Hello dear visitor!
This channel contains some of my work,
i have a degree as a woodworker since 2009, And i hope you will enjoy my videos!

Besides sharing knowledge, one of my goals i hope to achieve by making video's is bringing also a calming experience.
I find it very hard to rush while editing a video, probably because i'm having trouble absorbing to much information myself.
If someone finds the video's relaxing/calming and insightfull, that makes it more worth for me than just giving the information.

I am sorry, but i don't sell plans or give project information or support trough e-mail.
I simply get to many of these type of requests for me to process.
I will only reply to custom order requests, or to interest in purchasing a product related request.
And fanmail is more than welcome ofcourse, i enjoy reading your messages alot :)

Thank you!


00:00 Woodturning - Mosaic resin vase
13K+ views | Sep 25, 2019
00:00 Woodturning - 3d ring
221K+ views | Jul 24, 2017
00:00 Woodturning - Double maple ring
194K+ views | Feb 25, 2017
00:00 woodturning - Atrium bowl
775K+ views | Nov 18, 2016
39:27 woodturning - Butterfly hexagon bowl
2M+ views | Nov 23, 2015
22:32 Woodturning - bracelet
395K+ views | May 04, 2015
33:28 Woodturning -  Tumbling Bowl
8M+ views | May 28, 2014