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I love editing funny clips in a way that i find funny. Like using gifs, sound effects, super slo-mo moments, time reverse, internal text and things like that as you know. I know some of you just wanna watch clips with no editings after one other but I DON'T 8-)

So if you wanna watch unedited, un-edited clips i'm sorry this is not your channel! I do those edit stuff and i enjoy to edit that way.

Got hilariously clips? Great just send 'em to trendinidasdana@gmail.com

Generally focused on drunk fails, extreme idiots of the internet and also idiots at work compilation type videos but if am in mood (but only am in mood) i publish some like a boss and instant regret or instant karma compilation videos as well.

I will be publishing funny drunk people compilation and also bad day at work compilation type videos with regular try not to laugh challenge AKA extreme idiots of the internet videos so stay tuned!