The Rubicon Trail - Checked Off the Bucket List: Day 1

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The Rubicon Trail - Checked Off the Bucket List: Day 1
The Rubicon Trail - Checked Off the Bucket List: Day 1 thumb The Rubicon Trail - Checked Off the Bucket List: Day 1 thumb The Rubicon Trail - Checked Off the Bucket List: Day 1 thumb


After a lot of planning, I finally head out with a few of my good friends to tackle the epic Rubicon Trail. In this day 1 episode, we head out from Loon Lake and make our way to Buck Island Lake. Although it's only about 6 miles, it took us almost all day to get there. The Rubicon threw obstacle after obstacle at us. We had some challenges, we used our winces more than once and our spotter was invaluable!

Rubicon Adventure Day 2: /watch?v=3CrLlNkEBZU

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Video Transcript:

Arriving at the trail head was such an excitement… we finally made it!

We all air downed, did last minute check of our gear and headed out on what would become one of my favorite trail adventures of all time.

Within less than a quarter mile we transitioned from the open granite to the forest and rocks…. The rubicon wastes not time putting you in the thick of it.

Our trail boss Chappy found himself quickly on foot scouting head for the best line. Although, this obstacle got both Chappy and I and were the first to break out our winches

By the end of this trail, everyone in our group will have used their winch at least once… some a few times.

The rubicon trail is technically a road and it was interesting to see these yellow reflectors on the granite slab aong the way… I will say they were very helpful on keep us on course

He had been on the trail for a few hours and no one was really keeping track of how far we’d gone… we were all a little surprised to realize, we had only traveled 1.5 miles so far…. You don’t go anywhere fast on the Rubicon

So the plan was for Chappy to tackle little sluice first and then he was going to help spot everyone on the way up, well he had a little mechanical issue about ¼ of the way up.

Thankfully, it was only shock fluid and nothing serious. He decided he was going to take the bypass, and we all agreed to stick together. Our goal was to make it through the trail and still drive the 600 miles back to san diego.

Now the sign here says that the bypass to little sluice is the “easiest” route…. There were plenty of obstacles and I would not define them as easy!

At long last we finally made it to Buck island lake. Now where we were planning on camping, was only about 100 yards from the dam, but we still had a few obstacles to tackle first…. It took us another hour before we were through it. Man I love this challenges of this trail!

it was really nice to finally be at camp and relax and talk about the days events. The rubicon trail requires you full attention all the way through and it was nice to finally be able to unwind

And man, what an amazing place to camp, the scenery was spectacular.

On the dinner menu was some carne asada, an I have to say it was the best I’ve ever had. What an amazing day 1 on the trail.

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