Times I Plagiarized

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Times I Plagiarized
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  • I almost lost a thousand-dollar scholarship because of plagiarism.
  • Let's talk about that.
  • [Ripoff Good Mythical Morning Intro]
  • Plagiarism.
  • Adverb.
  • The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.
  • [closes book]
  • Just the word plagiarism sounds like a crime.
  • Racism,
  • sexism,
  • and plagiarism.
  • I'm not here to talk about people who repost my comics, JPEG'd, cut my name off, and have the audacity to
  • put their own watermark on, nah nah nah NAH, not that kind of plagiarism.
  • I'm gonna tell you about all the times that I plagiarized, in school.
  • And, OK, just off topic, I wanna address something publicly.
  • I don't go looking through other people's comics and go:
  • "Oh, this comic's funny! I'm gonna redraw it and pass it off as my own!"
  • No, I'm not about that life.
  • But some of my comics have been very similar to other people's comics.
  • I read a lot of comics, so it's possible I saw them and then repressed them in my memory
  • and drew them again,
  • or it's possible that it's all a coincidence and me and someone else just came up with the same idea,
  • it happens all the time with other cartoonists, not just me.
  • Again, I don't purposely take comic ideas and try and pass them off as my own.
  • Whenever people point out that my comic is a lot like someone else's, I get really sad.
  • So you guys should check out these other cartoonists, they're really good.
  • Anyway, I just wanted to say that at the beginning of the video, because
  • I'm gonna be telling you about times that I actually DID plagiarize.
  • But that was just in school, OK?
  • I keep plagiarism off the Internet.
  • Isn't that right, Matthew?
  • I cheated a bit in school.
  • An occasional glance at my partner's desk,
  • maybe jot down that important equation on my hand, nothing TOO big.
  • I had a Math Class where we went to Lunch in the middle of the class,
  • and whenever we had tests, the teacher wouldn't split the test into two parts.
  • Dff--
  • Do you expect us NOT to exchange notes?
  • The first time that I got caught cheating was in 9th grade.
  • And if you stalk me and watch my old videos, you know that I went to a preparatory school
  • my freshman year.
  • And in preparatory school, the amount of work they gave you as kids was just STUPID!
  • So cut me some slack.
  • In one class, we had to write an essay about something historical? or something?
  • And I chose to write about the Berlin Wall.
  • Specifically about people who escaped ACROSS the Berlin Wall.
  • Now I chose this topic because... I don't know if you know this,
  • but there's a National Geographic documentary about this exact topic.
  • So I didn't copy and paste anything into my essay, per say.
  • It's just I told the exact same stories in the exact same order as the documentary,
  • and, OK, I might wrote some things down word for word.
  • But at least I didn't plagiarize it from Wikipedia, OK?
  • So I didn't copy and paste anything...
  • ...until I had to write the conclusion of the essay.
  • And I found this article talking about it, and the article said some things that would've been PERFECT in
  • my essays, sooooooooooo.....
  • Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V.
  • I turned it in, I didn't think too much of it,
  • but then when I got it BACK, the conclusion paragraph had been highlighted,
  • and a "see me" was written next to it.
  • So I had gotten in trouble for plagiarizing the conclusion.
  • Just the conclusion...
  • Nothing. Else.
  • To be honest, I'd kinda forgotten that I copied and pasted the conclusion.
  • I thought he knew that I basically turned in the script of a documentary.
  • The teacher who we'll call "Mr. Batman"
  • (it makes sense if you knew him)
  • He took me outside of the classroom, he told me that it was bad that I plagiarized,
  • and he called my parents, that freaking snitch.
  • My parents got mad at me too.
  • He gave me a chance to rewrite the essay, and I remember just being so traumatised
  • and stressed out that night.
  • I kept thinking: "What if he finds the documentary and sees that I practically plagiarized the whole essay?"
  • I ended up rewriting not only the conclusion, but the whole freaking essay.
  • I turned in the new essay, and I don't think he ever found out that I copied the whole thing.
  • Except, I did just admit it. And he watches my videos.
  • Seriously, in April he emailed me and asked if I was the same James that was in his class.
  • He's the only teacher to ever reach out to me.
  • And even after all those years, I still didn't tell him that I plagiarized the whole thing.
  • So...
  • ...hi Mr. Batman.
  • Uhh, you can't change my grade now, can you?
  • But that was a good experience for me to have.
  • It taught me a valuable lesson.
  • Because I didn't plagiarize a single essay for the rest of High School.
  • But then Community College rolled around.
  • I did Community College for a bit, because I couldn't afford university on a Subway payroll.
  • I took honors and A.P. classes in High School, I was a relatively good student.
  • Except I didn't take any of the A.P. tests.
  • So when I went to Community College, I had to take classes that were a step BELOW the classes I took
  • in High School.
  • What a GREAT way to spend my time!
  • Senior Year of English, we were writing essays and analyzing poetry.
  • Freshman Year of College, we were writing movie reviews.
  • And the teacher didn't even like me, she thought I was a slacker because I was never paying attention.
