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Welcome to the Tic Tac® official fan page! This page is dedicated to all who live a fresh moment of pleasure every day, in the spirit of fun with the most popular mint in the world! http://www.tictac.com/

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Running is not for you? Find fresh alternative to running.
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Take Tic Tac for a walk and enjoy fresh air
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Bring some freshness to your balcony
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It’s so refereshing, when you can listen your favourite music in your park again.
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There’s always a #fresh way to celebrate!
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Stay at home with our refreshing playlists! Check our Spotify profile ​⬇
[ Tak.to Link ]

Stay at home with our refreshing playlists!

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…and the rest will follow! ;)
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A breath of freshness is coming! We have created special playlists to keep you refreshed while staying at home. Check it out! ➡ [ Tak.to Link ]

​​A breath of freshness is coming!

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Now we should care for each other more than ever. We are all in this together <3 #sharethelove
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