Top 6 Creepiest Mickey Mouse Cartoons

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Aug 30, 2017


Top 6 Creepiest Mickey Mouse Cartoons
Top 6 Creepiest Mickey Mouse Cartoons thumb Top 6 Creepiest Mickey Mouse Cartoons thumb Top 6 Creepiest Mickey Mouse Cartoons thumb


  • It's time to check out one of my favorite characters: Mickey Mouse.
  • While Mickey tends to shy away from any horror analogies,
  • the old, old Mickey Mouse could dark,
  • really dark.
  • [Thunder Clashes]
  • While good old Mickey can warm our hearts, he also reserves the power to be surprisingly
  • sadistic and creepy.
  • So let's check out the Top 6 Creepiest Mickey Mouse Cartoons.
  • Basically if Mickey's crew is in it, it's allowed on this list.
  • Just a heads up that there's a little more dark themes in this list than usual,
  • but of course we'll still keep it good fun.
  • "Hey Pluto, relax!"
  • And obviously, creepypastas aren't included, we'll save that for another day.
  • Anyways, let's do this countdown!
  • Number 6!
  • Ghoul Friend from the new Mickey Mouse series.
  • Some of this imagery is surprisingly grisly for Modern-day Disney.
  • I know they'd still like to show a little dark imagery nowadays, but
  • Jebus!
  • The story is your standard horror setting except with Mickey in it.
  • Mickey's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere at midnight.
  • He looks out silently at the secluded dark forest, the tension is slowly built as Mickey sees a shadow,
  • but then realizes it was just a squirrel, only to have a black,
  • horrifying image appear before him!
  • "AAAHHH!"
  • And basically the rest of the episode is Mickey running for his life from this creepy gruel,
  • that may have once been Goofy!
  • (I don't know they never tell us).
  • Even the music for this one is slightly unsettling.
  • And the way the undead Graveyard Goofy sways as he moves is
  • surprisingly uncanny.
  • This one's early on in the list though because while it's creepy,
  • it's got a pretty harmless, kind of funny finish to it.
  • Spoiler Alert!
  • Undead Goofy helps Mickey gets his car started again,
  • that was nice of him.
  • And Mickey takes him along with him.
  • Yeah, why not?
  • Number 5!
  • Mickey's Garden.
  • I've never been a bug person at all,
  • and being the anxiety prone terrified six-year-old I once was,
  • Mickey's nightmarish garden stuck with me even to this day!
  • We begin the episode by Micky concocting the most acidic,
  • vile,
  • noxious poison he can manage;
  • in order to annihilate every bug in his garden.
  • But then, Mickey accidentally gasses himself with these poisoned fumes,
  • sending him into what I can only describe as a
  • psychotropic breakdown where bugs grow to massive proportions,
  • and Mickey is but a helpless pawn in their bizarre disturbing world.
  • So, let's look at some of the imagery here.
  • To start with, look away for a second if you're trypophobic.
  • EUGH!
  • Even the designs of these spiders and bugs is kind of creepy.
  • The way they all hold in on the noxious poison and begin inhaling it, making them drunk.
  • We watch Pluto continually tortured as he is isolated,
  • letting off surprisingly disturbing screams as he gasps for air in his suffocating
  • firebug stomach.
  • I remember a lot of imagery from this one about people being trapped,
  • isolated, and plenty of Pluto screeching in terror.
  • Mickey can just not get a break in this place!
  • Everywhere he turns,
  • he's faced with another vile bug monster threatening to consume him.
  • And it ends with Mickey desperately trying to strangle a giant snake to survive!
  • He wakes up eventually to discover it's a nightmare,
  • but I still felt very unsettled by the whole thing.
  • I am perhaps even more disturbed by bugs now because of this creepy Mickey cartoon I happen to see as a kid.
  • Frankly, if I ever see any of these little monsters in my backyard,
  • I'm giving them a solid three full cans of bug spray and stomping on them before I'm satisfied.
  • Number 4!
  • Runaway Brain.
  • In this cartoon, Mickey makes the ultimate mistake.
  • The Pandora's box of bond shops, he reads
  • the want ads.
  • AGH!
  • And one ad offers a thousand dollars for a mindless day's work.
  • Little does Mickey know when they say mindless,
  • it literally means his employer is going to strap into a chair and remove his brain.
  • "Talk about your ironclad contract."
  • Once Mickey enters a secluded laboratory
  • we get some surprisingly hellish imagery as we discover Mickey is going to have his brain
  • forcefully donated to Pete's body.
  • EELH!
  • Has anyone else heard this laugh somewhere before?
  • Oh, that's why. It is Kelsey Grammer. That's neat.
  • But anyway, at the time the surprisingly macabre nature of this Mickey Mouse cartoon,
  • caused a lot of controversy when it was released.
  • One of the Disney chairman complained that it was disturbing to watch Mickey becoming possessed,
  • though a lot of audiences argued he overcame being possessed really well, and agree with that.
  • Pete (with Mickey's voice): It's me, Mickey. Minnie: Mickey?
  • While witnessing Mickey turn into an empty shell of a monster
  • void of any compassion is surprisingly confronting.
  • It remains a fun, kind of creepy Mickey's jaw, that I always enjoy looking back on.
  • And the 3rd Creepiest Mickey Mouse cartoons is...
  • Deh Fuhrer's Face.
  • "Heil Hitler!" [x11]
  • I'm bending the rules a bit with this one cause it's not directly Mickey Mouse,
  • but Donald's part of Mickey's crews so I decided to add it on the list.
  • Watching Donald be kicked around a German concentration camp is pretty unsettling.
  • Since it's a propaganda film, all of the imagery is subtly designed to be slightly darker,
  • slightly more unappealing to represent Germany in an ugly light.
  • "Heil Hitler!"
  • And you can almost feel the strings being pulled on this one.
