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My name is Thijs Molendijk, also known as Thijs or ThijsNL.
This YouTube channel will be focused on a lot of Hearthstone gameplay and videos with high level play, guides, tips for beginners and of course entertainment.
I hope you like the content on my channel and feel free to give feedback! ;)


13:03 Dont Be The Meta, BREAK The Meta!
45K+ views | Jul 21, 2019
10:04 This Vivid Nightmare Combo Is SICK!
44K+ views | Jul 12, 2019
29:15 INFINITE Value & UNLIMITED Power!!
75K+ views | Jul 02, 2019
11:14 Arch-Villian Rafaam Schemes With Memes
41K+ views | Jun 30, 2019
17:15 They Never Expect The Windfury.
57K+ views | Jun 26, 2019