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Don't have Sunday night plans? You do now! Watch Heavy Rescue tomorrow at 9/8c.

Heavy Rescue

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Keep your eyes on The Weather Channel! 40 million people may experience severe weather today, so we're extending our live coverage until 9/8c tonight to bring you the latest.
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Let's all take a moment to appreciate our earth's beauty with #SundaySunrise. Reply with your pics and location to get on air this weekend!
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While social distancing, it's still important to get some time outside. Send us pictures of your pooch to be featured on air during our #DogWalkingForecast tomorrow!
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Need a good stay-at-home activity for this weekend? Kelly Cass shows you how to make lightning right in your living room.
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It’s difficult to know what COVID-19 information to trust. To help, IBM developed COVID-19 Q&A with Watson–an AI-powered chatbot that holds intelligent coronavirus-related conversations. It provides trusted information from the CDC, WHO and other official sources. Use it to get relevant, factual answers to COVID-19 questions at weather.com/coronavirus.

COVID-19 Q&A with Watson

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Allergy season is in full swing, and many want to know how to tell the difference between pollen getting the best of them or something more serious.

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Your Sunday night plans should always include Highway Thru Hell, but especially when an episode has this much action!

Watch Sunday at 8/7c.

Highway Thru Hell

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It's not magic, it's science! The science of light refraction. Tevin Wooten demonstrates with a science experiment you can do at home.
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Both Jacqui Jeras and Meteorologist Felicia Combs are doing live coverage from their own homes today! We're so grateful for our incredible meteorologists who do whatever it takes to keep you and your family safe and informed.

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