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In 2000, journalist Shannon Molloy – then aged 14 – interviewed Neighbours star Brooke Satchwell and came to a life-changing realisation.

How Brooke Satchwell changed my life

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This MAFS wife reached stage-5 clinger. And now her relationship is finally over after these final words. WE RECAP Married At First Sight episode 33.

Rejected wife’s triumphant final words

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If you can’t go to Disney’s theme parks, just build your own. As people find new ways of staying occupied at home, one family decided to recreate one of Disney’s most iconic rides in their living room.

Bored parents recreate Disney ride

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Scott Henderson
BREAKING: Chief Minister Michael Gunner says police in the Northern Territory will not be enforcing the new two-person limit for gatherings in public areas, announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison tonight, at this stage.

Chief Minister says NT won’t enforce new two-person public gatherings limit

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NT Police has begun its crackdown on the $62,000 offence which could damage efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Cops crack down on $62k offence

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BREAKING: Under new rules announced by the Prime Minister, public gatherings will now be limited to just two people. Australians have also been told to stay home unless shopping for food, receiving medical attention, for work or education purposes or for exercise. Story: bit.ly/3au1D1Z
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The government has created a new virus WhatsApp service to allow Aussies to get instant and up to date information about the COVID-19 outbreak.

PM reveals new virus messaging service

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Rapid Creek Markets shoppers were much fewer and farther between today than on a typical Sunday, with some stall vendors claiming the markets were down 80 per cent on their usual income.

Attendance down at Rapid Creek Markets

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New short film A Zombie Took My Dingo, shot in Alice Springs by local filmmaker Biddy O’Loughlin, is raking up the views on YouTube.

Will it go viral?

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Woolworths has announced it is now dedicating two weekly shopping periods to emergency services and healthcare workers, in recognition of their difficult work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Woolies announces new shopping hour

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