  • I didn't take Community College seriously, but it was so easy, I was still getting amazing grades.
  • On the third semester of Community College, I took a Public Speaking class.
  • Now I might be an introvert,
  • but I don't have a problem with Public Speaking.
  • That's part of my job now!
  • I took the class because I thought it would be an easy A,
  • and I needed a communications credit for my major,
  • I wanted to be a Math teacher, and you may not have noticed, but they publicly speak ALL the time.
  • So I take the class, I'm like the best person in the class, right.
  • And for the final we had to give a persuasive speech in front of everyone.
  • Oh, and by the way, I didn't learn like, ANY tricks to help with Public Speaking.
  • The whole class was literally just us giving speeches to each other over and over.
  • So three semesters of doing easy classes and wasting my time, my apathy meters were just
  • off the charts.
  • I didn't wanna work too hard, so I chose to do my speech on why we should get rid of the penny.
  • And, I don't know if you know this, but there's this YouTube video made by CGP Grey, that makes great
  • arguments on why we Americans should get rid of the penny.
  • AGAIN, I didn't copy and paste anything per say,
  • it's just the speech I gave had the exact same arguments in the exact same order as CGP Grey.
  • OK, it was pretty much a one for one recreation of his whole video.
  • I'm sorry!
  • I thought we were getting graded on Public Speaking, not writing original speeches!
  • The teacher caught me, I guess she's a fan of CGP Grey.
  • And gave me a 0 on the final.
  • So I ended up getting a D in the class!
  • And that was the worst grade I got in Community College.
  • Part of me was like:
  • Pfft!
  • What-what-whatever.
  • [sniff]
  • I don't- I don't care...
  • This next semester though, I wanted to go to a REAL college.
  • And still trying to be economical, I found that it was actually cheaper for me to an out of state school,
  • than to go in state.
  • At this school, they gave scholarships to out of state students who had high enough GPAs and enough credits.
  • It would've saved me THOUSANDS of dollars.
  • And I had family living in this state, so that was another reason why I wanted to go to
  • that school.
  • But here's the thing.
  • Even with that D, I still had a high enough GPA to get the scholarship,
  • but since I failed, it didn't count as a credit.
  • So I ended up being ONE credit short for what was required.
  • My options were either:
  • Stay home and do a 1 credit semester of Community College,
  • or beg the university to give me my scholarship anyway.
  • During Christmas, my family visited the state the school was in.
  • So me and my dad got the chance to go to the school, and basically talk our way into getting the scholarship.
  • We talked to five different people, now THAT'S Public Speaking.
  • I had to use my persuasive talking skills that I would've learned!
  • And all of them were telling us:
  • "There's nothing we can do."
  • But we were talking to one lady, she was telling us the same thing about not being able to do anything.
  • She looked at my transcript.
  • She said: "Oh, you failed Public Speaking."
  • She looked at it for a bit,
  • she'd type something on her computer,
  • she printed out a piece of paper and handed it to me saying:
  • "It's OK, I'm not good at Public Speaking either."
  • SHI--
  • She thought I failed 'cause I was insecure or something, and not 'cause I did something WRONG.
  • Oh, uhh...
  • ...yeah! I'm just terrible at speaking to the public...
  • So really, there WAS something you could do.
  • I got the scholarship, because a lady wearing eye shadow took pity on me.
  • But I only ended up staying a semester and a half at that school, because my YouTube kicked off.
  • And now I'm doing that full-time.
  • But I'm still thankful I got the scholarship!
  • I hope my Public Speaking teacher could see where I am now.
  • I speak in front of MILLIONS of people for my JOB.
  • I mean, I can't see them, and I'm just reading everything off a script, in my closet.
  • And I didn't get punished for plagiarism!
  • I didn't learn my lesson.
  • And I didn't learn anything in your class.
  • CGP Grey, if you're watching, I just wanted to say, I'm sorry
  • I plagiarized your essay.
  • But, it almost cost me thousands of dollars.
  • But it didn't so...
  • Remember kids, don't plagiarize.
  • It could cost ya.
  • It didn't cost me anything though.
  • Okay, so there's been some updates to the store.
  • It looks different, we got some new products,
  • and for Black Friday, some things are gonna be on sale this week.
  • Shipping to America is now gonna be cheaper, because it's not international priced.
  • And it's been confirmed that we will be able to ship the plushies before Christmas.
  • Even if you order one right now, and if everything goes according to plan,
  • then they should ship and arrive before Christmas.
  • But I mean, like, you have to order them soon, you know what I'm saying? You can't just order 'em on Christmas Eve.
  • Check out the store, link in the description.
  • Thanks for watching, I hope my voice doesn't sound too tired. It's 3 in the morning.
  • Let's just get this over with, don't plagiarize, and
  • wear your seatbelt.

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Don't worry, I don't plagiarize stuff I put on the internet, okay? I've only ever plagiarize homework assignments, ok I have morals. Remember, don't plagiarize...but if you do, don't forget to cнange тнe ғonт and тнe тeхт ѕιze so it doesn't look like you copied a website.


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