The Secret Behind Bose Sound Revealed!

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20:02   |   Jan 21, 2019


The Secret Behind Bose Sound Revealed!
The Secret Behind Bose Sound Revealed! thumb The Secret Behind Bose Sound Revealed! thumb The Secret Behind Bose Sound Revealed! thumb


Dr. Amar Bose was a professor at MIT. From what I've seen from some of his lectures and interviews with him, he seemed like an amazing human being. When he died, he donated the majority of Bose's shares to MIT!

You can watch some of his MIT lectures online. This is one I found extremely fascinating. https://teachingexcellence.mit.edu/inspiring-teachers/amar-bose-6-312-lecture-25-psychoachoustics-cont

Here's the full video of the collection of insightful sound bytes from Dr. Bose: /watch?v=HKK1NlWYm2k

It's obvious the man new what he was doing. It's no accident that Bose is as successful as it is today with an estimated revenue of 3.8 billion. As stated in this Audioholics article, the Bose Acoustimass speaker capture 30% of the market when it was released in the 90's. https://www.audioholics.com/loudspeaker-design/most-influential-speakers

One of Bose's "secrets" was its frequency response specifications. This is an issue for most audiophiles and audio enthusiasts, because stating a speakers, impedance, sensitivity and frequency response are things that nearly every company does. This is just one of the reasons " Why Audiophiles Hate Bose" as stated in this video by This Does Not Compute. /watch?v=EQ6RM3XMfKg

After watching this video and seeing the frequency response graphs, hopefully you gain more insight as to how and why non-audiophiles like Bose products and why audio enthusiasts typically don't like Bose.

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