The World's Dumbest Article Used Me As Clickbait

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The World's Dumbest Article Used Me As Clickbait
The World's Dumbest Article Used Me As Clickbait thumb The World's Dumbest Article Used Me As Clickbait thumb The World's Dumbest Article Used Me As Clickbait thumb


  • Hey guys, uh, welcome back to the Drew Gooden Show.
  • As you all know, in my last video, I taped a bunch of balloons..
  • ..To the ceiling.
  • And, uh, it's been about two weeks.
  • So... probably time to take them down. But-
  • I'm not just gonna take them down and throw them away.
  • I thought about it, I tried.
  • It didn't work.
  • You've gotta pop 'em.
  • To be honest, I don't really wanna pop the balloons...
  • ...cause I'm kinda scared of the sound they'll make when I do.
  • It's very loud, and frightening, and I'm fragile.
  • But- I remembered I have a YouTube channel.
  • And sometimes, as a YouTube creator,
  • You have to sacrifice your own wellbeing for the sake of good content.
  • And poppin' balloons makes good content.
  • Ok... I thought I could get, like, a sneak attack. Didn't work.
  • So. That's what we're going to be doing today. Are you ready? You ready, Amanda, are you rolling?
  • Amanda - Why are you using a spoon?
  • Huh? Oh the spoon- to pop the balloons.. were you not listening?
  • - Can you... use a knife?
  • *sigh* Amanda, I'm not gonna use a knife.
  • I.... I might hurt myself.
  • - You'll be fine.
  • Alright, just, trust me. I've done this before, it works.
  • [ Frustrated noises ]
  • I think the spoon's broken.
  • You know, spoon actually rhymes with balloon.
  • Not a lot of people know that.
  • [ Dramatically sad music plays ]
  • "Hey mister balloon, you're looking awfully cute today."
  • "Hmm, how 'bout a smooch?"
  • *smoochy noises*-- "POP."
  • - Drew, this is not gonna work. Just use a knife!
  • I'm not gonna use a knife, Amanda, you..
  • You know my uncle died when he sat on one..
  • - Fine, then let me do it.
  • Fine!
  • Drew: Just be careful, alrigh-- ahh!
  • [ Intense music & loud balloon-popping sounds ]
  • - Babe!
  • [ Loud balloon pop sound ] Ah! You're a monster!
  • - Yeah.. what are you going to do to it..?
  • [ Drew gasps ]
  • - They're dead, babe.. let them rest..
  • Two for one.
  • - You're really good at this...
  • Babe, thank you so much. I could not have done that without you, seriously.
  • You're a lifesaver.
  • But, umm..
  • Could you put that knife down now?
  • Cuz it's scaring me, and also get the fuck out of here so I can record the rest of the video
  • Hey little stinkers,
  • Welcome back to the changing-my-shirt-in-the-middle-of-a-sentence podcast
  • Uh, today's video is about
  • Nothing.
  • Well, no, not nothing
  • Um.. just not one thing.
  • More a series of little things.
  • Uh.. like this.
  • Why the fuck am I in this article?
  • This article is called "18 Women Reveal Their Jealous Ways."
  • Now, despite what my mug may tell you,
  • I'm not a woman.
  • I even have the testicle to prove it.
  • So why am I in this article?
  • Like, the other two pictures make sense.
  • There's a girl who's saying, "no reason for you to be snapping my boyfriend!"
  • And then there's another girl with a boy
  • And she's sayin' "All mine."
  • And then there's me in the middle
  • Uh.. just kind of looking off to the side.
  • I'm trying to understand, like, the correlation here..
  • It kind of looks like I'm looking at her..
  • And she's looking at me..
  • But is she telling ME not to snap her boyfriend?
  • Am I the one sn-- am I the one snapping her boyfriend?
  • Maybe you're thinking, "Drew, you must be IN this article somewhere"
  • "Maybe they reference one of your videos.. or they reference your relationship.."
  • No. They don't.
  • Also, this is, like, the stupidest article in the world.
  • It's just 18 different screenshots from the 'Whisper' app
  • Where you, like, say secrets but they're anonymous
  • And like, that's.. most of them are probably fake, because you can just say whatever.
  • But these are all so dumb.
  • And the commentary they follow it with is even worse.
  • [ Reads commentary ]
  • And then they explain it.
  • Who wrote this?
  • That's what.. th-- it said..
  • Okay, this one's actually kinda funny.
  • [ Laughing while reading the caption ]
  • Yeah.. so I scrolled through this entire article
  • I'm not in it.
  • I'll link to it in the description incase you want to double check, and..
  • ..Prove that I'm not in it.
  • Um, but I'm at the top.
  • And I just.. I'm so confused.
  • The only connection I seem to have to these guys
  • Is that TheTalko, which is the website this article is on,
  • Is part of the "Premium" network..
  • Which also includes TheThings.
  • Which is a channel I talked about in my last video.
  • Now, there's a chance that because I made a video about TheThings
  • I've now been algorithmically combined with TheThings
  • In some sort of Google image search, y'know,
  • Because of certain keywords
  • More likely than that, though,
  • And this is where my, uh, big ol' brain is coming in handy..
  • These guys are doing this on purpose. See,
  • They'd love it if a Big YouTube Celebrity™ made a video about them
