The Niece - Clip by Film&Clips

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Mar 31, 2017


The Niece - Clip by Film&Clips
The Niece - Clip by Film&Clips thumb The Niece - Clip by Film&Clips thumb The Niece - Clip by Film&Clips thumb


The Niece (1974) - Clip by Film&Clips

Director: Nello Rossati
Writer: Giacomo Gramegna
Stars: Francesca Muzio, Daniele Vargas, Annie Carol Edel
Italy (1974)

Veneto in the year 1958. Wealthy engineer Luigi Favaretto (Vargas) arrives at his summer retreat to spend a quiet holiday with his dimwitted son Antonio (Roberto Proietti), second wife Zoraide (Annie Carol Edel) who is a former stripper, their voluptuous housemaid Doris (Orchidea De Santis), and Piero (George Ardisson), his friend but also Zoraide's secret lover. However, everything changes when Adele (Muzio), Zoraide's niece comes to stay with them following her mother's demise.

Original Title: La Nipote

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