The Ultimate Threadlocker Competition--Which is the Best?

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Sep 25, 2017


The Ultimate Threadlocker Competition--Which is the Best?
The Ultimate Threadlocker Competition--Which is the Best? thumb The Ultimate Threadlocker Competition--Which is the Best? thumb The Ultimate Threadlocker Competition--Which is the Best? thumb


  • If you're like me you want to make every dollar count when it comes to buying the right products, and so today
  • We'll be testing out the medium strength thread lockers. We're gonna see which one of these is the best value
  • I've had literally dozens of people ask me to do this test so just want to say
  • Thank you for those that requested this will be testing Permatex JB Weld,
  • Loctite Pro Seal, and Viper tight so if you ever wanting
  • Which one of these medium strength thread lockers is the best today's project should be pretty interesting
  • So the purpose of a thread locker is pretty straightforward. The objective is to keep the nut from backing off of a bolt and
  • oftentimes thread lockers are used when something is subject to a lot of vibration.
  • So the first part of this test there won't be any vibration
  • But what we're going to do for part two of this test is to attach this piece of steel
  • to a lawn mower frame and allow it to be subject to a lot of vibration for several hours. After several hours,
  • we're going to come back,
  • and then we're going to do us a repeat
  • strength measurement to see if there's been any change from the baseline. So anytime you're applying a thread locker,
  • it's always important to shake up the thread locker, because usually
  • there is some form of a mixture and these ingredients tend to settle so when I apply each one of these
  • I'm going shake it ah, shake the thread locker for a little bit of time. The first part of this test is just basically to
  • apply the thread locker to some threads.
  • You can see this is really thick stuff so what I have to do is sort of spread this around.
  • So I'm going to do is thread on this nut and I'm not gonna apply any sort of torque.
  • I just want to get the nut all the way on the threads, and then we'll let it cure.
  • I'm going to change out gloves after applying each one of these so I don't have any cross-contamination.
  • So what I'll be doing now for the second set of bolts is I'll be using a torque wrench.
  • I'll be torquing each one of these bolts down to 50 inch-pounds of torque.
  • So the first test we'll be doing is to see how much force it takes to remove
  • the nuts from these bolts that do not have any sort of a load
  • applied to them. The second test will be measuring how much force it takes to remove
  • the nuts from the bolts that have 50 inch pounds of torque.
  • Okay, Loctite did not hold with ten-inch pounds of torque
  • From a text move to 20 inch pounds
  • Okay JB well just moved, at 25 inch pounds
  • Okay, Fibertite just moved
  • Okay Pro
  • Seal did too, 35 inch pounds. So unfortunately my quarter inch torque wrench does not measure left-threaded
  • torque measurements, so what I'm going to do is actually
  • Improvise a little bit so what I'm going to be doing is basically adding the weight to the end of the wrench
  • Which applies force and we can take a mathematical equation and measure what it would be in inch pounds?
  • And so I'm gonna start off with five pounds plus the way this chain this chain weighs roughly 1/2 pounds so this be five-and-a-half pounds
  • Applied at the very end of this wrench
  • And we're going to go down the line and just gradually add two and a half pound increments until each one of these fails
  • Okay Permatex failed at 8 pounds
  • Okay, I just failed 13 pounds
  • To it's been three hours, we had two full tanks of fuel to the engine, so I'm going to take this off
  • Okay Pro seal failed at 8 pounds
  • Okay GD well failed 8 pounds
  • Okay Permatex fail
  • Okay fibertite just failed at 11 pounds
  • This is a close-up of what viber tight looks like once the nut was removed
  • And I'm just going to put a little bit extra Viper tight on there just to show you how thick and pasty this stuff is
  • It doesn't come out as a liquid. It's more like a paste of course
  • It's very um
  • Just mostly almost like a jelly I actually like fibertite it seems to be very strong it seems to provide a fairly consistent strength
  • Okay, the pro seal once. I remove the nut you can see a little bit of chalky residue
  • And I shook this up
  • Just want to let you see what this looks like when it's coming out of the container comes out in really nice smooth droplets
  • Very easy to apply you don't have to spread it around really you know JB. Weld. Just doesn't leave much of a residue
  • I'm gonna go ahead and put a little bit of JB Weld on this so you can see what it looks like
  • Okay comes out as a very, very thin liquid much thinner than Pro Seal
  • Permatex leaves a lot of
  • Leftovers after removing the nut so this could be a factor for you a Loctite doesn't leave much of a residue at all either
  • It's very similar to JB Weld and what's left behind, so let's see what this looks like again
  • I've shaken this this up quite well, so we'll see what it looks like coming out. It's a lot like JB Weld!
  • It's a very thin material. So when it comes to making mechanical repairs choosing the right thread Locker is an important thing to do
  • One thing I learned today is not all thread lockers are equal. I learned a lot. I enjoyed doing this project
  • I'm always looking for future video ideas if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment
  • I read just about every comment, and I replied to as many people as possible
  • Finally I'm not sponsored by any of these companies or manufacturers. I don't have any sponsors, and I plan to keep it that way.
  • Also, I spent a lot of time working on these videos, and I try to produce a good quality video. That's both entertaining and educational
  • But if there's something I can do better
  • I'd like to hear your comments
  • That's because that's how I improved so I hope I've earned a thumbs up
  • If not, please let me know what I can do better, and I'll work on it. Just want to say
  • Thank you very much for watching the video, and I look forward to seeing you next time

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Which threadlocker is the best? Which name brand is best? In this video, I use 3 tests to determine which epoxy is the best.
Products tested: Pro Seal 24206, Permatex 242000, Loctite 242, JB B Weld 24206.
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