  • We're constantly hearing this echoing of a song about being worked to death for Hitler
  • as Donald is forced at knifepoint to create bombs for the evil men.
  • It's both funny to watch but simultaneously very unnerving
  • because of all the creepy undertones that play here.
  • Donald is forced at knifepoint to steadily work himself into
  • insanity, or else be executed.
  • There's something slightly off about everything in this cartoon:
  • the colors, the swastika shapes,
  • nothing is quite right.
  • As is tradition, Walt claims it to all be a dream at the end.
  • "Heil Hit-"
  • But this one always leaves a very unpleasant feeling in my gut.
  • And the 2nd Creepiest Mickey Mouse Cartoon is...
  • Pluto's Judgment Day.
  • Pluto was put on a fire to be burned alive!
  • Sure? Why not.
  • Western culture was considerably less secular in 1935,
  • so Disney felt the need to terrify kids into being good or else they would burn at the stake!
  • [cue Walt Disney Pictures logo] ♫Du-du-du-du-du♫
  • Chains slap down on him in an empty black room,
  • as he's put before a jury of cats.
  • Apparently, our lovable dog Pluto has mass murdered cats;
  • chasing them under steamrollers or leaving them mentally crippled with post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • "Meraow! Ahh!"
  • I just kind of figured Pluto chase cats
  • I didn't think he cause mass genocide to the cat population, but he's a dog.
  • As annoying as it might be, it's his nature to yap at cats without thinking;
  • or cars or other dogs or humans or anything for that matter.
  • But he is literally put over a fire with a screaming jeering crowd to be burned alive!
  • And we watch him suffer and scream in terrors as the flames lick higher and higher!
  • I'll have my Pluto extra crispy.
  • Pluto's Judgment Day is an interesting but
  • disturbing reminder of how incredibly lucky we are today to be beyond the days of
  • electroshock therapy and very one-sided court cases.
  • And if you think this one is bad, believe me it is about to get even worse...
  • And the Number 1 Creepiest Mickey Mouse cartoon is...
  • The MAD Doctor.
  • Back in the very first years of Disney before even Snow White,
  • Disney would do some dark stuff and this one was the darkest of all.
  • This does not feel like a Disney cartoon.
  • This is the first and last official Disney Creepypasta
  • created by Walt Disney himself.
  • How Disney could make this and consider it suitable for kids is beyond me.
  • Let's go back to when cartoons just began.
  • When Disney actually thought surgery, amputation, and creating chimeras was cute children's entertainment.
  • Something about all the footage in this one is very isolating.
  • Its entire atmosphere is just strangely black and hateful.
  • This doesn't even look like a spooky castle, it goes beyond that.
  • It literally looks like Mickey has descended into Hell,
  • constantly being tormented by Beelzebub's minions.
  • And it gets better,
  • it actually gets better.
  • The MAD Doctor keeps tortured animals captive
  • and plans to do live surgery on Pluto in order to turn him into a chicken chimera.
  • Jebus, Walt!
  • This means that Walt has not only discussed live surgery with his child audience, but has literally pulled out
  • chimeras, one of the ultimate scientific taboos.
  • He is literally explaining the procedure of surgery to children with a big blood splattered soul!
  • I'm sorry, I've just got to use this again...
  • [cue Walt Disney Pictures logo] ♫Du-du-du-du-du♫
  • [cue Walt Disney Pictures logo] ♫Du-du-du-du-du♫
  • What was the wonderful world of Disney thinking?
  • And all throughout that we can continually hear Pluto's wailing in horror
  • as Mickey desperately tries to save him from live surgery by a psychopathic doctor!
  • If modern Disney gives Frozen a PG,
  • how the crapcicles would this get a G?
  • Great, and we finish off with Mickey being strapped to the surgery table for his own live surgery.
  • And now, we begin to see the doctor sawing him in two
  • with a giant rusty chainsaw!?
  • [Record Scratches]
  • [The MAD Doctor Laughs Evilly]
  • [cue Walt Disney Pictures logo] ♫Du-du-du-du-du♫
  • There's just NO topping this footage.
  • I don't know if I can ever see Disney in the same light again after seeing
  • this footage!
  • Oh, but it turns out in the last six seconds of the film that it was all just a nightmare.
  • "WHA!"
  • Well that just makes everything better, doesn't it.
  • I'm not at all scarred, nope.
  • 1933's The MAD Doctor is the true representation of Mickey being sent to Hell.
  • And while it's very interesting, it is by far the Creepiest Mickey Mouse Cartoon I've ever seen!
  • But honestly, these are still powerful pieces of animation that remain revolutionary vintages in Disney history.
  • And most importantly, regardless of how cringy their teen sitcoms might get,
  • I appreciate that all of Disney's shows look not at the nihilistic empty side of life
  • but focus on brightening the perspective of all their viewers in a balanced and realistic way.
  • And I hope Disney can keep showing both kids and adults the graceful beautiful perspectives
  • of who and what we are through their cartoons and movies.
  • Do you think I missed a particularly creepy Mickey Mouse cartoon?
  • If you can think of one I missed, feel free to leave it in the comments.
  • As before, a big thanks go out to my Patrons who helped make it possible for me to keep making these videos,
  • as well as hidden videos and early releases.
  • I started doing commentaries and all my top list to try and give the patrons something else to say thank you.
  • So if you'd like to check some of those out, or just like to help support the channel,
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  • And as always,
  • thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time!

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