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The Worst Chef on Youtube
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  • I made a salad mm-hmm one is your
  • macaroni salad of course and one is a
  • bean salad mm-hmm so let's start staples
  • and okay so what about the Caesar salad
  • here on the can or does that not exist I
  • have cut it see right here look at that
  • there's that bad boy you know what that
  • is I'm gonna tell you what that is
  • government plant is the fat I do heaping
  • tablespoons you're gonna do start with -
  • huh - heaping tablespoon part of every
  • good salad exit/in you're gonna take a
  • look at it and see so take a look at
  • that
  • yeehaw see it will even thinkin more in
  • the fridge so we've got it all mixed you
  • want to dive in a little bit of Tang to
  • this you've got the chopped onions it's
  • like something that would be leaking out
  • of a car to put in two capfuls and then
  • I'm gonna drop some french fry oil in
  • here just add a little bit of zest put
  • out the day of so that's bean so it's
  • mayonnaise pork and beans yeah easier
  • just like mother used to make all right
  • it's gonna be tomatoes rather just like
  • mother used to shit into a fucking
  • couple we're cat in the fridge it's this
  • guy's awesome as a chef
  • move over Gordon Ramsay look at that
  • that looks great shake that you're gonna
  • put this in the fridge and serve it at
  • your parties I would say about a
  • teaspoon or two that's not a teaspoon or
  • two and then half a can and pepper I'm
  • gonna do it the guy way we all know what
  • the guy way is that's right and the
  • toilet on it oh how they makes a mess
  • this way but that sounds great shakes it
  • up let's get that right next to the bean
  • salad in the frigerator number two
  • tomato salad tomatoes in oil with
  • oregano dumped all over it looks like
  • macaroni is cooked
  • I just got another strain in the water
  • you're gonna have the tomatoes right in
  • there why always start with two heaping
  • oh oh really why well you know and for
  • flavor of course that's why keeping as
  • in that that's eating okay and the
  • pursuit of flavor no cost is too great
  • here we go and then what you do is you
  • mix it in and see if it's enough so as
  • you can see this does look like a nut
  • coated more yeah much better being
  • tablespoon perfect like three is gonna
  • be the magic number yeah it looks like
  • some good blogged arteries in there I I
  • would add a little bit of gasoline if
  • you have any on standby in their kitchen
  • prank your friends tell them it's
  • Alfredo but it's just mayonnaise this
  • fucking channel shouldn't be called
  • cooking with jacket you just be called
  • using mayonnaise with Jack it's
  • literally all he does just use
  • mayonnaise alright this is my man Jack
  • or as he is better known as the king of
  • Salmonella indeed marinade the king of
  • Salmonella I can see it he's 100% real
  • he even has a line of barbecue sauce at
  • Walmart no everything he makes is
  • horrible look at his other Vic's you're
  • telling me this mayonnaise artery clog
  • go bear has barbecue sauce in Walmart
  • no fucking way coming the fucking mayor
  • of mayonnaise has barbecue sauce in
  • Walmart uh-uh
  • no I don't believe that that's a goddamn
  • blatant lie guys Jack's Kyle funny man a
  • salad it's just Minnie's okay let's all
  • of his recipes and say guys that I am
  • making a lettuce salad so you're gonna
  • want like about 1 teaspoon of lettuce
  • and 5 heaping spoonfuls of mayonnaise
  • don't be afraid to really get after that
  • mayonnaise well this is Cinco de Mayo
  • week we're like Cinco de Manet's am i
  • right Jack lemon or you can use lime
  • jell-o celery bell pepper pineapple and
  • American cheese it all sounds great
  • together this is crazy
  • let's go to the stove right now and get
  • this thing started I put mayonnaise on
  • the bottom of my pan to give it a nice
  • slick surface mm-hmm these kitchen is
  • remarkably clean for the master of
  • mayonnaise
  • I'd have expect it to be covered in like
  • in Greece and dogshit did we loosen up
  • areas I'm not sure what utensil to use
  • for this you're gonna add I chopped up
  • the cream cheese oh my get out all your
  • cream cheese in there yeah that's a lot
  • that's a lot of cream cheese there Jack
  • and you're going to mix that it's gonna
  • need some mayonnaise to balance out all
  • that flavor
  • begin to explain to you how yeah it
  • looks amazing tasting yeah but I'm
  • telling you aunt Marin and never has
  • failed me yet I think I think she's
  • failed on this level go to be honest
  • jackers half as good as hers I'll be in
  • business kinda dumps in shoelaces in
  • here now I've got a doctor Scholl's foot
  • pad as well top it off with mayonnaise
  • get it all mixed in I found this in the
  • backyard eating oh my god the whole
  • thing are you sure jack that's mitt well
  • that's fair enough
  • Who am I had a question ant mirnas
  • specialty she's real
  • whipped cream I'm surprised God himself
  • even lets people make this in their
  • kitchen this looks like a fucking hate
  • crime in a pan I'm gonna top it off with
  • a stick of deodorant sandwiched in
  • between some mayonnaise all throughout
  • the dish okay this honestly does look
  • like a violation of Human Rights
  • gonna be cold it's gonna be sweet it's
  • gonna be delicious a hit in the hospital
  • I realize that four hours later he's
  • vomiting in his toilet crying for aunt
  • Myrna pumping his fist in the air damn
  • you party cheese salad
  • here's to projectile vomit listen to
  • that crunch
  • this guy's got pica he can eat anything
  • and enjoy it this man probably eats his
  • fucking wall upstairs like the lady on
  • my strange addiction no doubt in my mind
  • he suffers from pica I'm calling it now
  • I can't explain dude probably eats that
  • fire extinguisher sometimes that's why I
  • has to keep replacing it and putting it
  • in the shot
  • custard feel to it them Oh Junior Jack
  • oh and then they're all gonna get food
  • poisoning at the wedding from senior
  • Jack's coleslaw alright stop telling me
  • this shit Jack just an lookin cook
  • you're god-awful the chicken all right
  • stop stop probing the chickens ass damn
  • that and detecting calm down with the
  • chicken no jack we're gonna do please no
  • come on just break out the mayonnaise
  • I'm here to have fun not watch a fucking
  • crime mayonnaise cake much better the
  • jack the cocoa powder oh it's a
  • chocolate mayonnaise Keota the
  • mayonnaise
  • fuck yeah Jack dump that bitch in there
  • wherever you say it some people say
  • mayonnaise but it's really mayonnaise
  • you know she used all of those just
  • that's been sitting out all day so it's
  • nice and soft this seems like an
  • accessible use of the butter and with
  • the cocoa powder I like to smash the
  • butter first for a little bit but well
  • it's your baby become less of powder and
  • just more of butter kind of spin it on
  • low yeah I don't think this tool was
  • designed to handle 16 pounds of butter
  • Wow you could smell the espresso hmm you
  • can smell it with the chest pain hit us
  • bring over our first layer oh yummy
  • yum-yum maybe medium rare well medium
  • rare uh a little more how long did you
  • leave them in there for a matter of
  • seconds before your gluttony took over
  • that thing literally burst Oh jack juice
  • is maintained inside them I couldn't
  • think of a worse way of making this
  • experiment so let's give it a try let's
  • start with don't eat it one Jack don't
  • room temperature don't eat it Jack oops
  • Oh yucky yep there he is
  • popper Drive that's that's the Jack we
  • know and love the saint of Salmonella
  • all right

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This is the greatest mayonnaise of All Time

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