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타임라인 사진

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Timeline Photos

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How many steamed hams are you planning to eat today?

Steamed Hams | Season 7 Ep. 21 | THE SIMPSONS

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Thank you to our veterans on Memorial Day and every day.

Bart Presents the News | Season 9 Ep. 21 | THE SIMPSONS

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When my family would rather catch up on The Simpsons than help me out with the chores.

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Dr. Wolff Asks for Help | Season 31 Ep. 22 | THE SIMPSONS

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I'll take the trip to Tuscany, but the ring... not so much. Which would you choose?

A Marriage Proposal | Season 31 Ep. 22 | THE SIMPSONS

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Does Marge mean to you what she does to Santa's Little Helper?

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Dog Therapy Session | Season 31 Ep. 22 | THE SIMPSONS

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Bart finally got his wish.

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Bart's Shorts | Season 31 Ep. 22 | THE SIMPSONS

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Do you remember when Homer brought Santa's Little Helper home for the first time?

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Homer Explains the Dog's History | Season 31 Ep. 22 | THE SIMPSONS

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