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Shirley Douglas, the impassioned Canadian activist and veteran actress who was mother to actor Kiefer Sutherland and daughter of medicare founder Tommy Douglas, has died. She was 86. [ Torstar.co Link ]

Actress-activist Shirley Douglas, daughter of medicare’s Tommy Douglas, dies

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A tiger at the Bronx Zoo has tested positive for the new coronavirus, in what is believed to be the first known infection in an animal in the U.S. or a tiger anywhere.

Tiger at NYC’s Bronx Zoo tests positive for coronavirus

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"It’s disappointing, but I can wait. Let’s put it in perspective: It’s not nearly as disappointing as what’s happening all around in daily life." Raptors coach Nick Nurse keeps things in perspective when it comes to Canada's Olympic basketball hopes.

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Coach Nurse keeps the fire burning for Canada’s Olympic basketball hopes, while assistant weighs future in Spain

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#Opinion: To do our part to “flatten the curve,” many of us have made dramatic changes to our everyday lives. Will any of these changes persist?

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When the COVID-19 crisis is over, our daily lives could be changed for the better

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#Breaking: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to a hospital with the coronavirus. [ Torstar.co Link ]

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized with virus

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Across Ontario, paramedics make the first contact with many #COVID19 patients. For many the surge has begun. Others work in an eerie calm, a lull they worry means a glut of calls await.

Paramedics on the front lines of the pandemic:

Paramedics on the front lines of the pandemic: ‘None of us ever imagined when we started this job that we’d be facing the reality of dying’

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Although it may have seemed an eternity, Canada has been on a travel lockdown for only two weeks. For some Canadians, who have family in global epicentres of the pandemic, the coronavirus has been a cause of distress for months.

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For some Canadians, this is the second half of the coronavirus battle. With family overseas, they’ve lived it for months

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#Breaking: Toronto Public Health reports that there are now 1,232 cases of COVID-19 in Toronto, an increase of 113 cases from yesterday. [ Torstar.co Link ]

타임라인 사진

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"The last two weeks have been a strange ten years."

⌛ Do days of the week even exist anymore? ⏱

We try to explain this current time-bending phenomenon.

The COVID-19 time warp: Why it feels like time has slowed during this pandemic

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A Walmart security guard is fighting for his life after being struck and dragged by a driver who was allegedly enraged by social distancing policies to curb the spread of #COVID19.

"The frustrated client ran directly into the employee with his vehicle." [ Torstar.co Link ]

Quebec Walmart worker struck by driver allegedly angered by COVID-19 measures

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