This Homeless Guy Changed His Life Forever?

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05:01   |   Jun 22, 2018


This Homeless Guy Changed His Life Forever?
This Homeless Guy Changed His Life Forever? thumb This Homeless Guy Changed His Life Forever? thumb This Homeless Guy Changed His Life Forever? thumb


  • Can I ask how old you are?
  • 26. And how long have you been performing music?
  • Since I was a kid. I would stand in the middle of the street and I'd sing
  • It's the every second thought, you know?
  • And where do you live Robbie?
  • Everywhere.
  • What do you mean everywhere?
  • My current status at the moment is I am homeless
  • Ah, okay
  • You've obviously had a difficult life, has music helped you?
  • Yeah, it showed me that I'm worth it or something. Okay
  • What are you gonna sing for us today? Damien Rice "Coconut Skins. Okay.
  • I hope he's gonna be good. Robbie, good luck
  • Now you can hold a hand
  • And show how you cry
  • Explain away your weakness so she understands, then roll over and die
  • You can brave decisions
  • Before you crumble up inside
  • Spend your time asking everyone else's permission then run away and hide
  • You can sit on chimneys, yeah, put some fire up your ass
  • No need to know what you're doing or waiting for, but if anyone should ask
  • Tell them I've been licking coconut skins And we've been hanging out
  • Tell them God just dropped by to forgive our sins And relieve us our doubt
  • Or now you can hold her eggs
  • But your basket has a hole
  • You can lie between her legs and go looking for, tell her you're searching for her soul
  • You can wait for ages
  • Watch your compost turn to coal
  • But time is contagious
  • And everybody's getting old
  • Thank you
  • Okay, Rita?
  • What do you feel like when you listen to music
  • You know when you listen to music, and
  • When you're listening to that song at the time and the place where you remember that song and it creates the scene? Yeah.
  • S'what it does
  • I think you are more than capable of doing that for other people
  • Alesha?
  • Robbie,
  • I am really glad that you came today
  • You look like someone that's been lost for a while and I think you've lost your confidence in your skill
  • And I think you need to realize the potential you have and how good you are
  • Yeah, Robbie, I think you're very talented guy
  • But I don't think you've had a break in life, you know, and I think you absolutely deserve that
  • Robbie, I think you've got lots of talent and absolutely zero confidence and that's the only thing to work on from my perspective
  • Robbie, we're gonna vote right now. Louie?
  • Uh, Robbie I think your talented
  • And I'm going to give you a chance and I'm gonna say yes
  • Robbie, I am going to say; yes
  • Thank you
  • Robbie, I say yes
  • Robbie, you've got four yeses
  • Well done

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This Homeless Guy Changed His Life Forever?