Top 10 Things That Keep Me Awake at Night

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Top 10 Things That Keep Me Awake at Night
Top 10 Things That Keep Me Awake at Night thumb Top 10 Things That Keep Me Awake at Night thumb Top 10 Things That Keep Me Awake at Night thumb


  • Hey, if you're watching this and it's late at night, and you have school tomorrow,
  • I'm sorry.
  • Top 10 things that keep me awake at night
  • Number 10:
  • Eating all those sugary snacks before my bedtime.
  • My bloodsugar goes through the roof.
  • Sorry, I just can't help myself
  • I love a good cookie dipped in hot chocolate.
  • Number 9:
  • Death and Existentialism
  • Just the thought that,
  • one day, me and everyone I love
  • will die
  • And that in just 500 years, no one is going to remember me.
  • So, what's the point of doing anything?
  • In the grand scheme of the universe,
  • do I even matter?
  • Unless the internet is still around by then.
  • Thumbs up if you're watching this in the year 2516.
  • And also,
  • Don't forget me.
  • Number 8:
  • My dogs (laughing)
  • My dogs just love to sleep on my bed every night.
  • You see, I sleep on a "Twin" Size bed,
  • which is a stupid name for a bed that can fit one person.
  • And I'm actually a twin, so I'm allowed to sleep on those.
  • So I'm not on the "Below Average height" on the height spectrum,
  • So I cover about 110% of the bed,
  • And if me and my dogs are both cognitive enough to plan something out, maybe
  • we would be able to set up a system. I mean they are pretty small dogs
  • I did the math, and they should be able to fit.
  • But my dogs have found that the most comfortable part of the bed
  • is right dead center in the middle.
  • So I just got to "fanaggle" my way into a comfortable position
  • and if the dog leans up against you or sits on your leg, then you are obligated by dog law
  • Not to move. Because you might disturb the dog.
  • And, you love them too much to do that
  • and my bed is right next to a window
  • so i sometimes open the blinds so they can
  • look outside
  • and so they're both right next to my face
  • but then in the morning if there's another person
  • or god forbid another dog outside
  • then
  • Jeez that was a long one
  • I just like talking about dogs
  • Number 7:
  • There are as many creatures on your body
  • as there are people on earth
  • And you don't want to even know
  • how many are living on your bed right now
  • now is this true i don't know
  • I just saw it on one of those fun fact websites
  • not to fun of a fact I think
  • and not knowing whether of not it's true is even scarier
  • that means there are probably micro organisms dying on you
  • every second
  • at least 12 of them have died on you since you started watching this video
  • but chances are that some of them are probably
  • doing it on your knee caps
  • on your eyelashes
  • microorganism more like microorgas-
  • and theres two ways you can look at this
  • one being that there's so many tiny creatures living on me
  • no matter how hard I scrub I'll never be clean
  • or you're never alone
  • every night when you hop into that empty bed of yours
  • you're sleeping with billions of microorganisms
  • you slut
  • Number 6:
  • They never caught the zodiac killer
  • I know he was around in the 70's
  • but if he was in his 20's
  • in the 70's
  • that means his only in his late 60's early 70's
  • right now
  • he can still be out there!
  • Who knows what he could be doing
  • maybe even failing at running for president
  • Ugh
  • And also according to some conspiracy theorists
  • They never caught John Wilkes Booth
  • Maybe Booth wants to get revenge
  • Maybe he's had enough and now
  • NUMBER 5!
  • Fractals! What are those, you ask?
  • Imagine you're a farmer and you have infinity fence posts to build a closed pen for your animals
  • and you have to use all the fence posts.
  • And you think 'Well, first off that's physically impossible
  • If I have infinity fence posts,
  • then I can't USE all of them, because
  • I'll always have more."
  • This is a fractal, children.
  • It's a closed shape with infinite perimeter.
  • What? What? Infinite perimeter?
  • But I can see it. I can measure it
  • Haha no shut up. You're not looking close enough
  • Lets zoom in. Basically you can zoom up on this pattern forever. That's just what a fractal is.
  • So since no matter how much you zoom in up on this shape. It will always repeat itself
  • The perimeter of this shape or the fences you use to make it is infinite
  • It's a closed shape with an infinite perimeter.
  • is the area of this shape infinite too? I don't know, ask Vsauce
  • Number 4: Barcode scanners scan the white spaces in the bar code, not the black spaces
  • Number 3: Looking on my phone for hours before I go to bed
  • How many times over skype do you tell your friends "Alright, I'm going to bed now"
  • And then you go to your bed and you pull out your phone
  • and mess around with it for an hour.
  • and I've heard some studies saying
  • "Oh looking at computer screens all day makes it harder for you sleep"
  • Which is probably true.
  • Why do I go on my phone every night?
  • and the sad thing is I usually stop looking at my phone
  • Because my battery is going to die.
  • I have a problem.
  • Number 2:
  • The universe is HUGE!
  • WOAH do you realize how big space is?
  • Man we are just a spec in the grand scheme of things
  • This is kind of getting back to my point
  • That nothing really matters
  • Did you know that scientists have found a black hole
  • That's 12 billion times larger than the sun
  • That black hole is 18 hundred light years long
  • You know you probably could have lived your whole lives
  • Without knowing that... I'm sorry
  • Before we get to number 1, Here are some honorable mentions
  • AND the number 1 thing that keeps me awake at night is
  • YouTube is not a stable job.
  • Because of how long it takes me to make a video
  • I can't really give my opinion on YouTube Drama
  • Heck I'm still working on my fine bros rant
  • So a lot of you probably know YouTube took away some creators monetization on videos
  • For not being advertiser friendly
  • and they weren't even telling them about it
  • Now I'm a pretty innocent PG Rated Channel
  • So I didn't really get affected by this new change at all
  • But Dang it!
  • If This shows us anything is that Youtube does not care too much
  • At whats making their website profitable
  • Whats stoping Youtube from saying:
  • "Hey we are going to take 90% of your ad revenue and all your titles have to say Youtube is Great in them"
  • And Yeah, if Youtube makes bad bussiness decisions they'll go out of bussiness
  • but so will i.
  • so that, that keeps me awake at night
  • So in the last video i said i was gonna read a certain comic because someone said it was racist
  • and i remember looking at the footage frame by frame when i was editing
  • To see if you could actually read it
  • And i thought it was actually good enough that you couldn't read it
  • but one guy took a screenshot
  • and then enhanced the image and then redrew it
  • now none of his comments got that many likes so i doubt any of you saw it
  • but i still saw it dude!
  • So here's the racist comic from the last video
  • I made it around Michael Jackson's death
  • So someone asks
  • "Will Michael Jackson be Black or White in Heaven?"
  • And heres the "Racy" part
  • So he says "He'll be white because everyone's PERFECT in Heaven!"
  • And that's the Joke
  • are you happy?
  • Also i wanted to announce that i'm selling T-SHIRTS!
  • Except i'm not because I'm having some trouble with the Website
  • And i didn't wanna wait to upload This video just because the shirts were taking a long time
  • I wanna make sure everything's working
  • before i start selling them
  • but definately keep the lookout for those.
  • I'm Thinking this week
  • Sorry, They're not ready yet
  • Maybe it's not working because you didn't wear your seatbelt

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