The Walnut Root!

Jan 14, 2020


The Walnut Root!
The Walnut Root! thumb The Walnut Root! thumb The Walnut Root! thumb


I was gifted this root from a walnut tree that was dug up by a coworker several months back. It still had a lot of moisture left in it so in order to speed up the progress i decided to try and dry it in a microwave.

Please be aware this can be a fire hazard if not treated with care. It took me several days of cycling it to get it to almost stabilize.

Let me know what you think and drop a thumbs up if you enjoy it!

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4:34 Hiro - Sight of Wonders
7:16 Deep In Thought - Sam Eber
11:18 I Want You To Stay (Instrumental) - Dayon

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