The Stranger Things Season 3 Premiere Was Crazy! | Noah Schnapp

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The Stranger Things Season 3 Premiere Was Crazy! | Noah Schnapp
The Stranger Things Season 3 Premiere Was Crazy! | Noah Schnapp thumb The Stranger Things Season 3 Premiere Was Crazy! | Noah Schnapp thumb The Stranger Things Season 3 Premiere Was Crazy! | Noah Schnapp thumb


  • - Hey guys, I'm in the hotel getting ready
  • for the Stranger Things 3 premiere, and I'm really excited.
  • I've been waiting so long for this,
  • and it's finally happening.
  • They transformed the whole Santa Monica Pier
  • so let's go check it out!
  • I've only seen it in G-T-A.
  • There's gonna be no lines.
  • (fans cheering)
  • Hey guys, we're at the red carpet now doing interviews
  • and just walking around, all these fans are here.
  • (fans cheering)
  • It's cool, yeah.
  • (crowd screaming)
  • (hip hop music)
  • (crowd cheering)
  • I mean, I know I never really expected any of it,
  • but it's amazing and I'm really happy about it.
  • (fans screaming) (reporters shouting)
  • - Hi Noah's YouTube channel, I love you so much,
  • I'll see ya later!
  • - You're a fashion icon.
  • - Oh, thank you.
  • - Can you teach me how to dress?
  • - Well I think you look pretty nice, I like your goatee.
  • I've changed a lot, and I haven't changed at all.
  • I mean, I'm really lucky to be on this show,
  • and I'm really grateful.
  • - Hi Noah!
  • Wait can I take a selfie with you?
  • - Millie!
  • - Oh, okay, hi!
  • I just signed your head and I'm sorry!
  • (flute music)
  • (cameras shuttering) (mysterious music)
  • - [Camera Woman] Oh, that's great, yeah!
  • (cameras shuttering)
  • Oh nice, yeah!
  • - I don't even know what we did.
  • We we're just on the carpet, now we're going
  • to the screening, yeah, and we're gonna watch
  • the first two episodes.
  • Which I kinda lied that I've seen them but
  • I actually haven't so I'm gonna see them for the first time
  • and I'm really excited.
  • (flute music)
  • - [Cameraman] What do you have there?
  • - Twix and popcorn, gotta get ready to watch the show.
  • (crowd chatting)
  • - Good evening, my name is Ted Sarandos,
  • I'm the Chief Content Officer at Netflix.
  • - [Ted] I give you a good reason tonight
  • to return to the scene of some nightmares,
  • a high school auditorium, for the world premiere
  • of Stranger Things 3!
  • (crowd cheering)
  • - Thank you Ted, and thank you everyone
  • for making it out here.
  • - We just feel like the luckiest show in the world,
  • and that really has everything to do with
  • all the incredible people that we get to work with,
  • and it's impossible to overstate how much hard work
  • everyone put into this.
  • We're going to now play episodes one and two.
  • (crowd cheering)
  • - All right guys, we just finished the screening.
  • We watched two episodes of Stranger Things,
  • it was really good, and now we're off to the after party.
  • Gonna go on some roller coasters,
  • hopefully I don't throw up.
  • And I'll see you guys after.
  • (upbeat music)
  • I remember when I first met you--
  • - "You're so old!"
  • - And I had to hug you like this.
  • - And your voice was like here.
  • - Yeah.
  • - Aw, that's so cute!
  • - And I have to grab it like that way.
  • - Are you tall enough, do you think?
  • - This is not safe.
  • - Yes it is!
  • - Wait, have you been here?
  • - Ummm yeah, I live here.
  • - Ahh.
  • - [Cameraman] Does that excite you, that sound right there?
  • - Yeah, I'm excited.
  • Oh my God.
  • (screaming)
  • - [Cameraman] What think you?
  • - It was insane, it wasn't that bad.
  • Should we go again?
  • It's crazy just how much it's changed since season one.
  • I remember the first season one premiere
  • we we're in this little room, walking around
  • and there were like 3 people there, and now
  • we're at the Santa Monica Pier
  • and they rented out the entire thing.
  • There's 30 thousand people here.
  • I never would have expected this but its been
  • a really fun experience with everything
  • and I'm really excited that you guys kinda got to
  • watch me grow up.
  • I almost threw up.
  • Caleb, you doing this?
  • - [Caleb] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
  • (screaming)
  • - [Woman] Are you guys like, loopy?
  • - [Caleb] Yes!
  • - That was insane, you guys should try it.
  • - [Woman] (laughs) Oh no!
  • - Weird! - Does that not go to you?
  • - Yeah 'cause when you're laughing you're like.
  • - It looked really insane.
  • - It was 'cause then you try to stop laughing
  • and when you try to stop laughing you keep laughing--
  • - You keep flipping over.
  • - Its like.
  • (screaming)
  • - [Tess] Oh, okay.
  • - So we could do, oh but that's not as fun.
  • - We can both press it.
  • - [Tess] Okay, fine.
  • We'll share.
  • - We can just communicate.
  • - Yeah, communication is key.
  • These people don't seem to be enjoying it,
  • I'm a little nervous.
  • - They're not even screaming.
  • - And crying, and also flashing everyone.
  • (laughing)
  • - There were so many things going on.
  • - I told you not to laugh, see how hard it is not to laugh?
  • - Yeah I was crying and laughing.
  • - [Noah] I like the one where you keep going
  • for like 45 seconds, this is the one where no one beats it.
  • I'll take one shot.
  • (bell ringing)
  • Why is it so deflated?
  • Is there a strategy?
  • - Yeah, just get it in.
  • - We're gonna just keep going, I'm gonna make it eventually.
  • Is this a competition?
  • - Yep.
  • - Ohh, that was close.
  • (screaming)
  • - First try!
  • So yellow or green, or pink.
  • I'll do the yellow.
  • Thank you so much.
  • - [Carnie] You guys have a great day.
  • - Won myself a turtle, after all that work really paid off.
  • All right, what the hell am I gonna do with this.
  • (upbeat music)
  • Okay guys, that's it, thank you so much for watching.
  • That was the Stranger Things 3 premiere,
  • the party was so much fun, I did almost throw up.
  • I won a turtle, there it is,
  • and it was a lot of fun,
  • so thank you for watching and I'll see you guys
  • in the next one.

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The premiere was so crazy and now I’m going to sleep for a million years. Love to the whole cast and crew. Glad we got to celebrate together.

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