The Stop Doing Challenges Challenge!

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The Stop Doing Challenges Challenge!
The Stop Doing Challenges Challenge! thumb The Stop Doing Challenges Challenge! thumb The Stop Doing Challenges Challenge! thumb


  • I've never felt so...
  • self conscious about my looks before.
  • Actually, that's not true.
  • *ominous* Middle school....
  • *violin horror music plays*
  • *child screams*
  • Hey guys!
  • So, I'm sure you guys already noticed,
  • and I'm sure somebody has already made a video
  • saying pretty much the exact same thing I'm about to say,
  • because I'm always late to every trend.
  • I'm late to everything.
  • I don't know how people always find things out so fast
  • like other Youtubers.
  • Maybe I'm not looking at the right sights, I don't know.
  • But being the person that's late to every trend,
  • I can't help but notice
  • there are SO many challenges lately!
  • By the time I saw the Mannequin Challenge,
  • people were already doing the Andy is Coming Challenge.
  • And then when I saw that,
  • people started doing the Trump is Coming Challenge
  • And now, they're doing the Backpack Challenge!
  • There are SO many different challenges now,
  • and- and I feel like they're not organically made anymore,
  • like people are tryna force these challenges to be made.
  • Y'know?!
  • It's desperate and- and- and irritating.
  • Look, I'm sorry guys,
  • there's nothing wrong with these challenges,
  • it's just, I'm- I'm just bitter because I'm always late to all of them.
  • I'm always behind...
  • But, come on! Even for you people who have like been up to date with all the newest trends,
  • you gotta admit, there's WAY too many challenges these days.
  • Like, I understand the whole Andy is Coming Challenge.
  • It was actually
  • pretty cool.
  • And then the Trump is Coming...
  • And now, are you serious?
  • The Backpack Challenge?
  • Now it's going to get to the point where people are going to get hurt.
  • AND you're destroying good backpacks.
  • Like, seriously the BACKPACK CHALLENGE?
  • Of all challenges, like, that is the worst one!
  • So, I'm sorry I know it's one of my most common comments these days,
  • but I'm not going to be doing the Mannequin Challenge.
  • I'm not going to be doing anymore challenges, in fact.
  • Especially not those stupid backpack challenges.
  • The reason for that is simple,
  • I'm not going to contribute to the problem.
  • I'm not willing to contribute to this epidemic that's happening all over the internet.
  • I'm not willing to participate in another challenge EVER AGAIN.
  • *Rae Sremmurd - Black Beatles starts playing*
  • *music stops playing*
  • WO- WOooAH
  • *thud sound*
  • *yelling in complaint*
  • Oh, I am so sorry, everybody.
  • OH MY GOD!
  • F***!
  • Dude, it was like 15 times we did this!
  • I'm sorry!
  • I'M COLD!
  • *crying*
  • What are you doing?
  • We did this all day!
  • *yelling keeps going on*
  • Because I am not willing to contribute to the problem.
  • I am not willing to- to contribute to this global epidemic that's happening all over the internet.
  • I am not willing to participate in another challenge EVER AGAIN.
  • Unless, of course, that challenge were to happen in like some sort of cutaway?
  • Let's say?
  • Then, that's perfectly fine,
  • but after that, NO MORE CHALLENGES!
  • 'Cause I know,
  • and I know that all of you guys out there watching,
  • you guys know as well.
  • That, WE,
  • as millenials, we are so much more than a bunch of silly little trendy challenge-jumping bandwagoners.
  • We are more than that.
  • We are better than that.
  • It's about time we show the world how great millenials really are.
  • By taking a stand and saying, "No. More. Challenges."
  • Except for this last one.
  • *deep breath*
  • *yelling, laughing*
  • Get him!
  • AHHH!
  • Teehee!
  • *blooper music plays*
  • *buzzer sound*
  • *buzzer sound*
  • 1-2-3-4, 1-
  • Dang, that looks like a cannonball.
  • *bleeped* F*ck!
  • *laughing*
  • Ouch!
  • *thud*
  • *THUD*
  • *THUD!*
  • Wait, I didn't know, I legit didn't know the door was like that close.
  • *blooper music stops playing*

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Tag someone you want to challenge to stop doing challenges, by doing the stop doing challenges challenge... which is a challenge to do because it's a challenge in itself. Challenge.
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