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Oh my dear boy! Keep up with your music, but more importantly, your passion. They seem to be intertwined. I just heard “Another Love” tonight, AGAIN. Surely you felt that. It can’t happen every day, or year. But, It will happen, again, though, can’t wait.
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Moni Greilberger
I've just listened to the series "Around the piano" I was totally blown away what a fantastic series on Radio 2 especially the Billy Joel episodes ,thankyou so much .
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Absolutely loved Tom’s interview with Billy Joel. Can’t wait for second instalment. A great listen!
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I absolutely love you
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Hope you're fine and relaxed after your Jubilee Road Tour round the world?! Still love to listen to your Songs - fantastic piano playing and wonderful lyrics Looking forward to your next musical Ideas, chords and Rhythm Good times ahead Take care, Tom & Merry Christmas!
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Happy Birthday Tom
Wey love you ❤
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Tom Odell posted on Oct 04, 2019

Streets of London

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Monika Maria Olszak
Colette Mary
Karen Cochrane
Brian Hopkins
Paulina Hernández