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It's Tangerine Raptors Encore.

The shot before the shot.

#WeTheNorth | #NBATogether

Raptors Encore: Round 2. Game 4.

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KLow v KLow

Deebo v Kawhi

We're down to the Final 4 Greatest Raps' Individual Reg Season Performances of All-Time as voted by you.

Raps Madness voting is now open to see who goes to the 'ship

[ Rpt.rs Link ]

Photos from Toronto Raptors's post

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A long overdue surprise FaceTime with the heroes at Toronto Public Health.

Serge Ibaka & the Toronto Raptors organization thank you and the countless others for your tireless work to keep our communities safe.

HBAY | E14

#NBATogether | #ActsOfCaring

HBAY | E14: overdue surprise FaceTime

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It's Tangerine Raptors Encore.

Round 2. Game 3.

Raptors Encore: Round 2. Game 3.

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When he's not analyzing the X's & O's you can find Raps assistant coach Patrick Mutombo in his studio applying paint to canvas.

Got any suggestions for his next painting? Drop them in the comments + your name and he may shout you out.

Coach Mutombo Doing Art.

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It's Tangerine Raptors Encore.

Round 2. Game 2.

It's Tangerine Raptors Encore: Round 2. Game 2.

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Hope you have a beautiful/nice/wonderful day.

How bored are you? | E13

#NBATogether | #WeTheNorth

How bored are you? | E13: Hope you have a beautiful/nice/wonderful day

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Now it gets real. 8 performances left & they're all top-class.

Elite Eight voting is now open for the Greatest Raps individual Reg Season Performances of All-Time.

Sean Woodley | The Madness continues: rpt.rs/EliteEight

Raps Madness: Elite Eight

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Grab the snacks & get comfy.

It's Tangerine Raptors Encore.

Tangerine Raptors Encore: RD2G1

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Top five, top five, top five Serge Ibaka shows.

Got any reco's for him?

How bored are you? | E12
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