  • And then... made another video about them.
  • They're just trying to provoke me so I talk about them,
  • But that's where you messed up, /TheThings/.
  • Cuz I'm smarter than that.
  • Yeah, I'm not even going to mention your channel once in this video.
  • And if I do, I'll at least have the hindsight to edit it out in post.
  • - Holy shit guys, I can't believe I almost left this part in without saying anything about it
  • - I was literally about to export this video
  • - And then I realized
  • - My shirt is untucked.
  • - I'm sorry, guys.
  • Now, I also made a video recently about a channel called Best Trends
  • The worst-- well, no, best Fortnite channel I've ever seen in my life
  • - Five Fortnite YouTubers.. who've sworn!
  • *gasp*
  • Unfortunately, though, tragedy struck a couple weeks ago
  • When, seemingly inexplicably,
  • His channel was terminated.
  • Now, apparently the reason he was suspended was because he was doing fake giveaways at the beginning of every video
  • Something that I didn't even touch on in my video
  • Because I assumed they were fake
  • But I didn't have hard evidence, so I didn't want to go after him for something I wasn't totally sure of
  • I kinda just wanted to focus on how funny he is.
  • BestTrends: I can't say it's funny, but... I gotta say it's pretty funny.
  • But yeah, he would literally start every video like this:
  • - For every like on this video, I'll be giving away one V-buck.
  • - So if this video gets 10,000 likes, I'll be giving away 10,000 V-bucks.
  • And it should have been really obvious to me that they were fake
  • Because of how much he was actually promising
  • Like, I even stopped to do the math
  • "For every like on this video, I'll give away one V-buck,"
  • So 10,000 likes equals 10,000 V-bucks
  • Which would cost over 1,000 dollars
  • You multiply that throughout all of his videos
  • I think he would have had to spend about 20- 25,000 dollars
  • To make good on all his giveaways.
  • The worst part, though, is that not only was it a fake giveaway,
  • But the whole basis of the giveaway was like,
  • "You will be entered to win if you like, subscribe, turn on the notifications, and comment."
  • Y'know, if you do all the things that manipulate the YouTube algorithm
  • Into pushing your video more
  • Because they just see the statistics of, like,
  • "Oh, people really like this video, they're really engaging with this video."
  • So, it's a total scam, he's not the only one who's done it
  • He's not the only one who's gotten his account shut down for it
  • /But/
  • He's back. [ Applause ]
  • Yeah. You can't stop Best Trends
  • Nothing's gonna keep Best Trends down
  • Um.. he's back.
  • Now, unfortunately for him,
  • He had over a million subscribers,
  • Which he had earned in a very short amount of time
  • He got very cocky
  • To the point where he made a second channel
  • Where he was gonna promise that he would teach everybody all the 'tips and tricks' to becoming a famous YouTuber
  • Y'know, the irony of that is, a week later,
  • He's no longer a famous YouTuber.
  • But he has improved in one important aspect
  • See, remember my last video about him
  • Where I was saying how he put
  • Four mid-rolls in every 10-minute video, meaning
  • Uh, one ad every two and a half minutes
  • Which is way too many ads
  • He has managed not just to one-up himself, but
  • Six-up himself?
  • Yeah, that's right, he does 10 mid-rolls now.
  • And honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if I was the one who gave him the idea.
  • And proving that he's a master of not learning from his own mistakes,
  • He's STILL doing the fake giveaways!
  • [ Game show music with applause ]
  • This video is called "Pokimane thicc and best hot moments"
  • "Pokimane twitch highlights, Pokimane kiss myth"
  • When does this guy NOT have a way with words?
  • - Because.. he's a legend.
  • [ Sad trumpet song ]
  • And now...
  • A moment of silence..
  • To pay respect to our fallen comrade
  • Yes, I put a hat on just for this bit.
  • - Hold up! Pause the video
  • It's time to tell you guys about today's sponsor.
  • - Raisins.
  • Thank you so much to Raisins for sponsoring today's video
  • Guys, this was going to be the end
  • I actually had some flat earth theories I was going to throw around, but I'll save those for another time
  • Because something even bigger came up
  • Just after I finished editing this video,
  • I went on YouTube and realized Best Trends has his account back.
  • [ Confused noise ]
  • I can't keep up!
  • First I make a video about a guy and then he gets his account terminated
  • For something I didn't mention in my video
  • So I make a follow-up video about how he got his account terminated
  • And he started a new account
  • And then while I'm making that video,
  • His new account gets deleted because he doesn't need it anymore
  • Because his old account got reinstated
  • So now he's back on that.
  • I'm worried, though, that by the time that I finish editing THIS part of the video,
  • He'll get his account deleted again
  • And then I'll look like a dang fool.
  • The bigger problem is, why does it take me so long to edit my videos?
  • I should work harder.
