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Want to go behind-the-scenes of Top Gear, hang out with Freddie, Paddy and Chris and go on a hot lap of the test track with The Stig?

For your chance to win, you need to tune in BBC Radio 1, Friday 10th January at 8am

Top Gear x Radio1 Jan Slam

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Freddie Flintoff had a 'bump' or two this series. Here he is having a 'moment' in The Overtaker in an off-road race against a Land Rover Discovery...

Freddie CRASHES and ROLLS The Overtaker

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"It's going to be a good adventure this!"

All-new Top Gear, coming soon...

This content isn't available right now

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It’s time for the boys’ first family holiday to Wales in their newly modified ‘Overtaker’. But lying in wait is family of rival holidaymakers – and they’ve brought along the daddy of family wagons, the 603bhp Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate. Time for a race...

The Overtaker vs Mercedes-AMG E63 S ft. The Stig | Top Gear Series 27

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StigCam: from episode five it's The Stig vs the new Toyota Supra

Extra Gear: StigCam | Top Gear series 27

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Hit play and hold on tight, as The Stig puts the Dallara Stradale from tonight's episode through its paces around the Top Gear test track

StigCam: Dallara Stradale | Top Gear: Series 27

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Watch The Stig put the McLaren 600LT, from episode one, through its paces around the #TopGear test track

StigCam: McLaren 600LT | Top Gear Series 27

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Want to see the Ferrari 488 Pista's lap from episode one of #TopGear? Here's the in-car footage of that blistering lap

Stigcam: Ferrari 488 Pista | Top Gear: Series 27

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VT asks: could you answer these simple questions whilst being driven by The Stig at 125mph?

Brand new Top Gear returns Sunday 16 June, 8pm on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer

Are you smarter than a 10-year-old at 125mph?

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