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"Wearing a face mask as I greet presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens — I don't know. Somehow, I just don't see it for myself."

The president's remarks came as his administration said it would try to stop "profiteers" from exporting medical protective gear.

Donald Trump at odds with his administration's mask advice

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Mounted police were out at Bondi today, questioning beachgoers about why they were not following new social distancing rules, while checkpoints have been set up in Sydney outside buildings being used as quarantine facilities.

Photos by Cole Bennetts

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Woolworths and Coles will begin restricting the number of customers allowed at one time, as the stores prepare for their annual easter rush.

Follow our live coverage here:

Coronavirus LIVE: Delicate cruise ship coordination underway in Sydney, Supermarkets to limit cus...

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The short story is, we just don’t know enough yet to say anything with confidence about coronavirus and pregnancy.

Via Good Weekend Magazine

Pregnant and abroad? Those babies are still going to come despite the pandemic

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World Cup-winning captain Nick Farr-Jones has declared Rugby Australia "unbankable" and feels it's probably time the entire board stepped down.

Via SMH Sport

'Unbankable': Farr-Jones' scathing take-down of Rugby Australia board

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Opinion: While we’ve been forced into inaction, our governments have taken the brakes off, writes Elizabeth Farrelly.

Beware what's happening under the cover of COVID

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Exclusive: ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott has warned the coronavirus crisis will have a "material" impact on Australian house prices and affect the national psyche for an entire generation.

'Australia won't look the same': ANZ's Elliott warns coronavirus impact will be generational

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Eric Goode could hardly have suspected his hit series would arrive during a pandemic, right when audiences have ample time to pore over its jaw-dropping plot twists while they isolate in their homes.

Animals, sex and guns? Eric Goode knew Tiger King had potential

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Analysis: Australia, like most Western countries, continues to tap dance around the fragile ego of Donald Trump.

A credibility gap, an unintended flaw: PM's speeches reveal a troubling dilemma

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Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly is providing an update on COVID-19.

LIVE: Deputy Chief Medical Officer COVID-19 update

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