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The next chapter in The Shining story is here. Own #DoctorSleepMovie on Digital today.
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Doctor Sleep - Own it on Digital now.

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Happy Birthday to the talented Tim Robbins!
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Happy 25 years to Shawshank Redemption. Tell us your favorite quote.

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What is your favorite Shawshank quote? Comment below, and don't forget to catch Andy and Red on the big screen TONIGHT, Sep 24 & 25 for a special 25th anniversary event! Reserve your seats now: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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The Shawshank Redemption is returning to theatres for a special 25th anniversary event! Don't miss this big screen classic on Sep 22, 24 & 25 featuring exclusive insights from TCM. Het your tickets here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

The Shawshank Redemption 25th Anniversary

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In answer to a mysterious phone call from Shawshank, Henry Deaver returns home to #CastleRock. From Stephen King and J.J. Abrams, Castle Rock on Hulu premieres July 25.

Castle Rock Trailer

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Happy birthday to the talented Tim Robbins!
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The Shawshank Redemption posted on Aug 24, 2017

7 Red Quotes For When You Need To Grab A Little Perspective

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