The Strongest Man in History: Brian Shaw's Toughest Carry Yet (Season 1) | History

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The Strongest Man in History: Brian Shaw's Toughest Carry Yet (Season 1) | History
The Strongest Man in History: Brian Shaw's Toughest Carry Yet (Season 1) | History thumb The Strongest Man in History: Brian Shaw's Toughest Carry Yet (Season 1) | History thumb The Strongest Man in History: Brian Shaw's Toughest Carry Yet (Season 1) | History thumb


  • Come on beat oh
  • I'm gonna have a heart attack right Nick. No, I've never had 350 pounds humbled me
  • So roughly I seriously don't know if anybody's gonna be able to I really didn't fence me. Oh
  • Man you got a setup sweet as
  • You guys know?
  • the most famous feat of strength that Peter Francisco did was to pick up and shoulder an
  • Eleven hundred pound cannon and carry it off a battlefield much like this right here. That's beyond absurd
  • I want to make sure that I'm being very respectful with how I put this because I really look up to Peter Francisco
  • But the man did not put an 1,100 pound cannon on his shoulder. It would have killed him. These are all period-correct cannons
  • so the little one on the end there is
  • 250 pounds this one right here is 350 pounds this one jumps up to
  • 700 pounds and the one on the end is right around a thousand pounds. Whoo
  • so when you say this is 700 pounds you mean the whole contraption but the wheels the
  • Stakes the metal the rope all this is at least 700. No, no just the tube
  • Just right here 700 pounds. The whole rig is around 2,000 pounds. Oh my gosh
  • This one's ringing bells for me
  • Right this one like 1,100 in total and then the barrel on the time that one 350 seems doable I can envision this
  • francesco lifting a car into his shoulder running off the battlefield, but it definitely wasn't 1,100 pounds it was
  • Still an extreme feat of strength, but possible
  • Challenges first we need to see if we get this on her shoulder
  • So whoever can pick this Canon up and move it
  • The farthest to those trees is the winner who wants to give it a go first
  • I'll go first cuz my arms bad, so I think I'll be the worst at this
  • Okay
  • I could probably manage ten steps with that like that
  • there was nothing to grip there was nothing to sort of lean on to it was just
  • just an impossible object to pick up and I could see my biceps pull in I
  • Really didn't fancy it
  • I'm the world record holder in the shield. Carry. I carried a 440 pounds shield over 75 feet
  • I wanted to show the guys I still got it. I'm still here and I'm still plowing through
  • Oh
  • Oh, man
  • You're right, Nick. No
  • Right away as I stand up with it. I realize there's no way I'm throwing this to my shoulders
  • It'll tear my biceps off if I do that
  • and I start walking and I'm going and I'm going I'm going I get a little bit of a decent rhythm and then the whole
  • World just goes black. Whoo. There you go. Yeah. All right. Yeah, I stop
  • I don't even know if it's possible. I
  • Seriously don't know if anybody's gonna be able to do this
  • Oh, that's good, I'm gonna have a heart attack
  • The only you only made sideways progress
  • Honestly, this is starting to feel embarrassing. I don't think any one of us is gonna get this on their shoulder
  • I've never had 350 pounds humbled me so roughly
  • It's insane. I'm the four-time world strongest man
  • I didn't come all the way to Virginia to fail at Peter Francisco's biggest feat of strength
  • Come on
  • Come on
  • Even if nobody else understands what that's like I'm I can't believe I got to watch you do that. Yeah
  • numbers on the scale can say whatever they want about that, but the shape just
  • Literally doubles the weight I think
  • Big respect to Brian to getting that to his shoulder walking it down the field
  • That's one of the most impressive things I've ever seen him alive makes me respect Peter Francisco even more
  • Having known that he did
  • Something very similar to that at 18 years old. I mean, it's literally incredible. Yes for one brief second
  • I actually felt a little bit like Peter Francisco
  • You
  • You

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The Strongmen head to Virginia and get humbled by a 350 pound Civil War cannon in this clip from Season 1, "Revolutionary Strongman".
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