These Exes Play Petty w/ Personal Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

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These Exes Play Petty w/ Personal Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV
These Exes Play Petty w/ Personal Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV thumb These Exes Play Petty w/ Personal Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV thumb These Exes Play Petty w/ Personal Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV thumb


  • What the fuck?
  • Oh, damn.
  • What the fuck is wrong with you?
  • On this episode of How Far is Tattoo Far?
  • Exes Najee and Brandon teach each other some painful lessons.
  • They have a baby together,
  • but Najee thinks Brandon's a liar.
  • Are you in the baby's life.
  • Oh yeah, uh-huh.
  • He's lying.
  • That hasn't stopped them from hooking up though.
  • Only time he's nice is when I'm having sex with him.
  • Why are you still having sex with him then?
  • I'm not having sex with him anymore.
  • And why do you keep having sex with her?
  • If I have sex with her, then I can see my child.
  • You think that she's using the baby to just stay close to you?
  • Yeah.
  • So, one last question...
  • What are the intentions of these tattoos?
  • This tattoo is going to teach him a lesson.
  • He could be a good father, but right now he's a deadbeat.
  • The point of this tattoo on her body is extreme,
  • but I'm desperate. She's holding my kid as a pawn.
  • I just want to see my child.
  • Well, for some reason these two have agreed to tattoos.
  • Let's get to it.
  • Yeah, this tattoo feels way bigger than it should be.
  • And it hurts. I feel like mine might be worse.
  • I know that you really are at your end point.
  • I've been sitting here for literally forever.
  • The pain I'm feeling right now is excruciating.
  • I'd rather give birth than sit here in front of this tattoo.
  • Hey guys. Hey.
  • How are we doing? Just checking on you.
  • She's not going to make it.
  • What do you mean?
  • She's not going to make it through,
  • we're just trying to get this little bit in here real quick.
  • Are you tapping out?
  • I'm tapping out.
  • Najee tapped out, but Brandon finished his tattoo.
  • Now it's time for the reveal.
  • Are you more nervous about what you put on her?
  • I'm more nervous about mine,
  • because I didn't know it was going to be that-
  • Then why the fuck did you pick a tattoo so big?
  • It's on your leg though.
  • It doesn't fucking matter.
  • It does.
  • This is my first tattoo, and it hurts like fuck.
  • Fuck you.
  • All right Najee, you're up first.
  • We're going to leave these shades on.
  • So, Najee.
  • Brandon said he gave you this tattoo to teach you a lesson.
  • What lesson could he possibly have to teach me?
  • If this tattoo is some bullshit,
  • then you guys might have to get security.
  • Najee, there's something you need to tell Brandon
  • about your tattoo.
  • I tapped out, because it was so much pain
  • that I couldn't bear it anymore.
  • I wish I could have tapped out, but I got the whole thing on me.
  • It is what it is, check mate.
  • How are you feeling right now?
  • I'm feeling upset.
  • You see the lesson?
  • What the fuck? You got me fucked up.
  • Are you fucking serious?
  • Read it. "Know the difference."
  • What the fuck.
  • Brandon, stop fucking playing with me.
  • Is this supposed to be Payton?
  • Chill out, chill out.
  • No, don't fucking tell me to chill out.
  • Don't touch me. You really got me fucked up.
  • I've never, ever, ever, ever used our child as a pawn.
  • Yes you do.
  • I don't want you.
  • What are you saying that she's using Payton for as a pawn?
  • I think she's obsessed with me.
  • Because she will text me and be like,
  • "You have to do this to see your kid."
  • This right here, this is the last bit of pain
  • that will ever put me through.
  • That's cool. That's cool.
  • Fuck you. You're weird as fuck.
  • Hey Brandon, you're up. Let go.
  • She get mad at my tattoo but she put something crazy on me.
  • Najee, tell us what your intention was.
  • To let him know that he ain't shit.
  • You could be a good dad.
  • I try. That's your choice.
  • I'm feeling kind of mad
  • because I know it's going to be something fucked up.
  • What the fuck? Oh, damn.
  • You put sperm donor on my stomach.
  • With the sperm coming out.
  • Yeah.
  • What the fuck is wrong with you?
  • You got me pregnant and you left.
  • That's stupid as hell, though.
  • You was never around.
  • Sperm donor? How the fuck am I going to get this off?
  • This is fucked up.
  • You don't do anything for our child.
  • That's a lie.
  • Right now, you're a terrible dad, you're a deadbeat dad.
  • This is nasty as hell. What the fuck is wrong with you?
  • I'm gone. Fuck that shit.
  • Dear god.
  • He's an asshole.
  • This is some fucking bullshit. What the fuck?
  • Where'd they go?
  • Fuck you Najee, what the fuck is wrong with you?
  • He needs to get it together.
  • Well, he's got to come back.
  • If you leave right now, it only proves her point
  • that you just walk out on situations.
  • I go back out there, it's only for my daughter.
  • Let's try to get to a resolution, for your baby.
  • Yeah?
  • All right. Here's what we're doing.
  • How can we come together right now?
  • Now for you two, we get it.
  • Y'all can't even fucking have any sort of normal conversation.
  • But you have to for her if you want to co-parent.
  • I'm willing to move past the tattoos.
  • We don't have to be together,
  • but we have to be together for her.
  • We get past this, I'm willing to co-parent.
  • I hate my tattoo, and I'm sure he hates his
  • but I'm glad this is something that we can just move past
  • and just co-parent.
  • And I feel the same way.

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On this episode of ‘How Far Is Tattoo Far,’ exes Najae and Brandon go low, bringing their baby drama into the giant — and very permanent — tattoos they give each other.

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Hosted by Nico Tortorella and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, How Far Is Tattoo Far? puts relationships to the ultimate test of trust by asking pairs of friends, family members and couples to design tattoos for each other that won’t be revealed until after they’ve been permanently inked.

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