  • I should work harder.
  • I don't know if it was a temporary ban,
  • Or if he just got someone at Youtube to reinstate him,
  • He clearly broke the rules so I don't know why he got his account back
  • All I will say is, if you are as invested in this saga as I am,
  • Um, watch his most recent video, I'm going to put the link in the description
  • Where he-- It was supposed to be this alleged proof
  • Of all the, uh, all the V-bucks he's giving away, right
  • The first thing about this that's, uh, fishy though,
  • Is that he kind of changes the rules in the beginning.
  • BestTrends: So guys, we are running a giveaway, and it was one like equals one V-buck.
  • And how this giveaway was working is
  • Out of all the videos, whichever video had the most likes, we would give away that amount of V-bucks.
  • So right now on the screen
  • We are showing our video that has the most likes.
  • - Originally, he said in every single video
  • That he would be giving away one V-buck per like.
  • So, uh, any logical, reasonable person would hear that and think,
  • He's going to add up all of the likes in all of the videos and give away that many V-bucks, right?
  • But then he decided that the only number of likes that mattered was
  • The one with the most likes.
  • And that that would encompass the entire giveaway.
  • Also, why is it this one video, that was posted after every video,
  • Months after many of them,
  • This is the only instance where he's actually doing the giveaway
  • Which means-- it actually proves that, for months,
  • He wasn't making good on what he was promising.
  • He was lying to manipulate the YouTube algorithm.
  • It's funny that this was his last video he posted before getting banned
  • It's almost like this video, that he made just to prove
  • That he was doing these giveaways
  • Is the thing that shown a spotlight on him
  • From YouTube, that showed YouTube, "Hey, this is all fake"
  • The irony there, that he was getting away with it for so long
  • Until he tried to prove it, that's when they realized he was full of sh*t.
  • Now, I'm honestly going to be very heavily invested in Best Trends
  • For the rest of my life.
  • Um, I don't know why,
  • There's something about him I just find intoxicating
  • - I don't know what I'm even saying anymore.
  • - If you want a good laugh, I'd recommend watching his most recent video
  • BestTrends: Boo boom boom boom, cha-ching
  • Fortnite.. Battle Royyyyaaalllleee
  • - Anyways guys, I think that's going to do it for today's video
  • Just want to touch on those few things, follow up on some past videos
  • Uh, so all the true fans out there
  • Who are curious what comes of the things I talk about
  • Well, there's-- sometimes, there's other things that happen,
  • And now, so-- now you know about it.
  • I drank a lot of coffee this morning,
  • And I can't tell if the increased speed at which I'm talking
  • Is making me sound smarter, or just sound like a crazy person who's on cocaine.
  • /Spoiler Alert/ I'm not on cocaine..
  • I've never done th-- I've never done that.
  • The only thing I'm addicted to is hard work,
  • Loving my wife,
  • And opioids.
  • But that's it, Little Stinkers,
  • Got a big merch announcement coming in my next video
  • People have been asking me when I'm gonna restock my merch store,
  • When I'm going to have, y'know, actual merch,
  • Even though I think I have been selling actual merch
  • It's top-of-the-line stuff, very useful products
  • I mean, come on, like you're going to tell me these aren't practical?!
  • They're not, but it just makes for a funny Instagram post.
  • But I will be releasing a whole new batch of merch
  • This month, keep your eyes out for that
  • Drewgoodenshop.com
  • Also, I will be at Playlist Live Orlando in a couple weeks
  • Go to Playlist's website if you're interested in buying tickets
  • If you want to meet me, if you want to see a panel,
  • If you want to meet other people
  • I'm not going to be the only one there, so check it out.
  • It's local-- well, if you live in Florida like I do, it's local.
  • if you live somewhere else, you gotta go pretty far.
  • So that kinda sucks. But it's local for me, I'll be there
  • Hope to see you guys there, buy tickets soon
  • Before they sell out. I think they will. I think that's a thing.
  • I don't know. I've never been to Playlist before!
  • I'm excited. So excited I'm spitting.
  • Goodbye!
  • - Um, to be honest, I'm a little scared to pop the balloons
  • Because I don't like the sound that they make when they pop
  • Um.. what would you call that sound, babe?
  • Amanda: *cute popping sound*

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In this video I talk about an article I have no business being in, I follow up on the enigmatic fortnite youtuber Best Trends, and Amanda helps me pop all the balloons I bought.

Don't worry, I'm not going to make a habit out of talking about the same guy this much, I just found the whole Best Trends saga to be fascinating, even if no one else does. But this is the end of it from my end, I promise. Unless he likes kicks my ass or something, then I'll probably wanna talk about that.

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