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Which of these is you after the worst hangover ever?

1. I'll probably never drink again
2. I may not ever drink again
3. At least not til next weekend
4. I'm never gonna drink again

Worst Hangover Ever (Smash To Splinter)

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Stella Malene Tonsberg
Ari Nuotio
Tara Brooke Russell
Doremi Fasola
Elvin Ortega
Don't f*ck with Da Hui
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Da Hui (Official Music Video)

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Vanja Gutic
Tony Renken
Eoin O'Donnell
Crux Shirojishi
Ryan Mandell
I’ll take the long way home.
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Long Way Home (Smash To Splinter)

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Gigi Sanchez
Stella Malene Tonsberg
I can't get my head around you
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(Can't Get My) Head Around You (Smash To Splinter)

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Hans Dierke
Simon Fritzenschaft
David Gill
Tony Renken
Ana Falcão
Splinter | Released December 9, 2003

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01 Neocon
02 The Noose
03 Long Way Home
04 Hit That
05 Race Against Myself
06 (Can't Get My) Head Around You
07 The Worst Hangover Ever
08 Never Gonna Find Me
09 Lightning Rod
10 Spare Me the Details
11 Da Hui
12 When You're in Prison

Splinter | Released December 9, 2003

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Danail Tanev
Michelle MacKay
Jonathan Emery Solorzano
Brendan Kitchen
John Thorne
Which of these is your quarantine album of choice?
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Lamberto Mazzocchi
Ruben Dario Ascencio
Greg Williams
Pame VM
Sarah Ward
☘ ☘ ☘

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Offspring Peru
Karleen White
Дмитрий Беляков
Maryline Marylou Khelfa
For those of you stuck at home & unable to get out because of the corona virus I’ve created a Spotify playlist that I hope helps you cope with the boredom. Stay safe my friends. - Noodles

Coronavirus Songs, a playlist by The Offspring on Spotify

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Floriana Liuni
Irene Nomen Nescio
Laura Turconi
Mark Hammond
Stian Heien Sælebakke
Santiago, it was great seeing you last night! Be back soon.
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Kathryn Mary Furlong
David Rangel
Matías Alejandro Silva
Sebastián Rodríguez Jorquera
Sergio Walton
Original art for "Dammit, I Changed Again" by Alan Forbes.

Listen ➡ [ Smarturl.it Link ]
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Danail Tanev
Jeff Wilson
Tony Renken
Offspring Peru
Reno Peterson