New album, Human Target, out July 26, 2019 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment (ROW) and Human Warfare (Australia / New Zealand). Order at http://www.thyartismurder.net

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We’re going to be brutally honest here, like many of our peers, we have been absolutely destroyed by the devastating effects of the Covid-19 spread and the financial burden it has placed on us is quite immeasurable.

With start-up costs associated with the lost North American tour in the tens of thousands, and no way to recoup them, we are at a loss for how to recover. Not ones to ask for...
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Throw back to Bloodstock Festival, a time where viruses were at the back of our minds and folks were allowed to form circle pits of over 500 people.

Stay safe out there y’all!

THY ART IS MURDER - Slaves Beyond Death - Bloodstock 2019

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North America:

We are very saddened to bring the news to you today that this leg of the Human Target tour is cancelled, effective immediately.

We will keep you up to speed with future plans as more information becomes available, but given the sudden circumstances it may be some time before we can begin to make a financial recovery and commit to extensive touring options.

All of your...
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Thy Art Is Murder
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The North American Human Target tour begins!

[ Taim.lnk.to Link ]

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Thy Art Is Murder posted on Mar 09, 2020

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The Australian leg of the Human Target tour is ON SALE NOW!

[ Taim.lnk.to Link ]

Featuring our friends in Dying Fetus, Fit For An Autopsy, Enterprise Earth and Aversions Crown these dates are certain to sell out.

Brisbane is selling fast and Melbourne tickets are already 50% gone. See you all soon for our biggest Australian headline tour to date

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