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Madd Vladd uses real magic when he plays games on his pc. Long story short he killed all of the holiday icons and stole their souls so that he could use their powers to gain popularity on social media. And now YouTube will no longer cheat the hang man in his town.
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00:00 The Forest | THE PLANE CRASH IS A LIE
419K+ views | Jan 24, 2019
16:28 The Forest | HUGE UPDATE | V0.63
108K+ views | Jul 06, 2017
19:22 RED CANNIBAL | The Forest | MADD Mods
225K+ views | Nov 11, 2016
30:41 The Forest | HUGE UPDATE | v0.49
207K+ views | Nov 04, 2016
09:16 The Forest | HOW TO CHEAT
251K+ views | Nov 03, 2016