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Launched in Australia in 1976, TIC TAC is manufactured in Lithgow, NSW and is currently available across Australia in 5 fantastic flavours.

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Dear Tic Tac followers, despite the coronavirus outbreak, we plan to keep our content fresh, lighthearted and funny. We will promote staying at home stronger than ever. We want to put smiles on your faces and give you the best hints on what to do staying at home. We send ❤ to all of You - Tic Tac brand team
#tictac #tictacglobal #stayathome #tictacathome #home #behomenow #homenow #actnow...
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Tic Tac posted on Mar 26, 2020

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Last call for Tic Tac lovers! Try new Tic Tac Coca-Cola® edition before it’s gone #TasteItNow

Try new Tic Tac Coca-Cola® edition

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Here it is for the first time - new Tic Tac made with Coca-Cola® #TasteItNow!

NEW Tic Tac made with Coca-Cola®

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Tic Tac posted on Dec 02, 2019

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Summer means sunshine and strawberries! Grab your pack of new Tic Tac Strawberry in store now!

Tic Tac Strawberry

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Matthew Chadwick
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Tic Tac Gum. How many you chew is up to you! Available in Four Fresh Flavours.

Tic Tac Gum - The Fresh New Gum

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Put that fresh confidence back into your stride with the new Tic Tac Gum! Try out a free sample just a few steps past the finish line at the SMH Half Marathon Event Village.

Freshen up at the finish line

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Leanne Brown
Get your free Tic Tac Gum sample tomorrow at the Star Wars NEON Run! #freshconfidence


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The white walkers are coming. Who do you think will emerge victorious to sit on the Gum of Thrones? ❄ ⚔ #GameofThrones #TicTacGum #Season8
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