Tie Dye Backpack Challenge!

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Tie Dye Backpack Challenge!
Tie Dye Backpack Challenge! thumb Tie Dye Backpack Challenge! thumb Tie Dye Backpack Challenge! thumb


  • hey guys this is karina and ronald
  • and where from sis vs bro
  • and today where going to be tie dying
  • drum roll please
  • backpacks!
  • for back to school
  • noo
  • Im soo excited
  • we are no back to school
  • I mean I just went at a school, No, I'm not going back
  • but when we go back to school wheel have this!
  • Im super excited
  • these will turn out awesome
  • ill have them in my trassh can
  • and to make our backpacks even better we can iron on letters to spell out our name
  • Because my titanium backpack is already hard enough. Okay. We don't need an extra challenge
  • I want to use this backpack for school and I don't want to look super ugly
  • So what colors I want pink purple only these are my eyes - not away
  • - nice idea
  • Okay, you can take orange this color and then red or yellow or green
  • I think you should well you are having two blues. So no more glue on no my green
  • Perfect no, hey Ronnie colors. You want thing you already got orange aqua and what I've got you on deck I
  • Don't know. I will show some more choices
  • Seriously needs Brown cuz I know that's a peach
  • Yeah, sure, yeah
  • I'm gonna do this. We're ready to sign
  • So I got how do we use blue purple and pink and not what color is he gonna use?
  • I don't know if this is red or a peachy color. No, that's alright. That's orange
  • This is aqua or teal. And this is peach. Mm. Uh-huh
  • So we're ready to do this
  • Let's tie this up I'm gonna attempt to do the swirly design on a backpack. I don't know if it's gonna run down
  • I'm gonna try it. I'm gonna simply strike because you're a boy like simple
  • Okay, so making progress this is just oh, okay
  • Yes
  • Okay, I don't know how big I want the election to be
  • Yeah, okay go down more because that's too small definitely
  • Work around like towards the middle I
  • Think I did it
  • Bert's elastic band was clean second. Lots of bad ones. I don't know if we described it yet cuz it doesn't even go in
  • As you can see
  • Wait, okay. Wait. Yes. Yours yours. I'm only doing
  • three sections one
  • two
  • three
  • Then I can let me GT chew it last batch of you. Yeah, I'm doing four
  • Okay. Now I'm doing three because I don't want to do a decision of colors
  • So this is my last
  • Need to get all the way down
  • Okay, so I'm done I just need that right
  • All right. I'm still putting the lots of beds on I don't know what color should go in the middle
  • What color stands out the most I'm thinking you should do here orange. Juice. Orange. Is your favorite color?
  • Okay guys, so we are done
  • Oh ma
  • So I'm just gonna start off with the orange in the middle I'm gonna start off focus on it because that's Merson
  • Hey, how do you get on the left side? I'm gonna start my pinky and on we also got love
  • Now I'm gonna use my pink quick go in yes, okay
  • Okay, Pete, right. This has to be all
  • Right, so I'm just gonna put my pink in first
  • Yeah, that's nice okay almost on the peach it does not look like peach at all it might do when it's all dried
  • Okay
  • This but needs some stuff I think mines gonna turn out pretty nice
  • What's next I forgot which colors are mine and which are not that's mine and this
  • So the next color is gonna be my aqua or teal on this side. No
  • Okay
  • Orange oh, I just noticed this it's all white. So I'm just gonna like clean it up a little bit
  • I just forgot what color this is that I don't want on my pants Oh
  • Roxy oh my gosh. What a mess. I need to clean this up ripple paper
  • It's coming in I think the table over destroyed after the best Oh
  • Totally so guys this is how mine looks so far
  • I got the pink here and here and I got the purple here
  • And after I finish here, I'm gonna put the purple here and then you're gonna be the ring
  • While you're still cleaning up now, actually, I just finished
  • Ah, so guys now moving on to the third and final one, but not least. Don't worry
  • Yeah, that's going
  • Be barely any orange on you. I try to make you it in the middle. So it will be the most but that's not true
  • You're going right in wall right in there. How do you feel
  • Oh
  • Wow there goes the orange they're gonna do the bottom. So I'll guess I'll just flip it I
  • Need to get every little nook and cranny
  • Oh my gosh again nest I'm not leaving this up
  • Once we're out it's game over almost sir
  • We need this way No
  • So
  • I
  • Hope I covered everything spot because we're not counting these little guys. I think I'm nearly done with the purple and then I'm live
  • Okay, now let's clean this up
  • Okay
  • making progress
  • This table is saved by tooth man, Ronald and J. The guys coming to fill up before you eat a final results
  • Who do you think you've got away? I think Ron's is awesome. I would
  • If you think I'm gonna win calming them below
  • Ronald is awesome. No
  • Karina is awesome. Plus I have tie-dye on my face. It's a bonus so I should definitely win
  • so comment down below hashtag Ronald is
  • Awesome, if you think I'm gonna win already
  • Okay, so I'm doing the final
  • Dashing through the snow in a one-horse open today
  • Three
  • hours
  • Later, what are you playing to finish this one? See just gonna take a long time. I don't tell
  • Daddy
  • daddy, daddy
  • Better that. I do what I do. All right. I'm nearly done Ronald. All right nothin about that. Yes
  • okay, guys, I think I am finished now and
  • We're gonna do it
  • Got elastic bands, so guys, are you ready for this? This is about to go down
  • No, but I want all right, I
  • Packed up all the waifus same
  • It's all white in the end
  • This is the Friday only looks like green and orange, but that's fine
  • This is my back
  • I Never turn down
  • But has loads of white swatch than I have expected and it doesn't look like a squirrel which makes me sad by I think it
  • Looks pretty good like this. Nice. Well, what's good?
  • So yeah, this is how the back looks it has more color than the front but I feel it's pretty cool
  • This is my backpack on the back. It looks
  • Decent so guys this is the close-up on my backpack
  • And remember I put a lot of pink in there and I am ain't seeing a lot of pink
  • But if you think my bag is to run a comment below
  • Hashtag pretty but these warping so guys. This is a close-up of my backpack
  • I don't like how the green just took over two other two colors
  • So it's just green and orange and on the back the green completely took over like a savage
  • If you think my one comment down below hashtag drink took over
  • The
  • project
  • Yes, if you haven't seen the price to my dad, you should go check it out hours a lot of
  • Mmm, comment down below if you want to do some more tie-dye projects because we got a lot ideas up their sleeves
  • But you don't have very many kick, but it's not very long. Yeah
  • We have a like this video

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We are back with another Tie Dye Challenge!!! This time we are doing our backpacks that we want to use for school! Comment down below who did a better tie dye! Karina or Ronald?

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