • because all the other grandkids
  • speak to her in the accents they learned at school,
  • and then with me, she's just like
  • "Oh Trevor, he's never forgotten his roots."
  • (audience laughs)
  • (upbeat music)

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Where Trevor’s accent skills came from and why he’s his grandmother’s favorite grandchild.

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