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Because what the world needs right now is this video of a firefighter coming home to his rescue kitten, after another long night on the front lines. <3

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#TheBestOfHumanity #compassion #catsofinstagram #realmenlovecats #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #adoptdontshop Auracuda
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This ridiculously adorable feral kitten is Mercy. Mercy was slated for euthanasia at a local shelter, simply because it is standard policy for most shelters to euthanize injured ferals.

Instead, Mercy is headed toward a full recovery, full socialization, and is going to LOVE having a human family of her own one day. She has a happy, healthy life ahead of her.

Five-month-old Mercy came...
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I mean, who doesn't get THIS EXCITED about breakfast??

Make sure you turn your sound on.... :D

If self-isolating and not getting yelled at before every meal is getting boring, try bringing home a pair of our extra-enthusiastic rescue kittens! They also purr, snuggle and engage in hilarious kitteny hijinks.

Apply meow: TinyKittens.com/adopt

Get to know them on our livestream at...
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Even on lockdown, there's never a dull moment at TinyKittens HQ!

Late last night, the kittens thought it would be HILARIOUS to see if they could turn the house into a swimming pool. Fortunately, our wondrous mods were able to sound the alarm before it got too bad...

So, if you're bored whilst isolating, here's scampy Nyla leading the kittens on a Big, Soggy Adventure. :D

Tune in for...

The Great Tiny Flood of 2020

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Gorgeous Holiday is the new coworker you've been waiting for! <3

She purrs, makes biscuits, flops and all she wants is to steal your heart forever! And did we mention the PURRS??? Turn your sound on and just imagine the 24/7 #KittenTherapy you could be having right meow!

Apply meow: TinyKittens.com/adopt
Fall in love with her on our rescue livestream: TinyKittens.com/live

We are located in...
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Scampy little Mercy and her pregnant roommate Grace are doing great! Mercy is still quite nervous around humans, but we are totally smitten with her insta-purr and how much she LOVES Grace.

Mercy ended up at Tinykittens because in a shelter she would have been put on a mandated three-day hold and then euthanized, simply because she was feral and injured.

Instead, she's with us, all fixed up...
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We knew the kittens would be missing their snuggler visits, so we made them a SuzanneBot.

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Yesterday, Mercy got a very special roommate, and they are now LIVE on our VIP cam as a special "thank mew" to our wonderful VIP members. <3

Mercy ended up at Tinykittens because in a shelter she would have been put on a mandated three-day hold and then euthanized, simply because she was feral and injured.

Instead, she's with us, all fixed up and starting to heal! Along the way, we've...

Mercy at the Milkbar!

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Meet the newest member of our team... the #SuzanneBot!

We've sent our snugglers home in order to encourage social distancing and ensure they stay safe. In the meantime, we decided to make virtual snuggles a thing, and created... the #SuzanneBot.

We were too excited to wait until Suzanne was camera-ready, so she made us look at her ceiling most of the time for our trial run.


Introducing... the #SuzanneBot

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Live visit with Mercy, our little feral kitty being treated for a broken jaw. ❤
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